Wednesday, February 21, 2007

planned vs actual

day one

tupperware jumble sale brochure
basuh baju

basuh baju

day two

iron baju (punggah baju dalam bakul. those hanged, lipat masuk bakul)

main online & downloaded games dari pagi sampai petang
beli groceries

day three

engagement lydia, cheras

engagement lydia, cheras

day four

tupperware updates

bawak mak ngan bapak jalan-jalan kat great eastern mall

kesimpulan tiga titik: hampeh punya cuti 4 hari. takde mutu dan keunggulan langsung

ini budak lah yg paling happy. celik mata tv. nak tutup mata pun tv. asik2 tv.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

bookworm adventure

not the game. that's me. and i'm craving for more books - no, i'm not pregnent.

i've finished reading all sophie's books - from confessions of a shopaholic until the latest - shopaholic & baby - which i got from made as a valentine's gift. done with undomestic goddes & can u keep a secret.

i'm also done with linda's collections. sheila o'flanagan - isobel's wedding (well... i skipped few pages actually) & diane chamberlain - the courage tree.

i've read madeleine wickham's cocktails for three. for note, madeleine wickham is actually sophie's real name and has written few books before changed to sophie & road the shopaholic's series.

the thing is, i'm quite a fast reader. i could finish reading a book in a day and rasa amat rugi because i dont like reading the same book again and again. resulting in visiting mph every weekend. hmmmphhhh

and another thing, once i started reading a book, i couldnt halt.

so, any books to suggest? no sci-fi please.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

third day of february

1) julie weds abg najim aka misai, cheras. julie was so lovely. and i couldnt help but felt a bit sebak. nak-nak bila dengar kompang. rasa nak menitik air mata. sorry julie.. i cant stay long.. i wish i could. and i know u'd understand :) selamat pengantin baru, semoga bahagia ke akhir hayat. i still hutang ur hadiah kawin. couldnt find anything hijau that suits u

2) it was bapak & mak's 31st anniversary bash, kelab darul ehsan, ampang. it was a surprise gift from us, the anak2. arrangements & preparation within 2 weeks. alhamdulillah. all went well. kak ti almost blew it up. luckily kak na was there to cover up. thanks to all the adik beradik & saudara mara on both sides for the time and contribution. appreciate it so much. the contribution was more than enuff. now i'm thinking on what to do with the balance. joli sakan boleh ka? hehehe

3) deebers' 1st anniversary bash, lanai gurney. it was awesome. the first gathering was a year ago in dome, klcc. dah setahun jagung rupanya i've been thru laughter and tears with kak dib and the other deebers. so many things that we did together, just like one big happy family.


all the above happened on the 3rd of february. i was so exhausted. woke up at 11am the next day. hoping that it was saturday. urghhh..

Thursday, February 01, 2007

fly back

i was still trying to get latest confirmation from mark & raihan. mark couldn't be firm. bart hasn't come back with the details. raihan couldn't help further.

"so how can we go from here? i wont be there on friday. so does nisya."
"i don't have the final say either. i have to wait for bart to come back to me with the details. how ya?"

"anna, this is what we are going to do.. can raihan hold it until friday?"
"well.. yes.. but that's the final day. u have to have the final say or u wont be off on monday"
"indeed.. i'll get bart to reply by friday morning. and will let you know the outcome"
"ok sure. i'll ask isfahan to sort this out with raihan on friday"
"brilliant! thank you ya"

i had to be going.

"yang, abg dah on the way. kejap lagi sampaila"
"ok. dengan sapa? adam?"
"ok. see u at the lobby"

grabbed my bags then headed to the lobby

left, right. then..

"mama.. mama... mama"

adam ran as fast as he could. i was at the other end; with open arms.

"mama.. mama"
"rindula mama kat adam"
"mama.. mama"


if only it was klia's lobby.....