Saturday, February 21, 2009

drama minggu ini

we have been receiving telekom bills belong to the former owner of our house couple of months back. i have accidentally opened the first bill that came to our house thinking that it was our bill. after i read carefully, i realized the bill was not ours and phone number starting with "8". knowing that he and his family has moved to putrajaya, i reckon it was the bill for his house in putrajaya. we have neither informed him nor telekom. recently we received a bill with "REMINDER" printed on the envelope, and still addressed to the former owner.

knock! knock!

telekom: assalamualaikum

me: waalaikumussalam, ya?

telekom: maaf kak, kami datang nak potong line

me: line? line apa?

telekom: line telefon

me: kenapa pulak nak potong line telefon?

telekom: sebab kita dapat arahan kata akak tak bayar bil dah lebih dari tiga bulan

me: are you sure?

telekom: akak dah dapat reminder kan?

me: are you very-very-very sure of what you're doing?

telekom: kalau akak tak puas hati, akak kena deal dengan HQ. kami dapat arahan aje kak

me: i am certain i have paid all my bills & certainly clear that telekom owes me couple of ringgit. you better check again with your HQ

telekom: akak jangan macam ni kak..

me: bukan saya yang macam ni. awak hantar bil ntah ke sapa2. org lain punya bil awak hantar kepada org lain, lepas tu awak sedap-sedap aje nak potong line ye?

telekom: bukan kak.. kita dah hantar reminder untuk akak jelaskan bil

me: meman
glah awak hantar reminder. tapi cuba tengok nombor tu nombor berapa? kawasan kat sini nombor dia start nombor berapa? ada logik?

telekom: eh.. kat sini bukan 8xxxxxx? (cakap kat kawan dia, "weii.. kawasan sini nombor berapa?". "empat" kawan dia kata)

me: saya tanak menghalau, tapi awak baik balik and suruh HQ awak check balik details yg mereka key in dan tolong betulkan.

telekom: maaf ye kak

me: a'ah.. saya maafkan. kem salam ye dekat org HQ awak tu

of course, this has yet to happen :D telekom kalo nak potong line mana ada datang rumah. dia cut off daripada tempat dia aje.. i have, however, prepared some lines should my line went off

me: encik yang berhormat, kenapa potong line saya?

telekom on line: sebab puan tak bayar puan punya bil setelah kami hantar reminder

me: awak hantar bil sapa? awak hantar dekat mana?

telekom on line: bil "former owner" di keramat. macam dalam rekod kami

me: boleh tak awak tengok balik application dia against rekod awak. dan tolong rectify masalah awak. nombor "8" takde dekat kawasan keramat. saya yang tak keje telekom ni pun tau nombor "8" ni nombor kat putrajaya

telekom on line: sebentar puan, saya semak. (after few minutes) maaf puan. ada kesilapan dalam rekod kami pun. kami mintak maaf puan

me: ok. maaf diterima. bila saya boleh dapat balik line saya?

telekom on line: puan boleh dapat balik line puan dalam 24 jam. kami akan creditkan rm10 sebagai pemasangan semula la puan

me: ape pasal pulak saya kena bayar rm10? awak yg suka2 hati potong, saya pulak kena bayar. awak suruh ceo awak bayar

telekom on line: errrr.. nanti saya refer pada supervisor saya puan. tunggu sebentar. (after few minutes). puan, saya dah refer pada supervisor saya dan kami tak charge rm10 dalam bil puan.

me: you better not.

telekom on line: terima kasih kerana memanggil telekom on line puan. ada apa2 lagi yg boleh saya bantu?

me: boleh. tolong suruh semua employees telekom buat eye check up setiap bulan. terima kasih

dont blame my scriptwriting talent :P


otak..... bergeliga

Monday, February 16, 2009


"You don't seem to know, don't seem to care what your heart is for"

i have always loved this song. i remember listening to this song with joy with someone special. i remember calling it "lagu kita" as both of us like the song so much.. not much of the lyric but more of the melody. somehow that someone had hurt my heart and now i'm listening to the song with sorrow.

"You're a little late, I'm already torn"

please tear, no more cry.. big girl dont cry, you know...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

kisah adam dan atuk

gamba adam lukis. siap tulis nama.. org suh pandang kamera, dia sibuk nak pandang mirror.

pagi tadi i sent adam to atuk's. you, you, you, you, you and everybody la, should look at atuk's glowing face when adam walked in with his school uniform & school bag. atuk was excited, i reckon. sebab dia yang bukakkan pintu.. hahahha.. it was nothing great with atuk bukak pintu. tapi selalunya atuk malas nak bukak pintu ok.. kalo kami datang kebiasaannya, kenalah berpanggil-panggil, bersahut-sahutan baru dia bukak pintu. walaupun jarak dia dengan pintu tu tak sampai beberapa meter. :P

yesterday when i told him that i need him to send adam to school, atuk didn't show his excitement. but he did (and so did along) told me that he needs some exercise for his legs. and he wants to start his day early morning. so by sending adam to school, he will at least have something to do and have his fresh air.

at about 8.30am i called atuk and i asked about how was the trip to adam's school. he said:

"ok aje.. masuk pintu. parking depan guard. lepas tu guard tu bukak kan pintu. dia kata masuk sini. lepas tu jalan dengan adam pegi kelas dia. sampai kelas dia, dia bukak kasut, bapak baliklah lepas tengok dia masuk kelas. jaket adam ni, dia tinggal aje kat moto. dia tak pakai kat kelas ke?"

i replied "tak payah. dalam kelas dia tak baper panas. and he moves around a lot", and i had teary eyes. iyeeeeee.. saya cengeng. sila ingat :P

then the kepoci mama asked adam how was his journey with atuk. adam said:

"best mama..... saya naik moto. saya tunjuk arah kat atuk. mula-mula atuk bawak selo. lepas tu saya cakap dekat atuk. lepas tu atuk bawak laju sangat mama. tapikan mama, jaket saya tinggal dalam moto atuk la mama. besok saya pegi dengan atuk tak mama?"

and i replied "ha'ah.. OK ke adam pegi dengan atuk?"

"tak pe.... sebab nanti teacher (i suppose he meant boss) mama marah kat mama. hari ni teacher mama marah dekat mama tak?" said adam

he was jumping joy when i said "no.. teacher mama tak marah kat mama hari ni sebab mama datang awal". and i said that with another teary eyes. baru 5 tahun dah paham perasaan mama.. adoi... nangis! nangis! menciklah air mata ni....

i reckon, atuk akan beli jaket & helmet adam lepas ni. hahahahaha..

made kata, "i guess it's every atuk's dream to send their cucu to school. sebab tulah atuk excited. masaklah kalo lepas ni adam nak atuk hantar aje"

and i terbayang... kalo tok ayah ada, mungkin tok pi & tok ayah bergilir-gilir hantar adam.....

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

mama tanpa ayah

basically, ok aje.. feeling-wise? kuat semangat lagi ni.. kehkehkehkehkeh.. the thought of "nanti dapat claim, sapa jugak yg senyum sampai telinga? aku jugak...." has made me told myself that there are other people facing even worst situation. the thought of "made gi keje carik rezeki, bukan carik bini" supported my emotion. the smile i see in adam, has made me even stronger.

as made is away, i have to send adam to school. it was easy for me before CNY, with DUKE, i managed to reach office in time, before 8am. however, for 2 days, my boss has given me the "what's the time now?" look. it's more of a PUKE expressway to me. yesterday, i was at taman sri rampai heading to wangsa maju stretch for more than 10 minutes. i didn't get into PUKE as i saw the crawl was even slower than siput babi. ended up with i went back to my house.. i tak balik tido ok.. i ikut jalan biasa i pegi office when made is around. laju jugakla.. but still.... keta bersusun macam nak pegi perang. this morning, i changed my route. instead of turning right after adam's school, i went straight towards alpha angle. then i turned into my housing area ikut jalan semalam. tapinya, hampeh! i arrived office satu minit awal aje daripada semalam. paling horrible was when i looked up on the PUKE, keta bersusun menghala ke ampang. and i had a feeling that the ekor susunan has reached au3 area.

for that, i have decided to seek bapak's help to send adam in the morning. starting tomorrow, i'll send adam to bapak's and bapak will send adam to school. and i will face another traffic depan umah bapak. adoi..

i am an overprotective mother. i am sensitive when people talk, does or whatsoever about my son, overly done at times. i was, at first, refused to have bapak sending adam to school. my thought was, i'm his mother. let me be responsible over him. that lead me to "ah.. kena showcause letter on tardy attendance pun tak pe.. my son, my priority". but then again, the thought faded away... the thought of, "kalo benti keje, anak aku macam mana" has made me drove to bapak's this evening to seek his assistance. i am still feeling unsure of what i have decided, but i guess, i have to learn to release adam bit by bit.. i have to - though it's hard.

ye.. berdoa la banyak2 adam dapat adik cepat2 ye.. :D

banyak berpikir-pikir pulak dalam posting kali ni eh.. mmmmmmmm

i'm typing this post with our new iMac that we bought from a charity bazaar for palestine held at bangsar shopping complext last weekend. apa edition, gua tak tau. but current price is about RM5k and we got it for RM1700. original was RM2k. we didn't negotiate as it's for charity. segan pulak nak nego pun. tapi owner dia kasik rm300 discount, amik ajelah kan.... :D

adam took this picture using the Photo Booth application. this computer ada built in camera. so pukul ajelah gamba tu. and boleh buat comic strip. bestttttt!

Monday, February 09, 2009

kisah adam

here's our little chat while i was driving adam back to maknek's

adam: mama, mama tau apa neighbour?
mama: neighbour tu apa?
adam: neighbour tu org duduk sebelah kita la..
mama: oooo.. so dalam car sekarang ni, mama neighbour adam la kan? (because adam was on the co-driver seat)
adam: apa la mama ni.. mama ni mama saya la.. nenek sebelah lah neighbour kita

err.. i guess i was having too much thought of expanding vocabulary to a kindy kid.. or perhaps.. too eager suits me nicely.

adam: mama, nanti mama sign buku teacher bagi ye
mama: oo.. communication book tu?
adam: bukanlah mama. itu circular book
mama: oh! bukan dia tulis communication book ke?
adam: bukanlah.. circular. mama, mama (sambil geleng pala)

sumpah! kat buku yg adam kata tu tulis "communication book" tau..

satu malam tu, kami gi umah kawan untuk hantar tupperware. agaknya macam dah tau org akan tanya apa, dia turunkan cermin keta and told my friend:
"saya adam. saya 5 years old. saya dah school. kelas saya KG2"



i like the fact that adam enjoys being in SSU. his vocabulary getting better. he understands, he talks. he's able to communicate with other kids & teachers. since adam has been coming to school earlier than the other kids, teacher shanti (adam's class teacher) has become pretty close to him. i'm glad things went smoothly with adam & school. and still mama hates ayah's job (for the time being)..

Thursday, February 05, 2009


mama: adam, kenapa adam tak panggil teacher "teacher"? kenapa panggil cikgu?
adam: sebab saya dengar shinbae dengan hagemaru panggil cikgu. dia tak panggil teacher.
mama: eh? (dalam hati - you are soooooo not watching those 2 cartoons anymore)

mama: hari ni adam belajar apa?
adam: abc
mama: semalam pun belajar abc. asik belajar abc aje?
adam: yelah.. semalam abc besar. hari ni abc kecik
mama: eh?

mama: hari ni adam makan apa?
adam: nugget
mama: sedap tak?
adam: sedap jugak. macam ayah masak. mama boleh masak sedap macam tu?
mama: er..... nugget semua rasa sama kan?
adam: hahahaha.. saya buat lawak aje
mama: eh?

adam: mama, saya tengah buat letter "a"
mama: pandai.. macam mana adam buat letter "a"?
adam: nombor one kecik. lepas tu big stomach. macam atuk dengan paklong
mama: hahahahahhahahahahaha

adam: mama, tadi saya main pingpong, saya jadik champion tapi saya tak ada trophy
mama: adam pandai main pingopong? macam mana adam main pingpong?
adam: mula-mula saya pegang bola, lepas tu saya letak dekat sudu, lepas tu saya lari dan saya pegi duduk belakang. saya champion, mama..
mama: eh? terer adam...

adam: mama, ayah! why do birds fly in the winter?
ayah: because they are cold?
mama: because they want to fly?
adam: because it is too far to walk
(percayala... jawapan dia asik bertukar ikut suka-suka hati dia)