Monday, December 31, 2007

i did it my way!

and now, the end is near
and so i face, the final curtain
my friend, i'll say it clear
i'll state my case, of which i'm certain
i've lived, a life that's full
i've traveled each and every highway
and more, much more than this
i did my way

regrets, i've had a few
but then again, too few to mention
i did, what i had to do
and saw it through without exemption
i planned, each charted course
each careful step along the byway
and more, much more than this
i did i my way

yes! there were times
i'm sure you knew
when i bit off more than i could chew
but through it all when there was doubt
i ate it up and spit it out
i faced it all and i stood tall
and did it my way

i've loved, i've laughed and cried
i've had my fill, my share of losing
and now, as tears subside
i find it all so amusing
to think i did all that
and i may say not in a shy way
"oh no! oh no! not me, i did my way!

for what is a man
what has he got
if not himself, then he has naught
to say the thing he truly feels
andn ot the words of one who kneels
the record shows i took the blows


my dearie friends,

i'm truly sorry for some confuse posts i had for the past few days. at first i was in that stage myself, but then some best buddies had made it clear for me. thanks

julie, as far as i'm agreeable to what u've mention, i think it's all depends on one's character themselves. i have a friend, whom has been with me since i was 10, and we had wonderful years growing up together. and indeed, we quarreled, didn't get along in some matters, but she's still by my side when i need her the most. and her mom cooks nice soto :) yes ayu, u know who u are to me :D besides that, i have geena, dee, awa and some others. er... nazim should not fall into any categories ok? ngehngehngeh

we fight, we quarrel, we have crossed into each others' path for some reasons. that's human. that makes a friend, special. **i'm trying hard not to talk craps here, tho my mind has some bad points to note down*** i'm a bull horse. i'm a determined person and stubborn. i know myself. big headed with big dreams. but i'm a bull that dare to face the reality. that will mellow down when the time has come to forgive and forget. that doesn't count any pennies for what she has paid. and will stumble when she falls. i guess only my "friends" will know who i am, how i thought and definitely who am i to them. i'm blessed that in december, i met a friend from my primary school, a friend from my secondary school and also a dearie friend of my itm team. and i'm glad that the bounding are still intact!

i went for a hair cut today. mudahan buang suwei yg ada :P

i wish for a great year ahead
i wish for a better me
i wish for a toyota wish (eh.. boleh gitu che nani?) hahahaha


Sunday, December 30, 2007

ngok ngek pala kemek

i've expected (again)

couldn't be bother

ego + stupidity = arrogant

lantak sama kamu

tidak kuasa mahu melayan

doakan yg baik2 aja

"a great year ahead"

insya Allah

** thinking again, hati masih sayang. tapi dalam kepala masing2 ada batu, itu pasal la laga2 takde pecah. the best? buat bodo je la.. go with the flow **

*** kak nomi, confius lagi? hahahaha.. ini macam typical lawan surat cinta la. but this one is electronically. canggih siket ler. when two heads collide, satu jadik ngok, satu jadi ngek. dua2 pun pala kemek. hahahaha ***

Saturday, December 29, 2007


i have somehow knew this would happen. dejavu!

she probably knew or probably not. when she does thing, things comes back to me. i'll be asked for million things. "why you let her do that?", "why dont you tell me?". why? why? why? and me? proper judgment will do. never want to interfere. never want to create more mess

she probably knew or probably not. when she's on a hot sit. i'm hot too. as if whenever she does wrong. i'll be the one to be blamed. no fair, not that i want. but i care less. indeed a friend
i'd do more for her

she probably knew or probably not. when she does good thing i'd be proud. i'd bring donuts when she's feeling ain't alright. never i want to judge. nor i want to umpire

i dont come to u for ur big car
- got one myself
i dont come to u for ur fame
- never knew u until u told me
i dont come to u for opportunity
- first move was for a lunch buddy
i dont come to u to call u stupid
- u've always had that in ur mind, even before i came

stupidity for things u already knew. but yet u're doing it again and again. stupidity for whom u already knew. but yet u're telling them more and more. that's u. and i cant change that

but i think i should probably have known. a scorpio and a bull has tendency to fight. a dragon and a horse can get crossed. thats all written. in the fate of life

i wouldn't answer a question that never been asked. why should i counter when the question was not "kenapa sejak aku kawan dengan ko, apa aku buat semua salah?". if that was not the question, i wouldnt be answering "kalo ko rasa kawan dengan aku semua ko buat salah, then jangan kawan dengan aku". logic?

i'm a 4 months baby. i'm due for any mistakes. people look at me for any blunders. have u ever care about it? have u ever consider when u decided to do things. people make noise on you
and i have to take the blame? i stood poised for you. for what i believe, i've seen and i've heard. and that's what my lady is proud me

anyways, the not approved audible "hmmph" was for me to think what's good to say. the best i can do rather that i'd keep quite and u'd go sulking for a late response

misjudge? i dont think. opinion, indeed. when things dont get ur ways. u get crossed, isn't it? then u get upset. then u start to tell things. thats when all things got fired up. come on lah! same goes to me

deep inside me, i was ashamed. for someone like u. saying "aku lagi tau dari mak aku". arrogant to me. but, hey! that's just u. yes u maybe. but... the tone and sound impact completely

sacred as i may be. dedicated as i always be. but if u tend to have "scared" spelled, then nope, nope, sorry. why should i be?

just one thing i'd like u to know, i've enjoyed the ship between us. and the only thing that i only need to know "have u ever thought of me whenever u do things?"

hey my friend, i've tried to help and pull u off the hot sit. as i want u to off my lady's big binocular (that she'll off off my big fat ass too). but it seems that it's not ur call. and that's all urs.

thanking you! and wishing u a great year ahead!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

katamu, kataku

ilmumu melebihi orang itu

mana rukuk, sujud, pelengkap auratmu?

tahumu abadimu nanti

aku sendiri tidak pasti

sayangmu petah, lincah, hype!

pasti! tapi akankah dia akur?

mengapa seringkali jejambat ini meningkah lakuku?

jika jejambat ini yang merantaimu, leraikan saja. let it go

aku tidak bisa benar pintamu
aku tidak bisa penuhi anganmu
aku tidak bisa karib hanya di mimpimu
aku tidak bisa mengangguk bila tidak mengiya

kau tahu aku
aku tidak berbisa
bila aku tidak perlukan sengatnya

kau tahu ini untukmu
kau tidak perlukan spice-nya

aku? ya! aku rasa incomplete
tapi biarlah
jika freedom yang lebih kau perlukan

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

layan seh..

woohooo.. besok keje...

how did i spend my holidays?

day one - hari raya aidiladha. made some lodeh and sent it to mak's. then headed to aunt atheera's in puchong. spent one whole day kat sana macam takde umah sendiri :)

day two - went to tupperware to pick up some stuff. waited for made until he's done with his friday's prayer. then to kenny rogers's for lunch. that nite we brought bapak and mak for some nice dinner in cozy corner, ampang park.

day three - cant remember what we did. i think the whole day spent with downloaded games for myself and downloaded manga for made. and also some nice songs from for my pc in the office. boss takde bolehlah mak bergendang gendut kat opis..

then we got a call from along inviting us for dinner with his mom in law. we went and we stayed on to discuss on our "BURPING" project

day four - we went to pizza hut for lunch then to maxvalu - the new store in ampang, for some groceries. then to manjaku - behind carrefour wangsa maju to buy adam's diapers. it's so cheap over there. huggies costs rm42.90 in maxvalu and only rm33.90 in this store. spend wisely my friends :)

nite, we had our "BURPING" first meeting and brainstorming session. what's "BURPING?" check it out next year....

day five - time spent redecorating my lovely kitchen :) come la visit. sangat shantik tauuu..

day six - ho ho ho.. merry x'mas. buat office works yg dari day one ditangguhkan. muahahaha.. then kemas bilik adam.

and here i am still with the computer before me. updating bits and pieces of what i've done and what i wanna share with you.

anyways, have you checked out my new counting days widget and the music player? the music player is auto play. dont know how to make it played on request. pepandailah korang off kan sendirik ye. and the counting days widget is for you know what la kan? ehem.. ehem.. ehem...

andddddddd...... here's what i've been doing in a couple of hours:

and this

layan kan? hehehehe..

again, the 2 songs that i've grown up with. those times, these are my fav idols. tommy page, of course for his cute face. and nkotb for errr.. their cuteness oso. hehehehe.. my fav was jordan. look at how they dance and ehem.. sing. tommy's song has always been my favourite. the wordings are so right.. dont you think?

dengan itu saya melantik lagu tommy page untuk menjadik theme song untuk blog saya.

sekian terima kasih..

aik.. apesal asik cakap ala2 MD ni? apa yg dah berlaku ni? hmmm...... mesti "BURPING" punya penangan ni ...

Monday, December 24, 2007

rock kapak

yesterday we went to pizza hut wangsa maju for lunch. food sedap -for sure. one additional point for this pizza hut is that, they aired rock kapak songs that both me and made grew up with.

"misteri mimpi syakila", "umpama mimpi dalam mimpi", "rozana" are among others. sangat layan.. macam kembali ke zaman riang ria muda rumaja pulak perasaannya :)

they stopped the songs untuk memberi laluan kepada lagu happy birthday for this one little boy. sangat ceria budak itu. thus i have made an additional note for my next year's birthday wish...

me, myself and i would like to wish for a SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY


i have even gave made instructions of what to do and whom to contact. boleh gitu?

so my friends, whom knew and value the friendship with this cute little owner, writer, author, whateva of this blog, u know what to do, right? it's soon dear. u ought to do some preparation dearies.. month of May is just around the calendar. tell me, do you need made's number?

did i sound a little pathetic?

aaaahhh.. tidak ku pedulikkkkkkkkk


opocot.. birthday party pulak..
terkejut i


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

small water and big water

some call it wee-wee. some call it as pee-pee. and even shee-shee. i sometimes call it cecen, or she-sheng or at times, tenching. kurang segan silu sikit, adalah org yang panggil kencheng. commonly known as buang air kecik la. any others or not?

for the other type of "water", some call it yayak. i call it as simple as it is.. berak. hahhaha.. sometimes, when my manja2 mood comes, then it'll sound a little nicer la.. berak ucuk (uh.. what makes the different rite?)

back to what i want to ask you all.. when you do the small thing business, do you all do it as it is no body else's business or do you do it shy-shy one? yup-yup.. i know. what kind of question la this lady bringing out.. this lady got nothing else to ask or what.. let me assure you that this question is made only for the sake of asking ok... nothing personal and i hope i dont offend anyone.

the thing is.. i know some of you mite be shy a bit in the four-walls- little-cubicle where you tend not to let others hear you are shee-shee'ing. rite or not? and you go shee-stop-shee-stop-shee-stop... kan? kan? kan? and some of you can just let it go thinking that no body couldn't be bother about it.. and you go ttttttzzzzzzzzzzzz with a little "ah" when you're done.. betul tak?

hahaha.. sorrylah.. i had this thing on my mind since yesterday. i was in this hotel. and i was really in need for some personal time. when i'm in a very nice hotel or public toilet, i tend to be a little shy in the toilet. shee-shee also shy2. whereas at the same time i could hear my next door neighbour shee-shee like the ultraman firing the raksaksa.. bzzzzzzzzzz.. and the raksaksa dies.. hahaha.. walawei.. she could kill the germs lah, i tell u.. bulleyes punya!

and earlier that day, i was in a public toilet belongs to this govt office. there was a very nice looking lady went into the toilet before me. this lady, who chosen to be in the cubicle next to me went bzzz-silent-bzzz-silent-bzzz-silent-ahhh..

so i was just wondering about you guys la.. how you "perform" eh? hehehehhee

i remember the first time ever that i had to use a toilet without salur getah. it was in glenmarie. i pandang kiri, pandang kanan, thinking.. "macam mana nak basuh ni?" then i turned on this pipe, next to the basin. next thing i knew, habis basah my pants sebab the water shot out from inside the basin itself. at that time, i couldnt be bother pun.. i was only 12, i think.. hehehehe.. basah oso no harm to me :) if it's going to happen to me now, i think i'll sue the inventor. hahahaha

another thing is... what do you do when doing ur "big water" time? i know some will be enjoying reading magazines, comics, newspapers, etc. some will be sms'ing. some will be doing some business proposal. rite? ala.. dont lie la.. i know one.. hahahaha..

when i know i'll be having "hard" time with my "big water" i tend to bring along anything to read. most of the time will be my catalogues la. i dont like sitting there, having some hard time and i cant do much. it's hard being a multi-tasker, isn't it?

hey.. that's just me.. tell me about you la.. apa macam? berani ka?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

seorang yang bernama marie-france

she's a teacher with iskl. sangat easy going. sangat.... bengong.. hehehe.. at first i had a little goosy-moosy feeling to start a conversation with her. but i was then couldn't stop talking. one, she asks a lot, she talks a lot. second, she's fun. bottom line, she's totally adorable. main thing about ms. marie-france blais, she has this "all-out" attitude.

u knowlah.. iskl got this theme, that theme, pyjamas la, halloween la, stripe la, polka dot la. and this marie-france, when it comes to a themed day, she'll dress up accordingly and she has never failed to be an eye catcher..

enjoy some of her pics..

theme: rock & roll
"elvis presley"
yang baju hitam skirt hijau tu memang over sket :P

theme: halloween day
yang berkelip2 & penuh lampu tajaan tnb tu adalah kelas dia. best kan?

"hantu" iskl

"hantu" dah insaf

Saturday, December 01, 2007

saya anak malaysia

pada satu ketika, perarakan bagi saya adalah perarakan hari merdeka yang diadakan setiap tahun pada tarikh 31 ogos. kalau adapun perarakan lain, ia mencampur adukkan pelbagai bunga yang ada di alam flora.

perarakan yang saya tahu dulu, mengumpulkan semua rakyat MALAYSIA. baik dia beragama islam, hindu, kristian, buddha, tidak beragama dan sebagainya. di dalam perarakan itu juga terdapat bangsa yang terdiri daripada bangsa iban, melanau, kadazan, india, cina, melayu dan lain-lain lagi. di dalam perarakan itu juga pelbagai persatuan bersatu padu. baik umno, mic, mca, pas, semangat 46, perikatan, dan lain-lain.

tetapi setelah 29 tahun, saya diperkenalkan dengan perarakan yang bagi saya bak mengikut fesyen terkini dan peredaran zaman kononnya. mengikut negara barat yang seringkali mengadakan perarakan kerana terdapat ketidakpuashatian. perlukah adanya perarakan ini? perlu sangatkah kita up-to-date mengikuti budaya yang satu ini?

lepas ini apa? akan ada yang mengamuk membawa pistol, membunuh semua orang? akan ada yang mencantas kepala orang sesuka hati mak pak dia? akan ada yang meludah ke muka kawan-kawan kerana tidak berpuas hati?

tidak banggakah kita dengan nenek moyang kita? nama-nama nenek moyang ini terpahat dengan bangganya di bangunan-bangunan. di jalan-jalan raya. di buku-buku sejarah. tidak ada sekelumit rasa gah kah mereka ini melihat nama nenek moyang mereka ini? nenek moyang yang dikatakan (ini interpretation saya ye...) menyusahkan mereka sudahnya? pandangan pertama saya, tidak suka, tidak puas hati, pulanglah... jangan buat kacau. awak rasa awak ada negara awak sendiri, then pack your stuff and leave. tapi saya masih ada rasa perasaan muhibah di hati. saya masih ada perasaan kasih pada sahabat-sahabat saya yang berlainan bangsa dan agama ini. saya masih mahukan mereka di sini

duduklah di sini. di malaysia ini tidak seperti negara lain. tidak seperti negara yang masih mengamalkan kasta. tidak seperti negara yang tidak mampu berbahasa inggeris kecuali bahasa mereka sendiri. tidak seperti negara yang ketuanya hanya sibukkan negara orang lain dan tidak peduli apa yang berlaku di negaranya sendiri.

kita di sini aman. bahagia. rukun dan damai. apa lagi yang kurangnya? fahaman politik, tidak puas hati tentang bangsa, agama hanya perkara jijik. saya islam. saya diajar agar menghormati agama lain. saya diajar agar menghormati pegangan orang lain. saya tidak mengutuk agama itu. saya tidak mengutuk kaum itu. walaupun ya ada, sekali-sekala saya mengutuk juga.. siapalah saya kan.. hanya manusia jua. tapi itu bukan secara global. itu secara persendirian. kerana personaliti seseorang itu sendiri. kerana stupidity seseorang. dan seseorang itu, pada saya, tidak mampu mewakilkan seluruh bangsa, agama mahupun kaumnya.

saya berkata sebagai rakyat malaysia. rakyat malaysia yang adakalanya tidak setuju dengan dasar kerajaan. rakyat malaysia yang hanya bercakap sendirian dan berbincang bersama teman lain. dan sebagai rakyat malaysia yang ingin berterusan mengecapi keamanan dan kedamaian yang telah dirasai selama 29 tahun ini.

mana-mana kita pergi, akan adanya ketidakadilan. kemana pun kaki melangkah akan adanya rasa tidak suka dan "this is not fair". tapi hidupla kita seadanya. pegangan saya, "we cant change the surrounding or environment, but we still can adapt into it".

hujan emas di negara org, hujan batu di negara sendiri

tidak ada bangsa lain, saya hanya kenal ali, abu, dan minah. dengan ada bangsa lain, saya kenal ah seng, john, siva, lengau dan sebagainya. thesaurus saya bertambah. contact list saya berganda. saya rasa bangga. tidakkah anda?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

i miss u, dearly

pagi tadi mokteh talipon. i didnt answer. i didnt notice it actually. tapi rasanya dah tau kenapa dia kol... today is 22 november 2007. time flies...

i wish i could turn back the time. i wish i could still be a person that is so close to my heart. a person who has important role in me. a person when she was still alive, she was being so strong for everybody.. yet, i've made her cried once. that was when i talked about pokde. she has never lose her faith in pokde. pokde was an addict. masuk kuar serenti, confirm. and she has never failed to visit pokde whenever he was behind bars. we have never been there. neither on ourselves nor with her. she has always been there alone. pagi raya, org tak siap berbaju raya, dia dah called. "bila nak gi kubur ni?" lambat means, she'll go by taxi. she's not willing to wait. she's so independent. after that, she'll make her way to visit pokde. terkulat-kulat la kami ni tunggu dia balik. she never bothers. alhamdulillah, all her prayers were answered. pokde kembali ke pangkal jalan. we could never see pokde lepa solat. not even once.

air tangan dia is the best. the best ever. you could ask her to cook anything.. it will never match anybody. jangan "tersebut", confirm dia pun "terbuat". she will buy the ingredients herself. she'll go to pasar pudu. the best place for her shopping. or she'll ask us to buy it for her if we're happen to visit her. she has never failed to say "yes" to any orders. last minute orders pun gerenti siap. turun naik tangga flat 4 tingkat has never been her burden. she wouldnt mind turun naik tangga. lupa beli bawang, turun balik. naik balik. lupa beli garam, turun lagi. then naik lagi. she has never complaint. but we know.. we know she was in pain. the pain that she doesnt want anybody to know. the pain that only once in a blue moon, she'll ask for help.

she's so used living alone. she bought the house for dear paklong. but paklong has his own plans. kalo datang visit, kadang2, dia tertido sambil tunggu anak cucu datang. cian dia.. but she has never complaint. malam pun dia tak kisah. petang pun tak pe.. kalo tertido, dia bangun. kalo dia solat, kita la tunggu... tapi skang umah tu jadik macam gajah putih. hanya ada pokde sorang. anak cucu tak lagi datang. rumah tu dah tak meriah. dah takde makanan best2. ada pun habuk. ada pun kenangan. ada pun barang2 dia yg no body dares to touch. to much emotions..

she's always there for me.. i was brought up in kg pandan, that was my kampung. my favourite place to lepak. why? because she's there. she'll always back me up. no matter what happened. cite i masak nasik lupa letak air jadik riuh sekampung. wan milo, wan teksi, nenek kak jannah, pakat gelak ramai2. anak dara nak belajar masak. gitulah... again, she'll keep on teaching. turunkan ilmu di dada.. anak cucu je tak pandai grab opportunity..

now she's no longer here. no longer to be my shoulder to cry on.

i always let her play with her thoughts.... let her be.. and now i miss her thoughts. her words, her hugs & kisses. i miss her smell and i miss her being my side. i miss her a lot. all i have are memories. all i got are just flashbacks. i wish she's beside me. i wish she'll always there for me. i wish she's back......

i wish she's never been there... been there away from me... been there in her lovely house..

ya Allah.. ampunkanlah hambaMu ini. hambaMu yg amat merindui uwannya. hambaMu yg seringkali leka dengan kurniaanMu. hambaMu yg kerdil dan seringkali alpa dan lupa. ampunkanlah hambaMu ini.. aku tau... uwan aman di sana. uwan damai di sana. uwan tenang di sana. insya Allah...


"uwan.... kita rindu uwan tau.. kita sayang uwan tau"

"ye.. aku tau"

it seems like yesterday....

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

sayang bini?

a) bawak gi habib jewels, poh kong dan kedai yg sewaktu dengannya
b) bagi rm lima puluh ribu sahaja setiap bulan
c) belikan kereta berjenama mewah dan tukar setiap 6 bulan
d) semua di atas

tet! too bad. pepatah melayu berkata, sayang bini tinggal-tinggalkan. :P

once again i thank Allah swt for the opportunity of having a circle of friends that has been very supportive and concern about me. i can never thank each of you. hopefully cukuplah sekadar i wish all of you well too and hopefully to be by your side whenever you need me around.

this "opportunity" of being left behind, or should i say "a single handed mother" temporarily has a bit taught me to be taugh & strong for you loved one. i'm known as kememe and dependent to my other half. so when he has to be away (like this), i learn to do things on my own. dalam erti kata sebenarnya, aku ni pemaleh... dah kena tinggal sendiri ni, kena buatlah.. kalo tak, nak harap sapa lagi nak buatnye... hahahahah

if made used to wash adam's poo-poo, since he's away, i have to do it. adam dahlah berak satu malam berkali2. apa la dia makan kat umah mak nek tu..

if made used to make adam's food & susu, since he's away, the role is mine. adam sangat picky ok. but lucky he's ok with pizza, biskut & spateti. pick up the phone and order.. wow.. menakjubkan

if made is the one who throw the rubbish every morning, since he's away, that's my job. tapi pagi tadi terlupa. hahahhaha

but above all, i miss the moment when we complete the task together :(

if i were to wash the clothes & start the washing machine, he will hang all the clothes. or sometimes, we will do it together

if i were to angkat the kain, he will angkat the bakul

if i were to lipat the kain, he will lipat yang cepentot

if i were to finish lipat-ing the kain, he will kemas all of it and ruin my colour coding of my tudung. :P

thanks for the advance of technology. we feel so close despite being physically apart. made has set up googletalk so that we could have a mean of communication. smses and phone calls are toooooo expensive for a middle-of-the-month-trip.

adam was so good yesterday. well.. tho ada sikit naughty, rasa tak sampai hati nak marah. buatnya dia nangis mintak ayah, satu keje pulak la nak kena beli tiket gi thailand.. ngehngehngeh..

miss u honey.. eh.. ni bukan honey.. ni panthy. ngehngehngeh...

saja nak tanya.. korang baca made tu as "made in china" ke made as my pronunciation? it's ma-de tau.. made in kelantan. hehehe

Monday, November 12, 2007

marriage proposal - another dimension

i thank all for your comments on my "marriage proposal" post. so glad that i know i have the bestest friends all around me. however, i'm so sorry to admit that the post on "marriage proposal" was not actually on a friend getting married, left me behind, or any sort of that matter. it was actually about me & my good-friend-for-life, made.

he is indeed the bestest, closest friend i've ever had. when you all have some little dirty secret with your loved one, i dont have any with my other half. i told him everything... uh.. almost everything la. :P

basically, the post was meant for made.

the marriage proposal was actually an offer of transfer that made received few weeks ago. i've been asking him to seek for any opportunities to work in KL. but he was so happy with his current position & work, which is 30km away from the house and cost him an hour or so to get to his office. so when he got this offer, i was so delighted. little that i know, he'd be traveling - a lot...

this transfer means he has to travel to the other joint venture company for the systems set up and other IT thingy. it's not soooo far, indeed. only in thailand. yes thailand. when u'd be thinking, oohh.. she must be worrying about the "chickens"; actually i'm more concern of his safety. insya Allah, all will be fine. touchwood!

made was so excited about this transfer. he showed me his chat history with his new colleague and we had quite an exciting conversation about it until suddenly he stopped talking about it. the next thing i knew, he came back from a barber shop and told me "yang, i nak gi amik gambar for my passport. i ingat nak gi putrajaya besok". i went sulking. why? because i was not informed about the transfer progress. then suddenly, passport. apa nih?

so i built up the wall. sulking for few days. until he wrote me an email explaining the whole thing to me. things settled, he went to the immigration office in wangsa maju. got the passport in an hour. transfer arrangement still in process. and now at the time of typing, he's on his way to KLIA. by the time you're reading, he's already in thailand. uh.. time flies!

this morning when made woke me up for subuh prayer, he has already bathed. i was crossed. we normally bathe together ok.. we prayed together but then i went sulking. why la... why he has to leave me behind. one, the financial planning. then the passport making. and now?

both of us cried. i cried not for i mad with him. that was just a minor reason. i cried because i know i'm going to miss him. i'm going to miss him a lot. the last time he was assigned for a week outstation trip, it was only to bakun. that time, i was still living with my parents and adam was still in my womb. thereafter, it was only local day trips. now that he had to go for a week in thailand, i felt a little emptiness. i nak gaduh ngan sapa? i nak mengadu kat sapa? i nak bermanja ngan sapa? malam nanti i nak tido ngan sapa? huhuhu...

adam was crying yesterday when he saw made packing his things. i pun sayu.. ntahla.. i hope everything will be just fine. ajal, maut, rezeki, jodoh, semuanya kurniaan Allah. angkasawan gi space pun alhamdulillah selamat, yg langgar pillar pulak yg meninggal. kan?

so my dearie friends... please bear with me for a couple of days ye.. :)

ayah, mama, eh... mana adam? rambut je?

ayah, mama, eh eh.. tak muat pulak adam..

ha... adam, mama, ehhhh.. mana ayah ni? maing-maing demo nihhh..

Monday, November 05, 2007

my 2007 raya

i had sort of pathetic raya this time around. read on..

i planned to start cleaning up the house the day before. sekolah cuti. however, i was totally in sleeping mode. i had to force & drag my beautiful-like-the-stars-up-in-the-sky feet & hands to start the cleaning at nite and continue a bit more on the first day of hari raya. too bz with the cleaning that i have totally forgotten to iron made's baju melayu. only realize about it when he woke up and ready for raya's prayer. (ngok ngek laki aku.. dah nak solat raya baru nak bangun tido :P). we all got ready by 10. and made our move to my kampung. ehem.. ehem.. 5 minutes away, no tolls, no traffic, no highways... hahahaha..

main thing in mind, of course, food. i tried not to eat too much but the food were sooooo tempting and has this "marilah-makan-saya-yang-sangat-sedap-ini" look. delicious ok. well, eventhough it is not, somehow, it IS delicious if it was our mom's cooking. aint me rite? mak made some pulut kuning and rendang daging. i'm not fond of rendang ayam. sorry. add in some serunding giler best dari kak yah kelantan. perghh.. 2 words to describe: sangat sedap. sangat leleh air lioq

then salam2 raya. bapak didnt want to put on his baju raya because along took his kain raya back to ipoh. and another thing, his baju raya is actually a baju raya cina which he bought in taiwan recently :P then mak uteh arrived with her "ku lihat hijau" team. sembang2, salam2 we made our move to tanjung malim.

who's in tanjung malim? my darling uwan, of course. i was so agitated at first because some parties were delaying the trip. somehow, hati sangat sayu upon arriving uwan's lovely house. the same old feeling whenever i visit her lovely house. the moment i stepped out of the car, the tears would accompany. nevertheless, i enjoyed this opportunity. the closest moment to her, the closest i could be by her side.

we then visited uwan cik & uwan usu and soon made our way back to kl during the downpour.

the very next day, when it's only 7:30am and our dearly back door neighbour has already started their karaoke session. hampehh.... we then lead our way to nurul's place, then mak's - to get our stomach filled up. heheheh.. and to start our pathetic raya, we made our way to eye on malaysia. sangat beraya di perantauan kan? luckily there was a long queue and drizzles. we moved to our 2nd destination, ikea. amazingly, the store was sooooooo full of people. even the front parking entrance was closed due to overwhelming visitors. we parked our car in the curve instead. for record, only 1/2 hour spent in ikea. first time ever. hahahahaha

then only we went for our raya to kak yam's, zahar's, kak noor's & aiza's place. kembali ke sarang at about 11.30 pm.

3rd raya dah tak tau buat apa. tunggu ajelah barang ikea sampai. kemas rumah ala kadar, and get ready for work the next day. raya ke 4 dah keje ok.. made still on leave. cian i :(

that was my 2007's raya. sangat best. kan? additional note, ma (made's mom) is now in town. so tak balik raya kat kelantan pun tak pe, mak mentua mari turut.. hahahahaha.. sangat durjana punya menantu. muahahahah

selamat hari raya all :)

Sunday, November 04, 2007

thank you!!

to those whom have spared some time to come over for our open house. let see.. can i remember all?

* makcik leha & abg basri
* liya & husband
* abg li, kak chum, fatimah, dijah & imran
* abg cha, kak za & iman
* kak ti, abg nan & hannah
* taj
* julie & ajim
* nurul, hubby & their little girl
* tok ma
* abg chik, kak chik & nina
* ikmal, wife & kids
* kak shida, abg nasri, danish & diyanah
* pak syed & sham
* kak salama & hubby
* marie-france & kamal
* linda, hubby & 2 kids
* kak nik, hubby & 4 kids
* pak cik yatim, cik ana, nisa & leyla
* makcik lat, makcik yang, kak liza & 2 kids
* makcik pah, abg man & kak wati
* kak nik & kids
* kak mala, hubby & kids
* kak tuty, abg bodeng & little boy
* mak uteh, pak uteh, mira, syafiq, akim & intan
* pak uda
* pak long, mak long, nole, lia & aziq
* kor, suzi & kids
* kubba, kak lenny & kids
* korup, yati & kid
* putong, anis, & kids
* jaki & wife
* kak ziana, nurul & nasrul
* izmir & nani
* en. mat poin
* cik tinah, cik man & lokman
* kak zaini & family
* noor, hubby & kid
* aunty norlia, uncle khalid, nek & nana
* aunty yati, uncle khairul, atheerah & aleen
* uncle meo, aunty e, yani & kimi
* riko & sofea
* mastika, dania & 2 friends
* ija, hubby & kid
* fariz
* ana & hubby
* izan, hubby & kid
* kak azila, mother & kid
* kak mah, hubby & kid
* kak akmar & ita
* rohaiza & kids
* inaz
* ayu, makcik, shafik & shakir
* syahman, riza & yana
* mak nek, intan & alien
* eebal & daiya
* arman & yati
* fendi & nisya
* fik & bob
* mak & bapak

i hope everyone has been counted in. i wanna thank all of you for making our days (read: to finish all our ordered dishes. hahahaha)

special thanks goes to che nani, along & ammar, for making this open house merrier & i couldn't do it without your help. thank you very much.

thanks to sherry, amirul, iskandar & zulkarnain for preparing the extra dish for me. thanks dearie.

post open house note:
at first we were contemplating in hosting the open house. made has some urgent thing to do. going for outstation trip some more. furthermore our front house neighbour has put up a canopy infront of our house for their daughter's engagement ceremony. but then, thought after thought, we decided to go along with it. and i'm so thankful for it. food were great. our must-have-dish, satay; roti jala & meehoon sup thailand from kak ani was so special. everybody was asking for the recipe. i have to get one myself. everything went smoothly.

alhamdulillah :)

i hope everybody was enjoying themselves & had a good time.

thank you again.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

a marriage proposal

i have a good friend. a good friend of my life. recently a guy of her dream asked her hand for marriage. she was so delighted. and so was i. of course i was..

however, this proposal has gone a bit out of the line. it has given me some hard times. not that i'm not happy with the good news, but.. i don’t know.. some bad feelings had me

ok ok.. maybe i'm exaggerating. but that's how i feel. ok? well.. for now

first, she told me about the good news. i was so glad. i was so happy indeed. at last a friend will be enjoying the life that she has long for. yippiee.. i’m the happiest person - as i was also the culprit. i’ve been asking her about it until she got fed up. and now when the time has come, why shouldn’t me be happy. isn’t it?

second the not so good news: she’ll be travelling a lot since the hubby is an expatriate and working in joint-venture projects. but one thing good, i’d be getting some nice fridge magnets. hurrah..

third and the most disturbing news: she has started to ignore me. how could she do this to me.. the first thing was, she did not considered me in her financial planning. well.. not that i wanna be part of her life 24/7, but i thought being a good friend, is being together and always here, there and everywhere and indeed, being part of someone’s life. now, i’ve been having this feeling: i’ll be a losing a friend. and i’m not needed anymore. somehow, i feel, i’ve been replaced.

where was i when she needed me before she had this guy of her dream?
i was next to her.

where was i when her father died last year?
right by her side.

who’s shoulder was it for her to cry on?
mine. absolutely mine.

why is she ignoring me?
well I don’t know. i don’t seem to find the reason. i can’t find what i’ve done that she had to place me as a non-executive person in her life.

i was, am and still crossed. totally crossed when one fine day, she came to see me, just to say “hi.. i’m getting my wedding card done. chio”. and i was there.. “you’re what? you’re not calling me in?” and she said, “oh.. i think i’ll just get over it myself. you could join me later”. and i was thinking, which later part that she wants me in? on the bed? oh no! not on the bed part definitely. i wouldn’t want to get a threesome. it’s so troublesome!

being part of someone’s life made me feel so important. being left out in some major transitions made me feel bad. really bad. don’t you, honey?

notakaki: disguise is good, at times. :)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

raya sakan korang ye

11 October 2007

7:01am - ready masuk keta ngan adam
7:02am - akut kol
7:07am - sampai umah bapak. hantar adam. hugs & kisses
7:11am - made our ways
7:17 am - arrived ISKL
7:24am - punch in

look at the time!!!!!!!! crazy!


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

ramadhan datang, ramadhan pergi

but my darling ramadhan stays - patiently with me.. hehehee

esok lusa tulat dah nak raya. sangat cepat! maybe i am/was so bz with my works. ye kawan2.. mek anne sangat bz. sangat ampun dan mahap ye.. kad raya satu pun tak balas, satu pun tak hantar. balas kad raya & sms kawan2 pun ala kadar je. this is not anne ok.. so so so not me. but my works are up to my neck. dia bagi ruang sikit je nak bernapas.

ramadhan, as in bulan puasa, had taught me a lot this time around. and i believe at the age of becoming 30, i've changed a bit. last time, if my boss scolded me, i'd turn in sour. so hard headed that i'd switch my radio volume from low to high. ye.. saya sangat keras kepala. ada batu dalam ini kepala. but now, i see me changed. i got another (according to sumber2 yg boleh dipercayai) big headed & high ego boss, but i seem to blend and give in a lot. not like last time, that i tried to actually start a battle. i'm now a good samaritan. hahahah

but in any aspects, i could never - read my lips - NEVER give ways to queue jumper and those who wanted to get in line without giving signals. i'm totally against these groups of people. and i tell u... my middle finger will just pointed straight up to them. sorry but i feel really irritated with these kind of people. mau cuba? marilah... :P

in the month of ramadhan, when i know everybody is fasting, still not everybody is really acknowledge kemuliaan of ramadhan. like me, being so "NO TO IDIOT WITH NO SIGNALS & QUEUE JUMPERS", i'm soooooooo not into menghayati ramadhan sepenuhnya. of course, my puasa is not penuh. and my terawikh was only done during the first part of ramadhan, before i got my menses. a really bad record. tunggulah lepas raya. sure nyesal tak sudahhhhh..

but i managed to keep my anger low. yipieeee.. good thing for me. my good point! dear malaikat on my right shoulder, please rite it down.. i managed lots of them ha.... :)

i've been cooking a lot during this ramadhan. macam2 lauk i cuba. yg tak penah org buat pun i buat. masak lemak putih letak bendi. boleh? sengal je tengok lauk tu... tapi habis ok.

all and all, i rasa bersyukur ke hadrat Ilahi kerana mengurniakan kesihatan yg baik untuk i di bulan ramadhan ini. alhamdulillah. i dapat jalani ibadah rukun islam ni dengan sebaik mungkin.

and for all my beloved friends, due to the probationary period that has ruled my hari raya celebration this year, i'm gladly inviting all of you to come over and celebrate this raya - anne's style. hahahaha.. anne style kejadahnya... makan kuih kering dengan air sirap da la.. hahahaha

yes.. honestly, i dont have any extra leaves. i'm still under probationary period and not allowed to take any personal leaves. thankfully the school is closed on friday & monday. bolehlah cuti lama sikit.. (deepavali cuti sampai seminggu tuuuu.. kejadahnya aku nak makan maruku hari2...). i'll be back to work on tuesday. so sapa2 yg menyudi2 tu, marilah datang ke rumah ku yg serba indah ini ye.. :)

oooppsss.. made me thought of makcik kas who is on leave for a month.. habislah i kena kemas umah sensorang friday niiiiii...... sengalnyeeeeeeee

till then all,

selamat hari raya aidilfitri
maaf zahir dan batin
0-0 ye
take care
have a safe journey to your hometown
(mine is only 5 minutes away - no tolls, no hiways :P)

model raya tahun ni. klassssss gitu

notakaki: lupa nak update - i dah boleh muat M gitu.. 5 kg kurang ok.... hahahaha

Friday, September 28, 2007

dable tags

walah.. dable tags tu.. meh mek anne nak jawab.

first tag by kak nomi: 5 thingy

5 things in my bag - heheheh.. sat nak gi tengok
  1. wallet
  2. coins purse
  3. calculator watson (read: yg bengong). (tekan nombor 2, dia kuar 2. tekan nombor 1 pun dia kuar 2. ape ke bengap calculator nih.. hancus perniagaan brooch mek tadi)
  4. kad klinik adam
  5. surat untuk rasi - walah.. lupa lagi nak letak kat mail box..

5 things that are in my wallet
  1. duit beberapa keping
  2. kad kredit
  3. bank cards
  4. kad pengenalan & driving license
  5. salinan pembelian kad kredit - yg membuatkan mek teringat yg mek tak bayo lagi...

5 favourite things in my bedroom
  1. katalog tupperware, avon, ikea dan sebagainya - peneman untuk lelap mata
  2. buku cite marion keyes yg dah sebulan tak habis baca
  3. bantal, katil dan tilam ku yg empuk
  4. koleksi jam, minyak wangi yg kadang2 pakai dan selebihnya untuk tayangan umum semata
  5. er.. encik ramadhan tu kira kategori things ke? favourite utama tu :)

5 things i wish to do
  1. well.. speed up my recovery so that i could have an additional family member
  2. menunaikan fardhu haji bersama kuarga terchenta
  3. cuti-cuti habiskan duit di mana jua kad kredit ku diterima
  4. spend more time with my darling adam
  5. i wish in a blink my house would be bersusun indah *blink* ala.. takde punn.. sepah jugak :(
  6. can i add another one? i wish i could spend more time with uwan and that i could learn on her cooking tactics... i'm so poor cook la.. hampeh werekeh

5 things i'm doing now
  1. thinking of where could my beloved made be
  2. thinking of mak masak sorang2 kat umah sana
  3. thinking of my dear adam. apa cite jalan2 ngan atuk tu
  4. korek telinga. opps... pecah rahsia mek tak posa..
  5. updating my tupperware account

5 people i'd like to tag - nak tag kawan2 baru ah.. hehehehe
  1. z sengal
  2. filla
  3. mai
  4. fara
  5. ila
selamat kena tagging :)

z, tag ko aku buat kendian eh...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

little guy named adam


dukacita di maklumkan bahawa permohonan anda tidak dapat diluluskan buat masa ini. setelah mendapat persetujuan panel hakim, anda diminta berehat untuk jangkamasa tambah tolak setahun dua lagi. berdasarkan laporan kesihatan anda, keadaan anda adalah belum 100% pulih. untuk mengelakkan apa2 kejadian yg tidak diingini, di harap anda dapat bersabar untuk sementara waktu

sekian, terima kasih

yg menjalankan tugas,


hehehe.. i had a talk with mak the other day. she suggested that i wait for another year before deciding to have an additional family member. she gave me some medical points which as usual, i blindly digest as i dont know what would that mean. sebagai contohnya; uterus adalah womb ok.. mana gua tau.. hehehe

therefore, both me and made have decided to send in the application next 1 or 2 years. at the mean time, bergasak dulu la dengan budak tecik ni.

adam is getting cheekier nowadays. some points:

1) we are trying to put off his habit of nyonyot pacifier. so he was told not to, unless he wants to go to sleep. so what this cheeky little guy did was, he secretly went into the room, pretending that he had to take something, and for a while, he took the puting and nyonyot la. pandai kan?

2) maybe because adam is a little guy and ayah is a big guy, he doesnt want to kiss ayah. hehehe.. i always ask him for a kiss, and i always got one from him. the other day, we were at this traffic lite and i asked for his kiss. he kissed my cheek. then ayah asked for a kiss. he said "ala.. saya penatlah.. asik cium saja". after a while, ayah asked adam to kiss him again. he still give the same answer. then i asked him, "can mama have a kiss", well... eventually mama got a kiss. hahaha.. kasihan ayah

3) after nurin's case, i have asked maknek (well. it's not my first time asking her) not to bring either ammar or adam out of the house if not for emergency. perhaps my words were quite harsh that time that maknek asked adam the next day why mama was angry at maknek. and adam simply replied "alah.. tak apa. perkara kecik aje". boleh gitu?

4) adam has now eager taking his medication. thanks to dr shanaliza. tak taulah ilmu apa dia pakai. adam is now no more stranger to medicine. he even asked for medicine when he feels uneasy with his cough and flu. bagus kan? so mama2, mommies, mak2 semua, silalah berjumpa dengan dr. shanaliza di wangsa maju untuk keterangan lanjut

5) we bought a tent for adam the other day. we gave up on giving him our selimut to become his tent. so when we saw a a tent in the latest ikea promotion, we decided to have it for adam. it was the last piece. alhamdulillah.. belum sampai umah lagi, dah sibuk asking for the temah (as adam's pronunciation). malam pun nak tido dalam temah. siang pun nak tido dalam temah. senang kata, makan minum sumer pun nak dalam temah lah... ada tokoh jadik pengakap tak? hehehe

6) adam sangat suka cakap ini macam bila mama marah dia: shorry la mama. shorry saya mama? hahahaha.. best.. best.. best..

7) tangan adam sangat cepat. sama laju dengan mulut dia. one fine day, i baru basuh yayak dia. i asked him to get his diaper while i load the washing machine. but instead he stopped at our rice dispenser. my dearly made has left our rice dispenser on a table (within adam's reach) for some cleaning purposes. yg si anak bijak pandai ni pun bertanya "mama, ni apa?" dan-dan tu jugak beras berterabur atas lantai.. aduuuuhhh... tanya aje tak cukup gamaknya.. kena test try jugak. dengan itu, i gave him a mangkuk and asked him to kutip sumer beras yg berterabur. cian dia...

7) adam is in his learning process to become a photographer. masterpiece from adam:

Friday, September 21, 2007

nurin laid to rest

a'ah.. i'm still with nurin. i dont know why...

last nite, after buka puasa, i spent time watching buletin utama dan segala berita yg ada to get update on her death. tho the parents had denied, but there's truth that they cant hide. after i read nurin's blog saying that the parents had accepted the body this morning, i felt released. for what, i dont know. perhaps for not having to imagine the poorly brutalized little lady. and now she has laid to rest

i slept with her in my dream. i woke up with her first thing in my mind. this lovely face will forever be in my mind.

kasihan kamu, nak..
diseksa tanpa dia peduli kamu dalam kesakitan
betapa kejamnya dia

kasihan kamu, nak..
dibiarkan pergi tanpa sayonara pada ibubapamu
tanpa peluang menatap wajah kesayanganmu

tapi nak..

beruntung kamu, nak..
perginya kamu di malam jumaat, di bulan mulia, bulan ramadhan.
di mana umat islam yg lain berdoa dan mengharapkan kesejahteraanmu di samping Yang Maha Esa

beruntung kamu, nak..
tidak hanya seorang, tidak hanya ibu bapamu, tidak hanya ahli keluargamu meratapi pemergianmu.
seluruh malaysia, seluruh pelosok merasa kehilanganmu
di dalam keadaan kamu dizalimi
alhamdulillah Allah ingin tunjukkan tingginya kedudukanmu, nak..

pergilah nak..
damailah kamu di sana
di sana lebih aman untukmu

dunia ini kejam padamu
dunia ini tidak adil padamu
insya Allah nak...
Yang Maha Kuasa akan tetap membalas perbuatan mereka ini

tenanglah kamu di sana, ya nak...

pic credit to thestar online

Thursday, September 20, 2007


untuk adik nurin dan takziah untuk keluarganya.


i got the news on her death this afternoon. perhaps only few minutes earlier than it was in the news. no.. i'm not her relative. neither that i'm her acquaintance. i just happened to have the news earlier.

upon receiving the news that the little girl that was found dumped in pj was nurin, my tears dropped. this poor little lady was suffered to death. tak de peri-kemanusiaan langsung ke pembunuh kejam tu? oh.. why would he/she rite? after all, she/he is a pembunuh kejam :P

nurin as all knows by now, was sexually abused by strong object. and the strong object known as terung and timun. kita yg dah besar and have had sex ni pun tau sakit. apa lagi sekecik cam nurin tu. apa sangatlah yg budak tu tau? apa jugaklah yg budak tu dah buat sampai terseksa dia macam tu sekali? she was totally abused. scars, bruises here and there. ya Allah.. manusia apa yg dah buat menda gila ni?

apa dah jadik dengan manusia sekarang? hidup dalam dunia yg penuh dengan development, hi-tech. tapi fikiran makin lama makin kebelakang. org zaman jurassic dulu, membunuh untuk hidup. they had to survive. but people nowadays? kill for excitement? ya Allah.......

nyawa skang umpama duit 20sen. lambung, head or tail. u pick the head, ur head will be chopped off. u pick the tail, u'll suffer baby.. camtu ke? is that how easy people solve their problems? is that how people think nowadays? no more logical thinking? no more sense of sympathy? Allahuakbar...

i'm still sad. sad with the news. when the news first appeared on buletin utama, my first thought was "there u go. another anak merajuk dengan mak, balik umah atuk". but then when i knew that the little girl had this and that sakit, i pointed my 10 fingers to the parents. why should they let her out? she's just a plain 8 years old kid. and she's sick! cant they think? i wouldnt let adam out of my eyes for a second. there was once when i came to fetch him from maknek's house, he was not there. out of my sight. and not with maknek, i've already started to think about the making police report. ni pulak parents yg boleh lepaskan anak dia macam tu aje. aduhhhh... senangnya..

and now that she's gone, but still my 10 fingers are with the parents, and deep inside i feel bad. bad for this murder had taken place. kalo berdendam sangat, kalo marah sangat, janganlah menyeksa anak org. kalo marah ngan ayah dia, pegi berkarate ngan ayah dia. kalo bengang tahap 28 dengan mak dia, pegilah seligi mak dia. kenapa kena balas kat anak dia? anak dia tak bersalah!

i bet, the parents will live in regret. the father is now living in denial. of course he would. he was hoping for good news, but he received otherwise. the same case if i were to give u a 30cm long pencil. but in return i got a cinonet 1cm long pencil. should i call that pencil mine? definitely not. i pity the parents.. but what has gone, that's the fate. accept it as what we are told by our religion. redha dan pasrah dengan ketentuanNya. yg penting percaya kepada Allah dan qada & qadarnya.

i'm not adding salt to the current pain. my apology if i have offended anyone. but please.. take care of your beloved children. org sekarang tak macam org dulu. dulu kalo org jumpa anak kita tepi jalan, dia hantar anak kita balik umah kita. org skang, kalo jumpa anak kita tepi jalan dia hantar anak kita balik umah dia.

i'm a mother, i'm telling this to myself also. anak tu tanggungjawab. biar beban macam mana pun anak kita, dia tetap anak kita. biar sakit macam mana membesar dia pun, dia tetap anak kita. macam mana kita terseksa dengan dia pun, dia tetap berbin/bintikan suami kita sepanjang hayatnya, dan berbin/bintikan kita di akhir hayatnya kelak.

i hope, the suspect will be brought up to justice. sepandai2 tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga.

insya Allah

nurin, damailah kamu di sana. amin

here's a blog for beloved nurin by her uncle: nurin jazlin

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

iMac G3

thanks to iskl!!

the support staff got some freebies today. and it was iMac G3. complete with kids games software. wuhuuuu..

baru je berangan2 nak beli komputer. dah dapat komputer. alhamdulillah..

eventho it's a used computer, yet it is still in a good condition. still tip top. at least tuan pengetua adam can enjoy own his pc and not disturbing mama playing games anymore. hip hip horeeyyyy!

when i took the computer, the harddisk was said to be 10G. but according to my beloved systems analyst, the harddisk was already upgraded to 20G. yiha.. tak payah senyum dengan siew kim lagi.. hahahaha

for how many times today, adam kept asking me "kenapa mama beli komputer untuk adam?". and for how many times also today, i have answered him "sebab mama sayang adam"

agaknya kalo peh ni i berangan nak dapat ford focus, ntah2 dapat jugak kan? hhhmmmmmm....

Sunday, September 16, 2007

permohonan untuk pertambahan ahli keluarga

Merujuk kepada perkara di atas.

Saya sebagaimana penama di bawah ingin memaklumkan kepada bahawa kami telah membuat permohonan untuk pertambahan ahli keluarga. Untuk makluman juga, kami telah mendapatkan persetujuan daripada anak pertama kami, En. Adam Danial Mohd Ramadhan. Beliau telah memberikan kata persetujuannya pada 15 September 2007. Disertakan di sini chop pengesahan beliau.

Usaha untuk permohonan ini telah giat dilakukan. Janganlah kuatir.

Kami berharap untuk mendapatkan kata kelulusan dalam masa sebulan, agar dapat kami membuat persiapan yg rapi dalam masa sembilan bulan kelak.

Dengan ini, kami amat berharap agar permohonan kami ini diberi pertimbangan yang sewajarnya serta mendapat kelulusan.

Sekian, kami dahului dengan ucapan terima kasih.

Enclosure: chop pengesahan daripada En. Adam Danial Mohd Ramadhan

Monday, September 10, 2007

calon suami mithali #372

nama penuh: mohd ramadhan mohd tahir
nama glamer: made (as ma-de not made in china)
tarikh lahir: 17 ogos 1977
tempat lahir: kelantan (hidup krai!)

5 sebab mengapa saya patut dicalonkan?
- testimoni mesti ditulis oleh isteri/teman wanita/atau sesapa yg berkenaan.

penulis testimoni:
hubungan dengan calon: isteri tercinta

sebab-sebab pencalonan:

1) suami saya adalah seorang yg baik hati. sudah 2 tahun berturut2 dia tolong saya settlekan kad kredit saya yg sampai ke puncak kasihnya. selain itu dia telah belikan saya bunga yg saya mintak sempena hari keraian kami. walaupun dia tahu saya bukanlah peminat bunga, dia tetap membelikannya kerana ingin membuktikan cintanya selain berniat untuk membazir. dia sering memenuhi shopping list saya hanya kerana dia tak mau saya bermasam muka (read: berhari-hari).

2) suami saya juga adalah seorang ayah yg penyayang. di kala saya sedang menaip testimoni ini, dia sedang bergurau senda dengan anak kesayangan kami. seringkali dia jugalah yg bergurau senda dengan anak kami kerana saya seringkali leka main donlod games. pada waktu adam baru dilahirkan dia jualah yg berjaga malam kerana melayan rengekan anak kami itu. "aku tengok bola eurolah" helah suami saya kepada kawan2 yg bertanya kenapa matanya ber-eye shadow pada keesokan harinya.

3) suami saya seorang yg pandai berjenaka. dia sentiasa membuatkan saya tersenyum walaupun tatkala itu saya sedang mendidih kemarahan. kerana dia sering tersilap cakap dan juga sering tersadung itu dan ini akibat kakinya yg kurang dibedung ketika kecil dahulu. jenaka yg paling tidak boleh saya lupakan adalah apabila saya terkentut di dalam bilik, tiba2 dia datang dan bertanya "napa u panggil i?" itu adalah sejarah gelak guling2 yg tak boleh saya lupakan

4) suami saya jua adalah sorang yg dikategorikan pendengar yg baik. walaupun di posting saya sebelum ini dinyatakan kekurangan audio beliau, namun dia tetap pendengar yg setia di dalam hati saya. ini kerana beliau akan sentiasa mendengar rengekan, kutukan, cerita-ceriti saya tanpa jemu. dan mungkin juga saya bercerita dalam nada yg agak kuat yg membolehkan beliau mendengar cerita saya dengan jelas sekali. biasalah.. saya kan wanita. bila bercerita tu kadang2 suara boleh sebatu bunyinya

5) suami kesayangan saya juga adalah seorang yg menurut kata. ini menambahkan kedominan saya. (read: lihat saja badan saya. hahahah..) sebagai contohnya, kejadian malam semalam. saya dikehendaki menggosok baju kerana makcik kas tidak datang bertugas. dan saya lihat dia membaca buku cerita yg baru dibeli dari mph. kerana rasa tidak puas hati dan dalam kata mudahnya jeles melihat dia membaca buku, saya mintak dia menemani saya di dalam bilik. dia menemani saya tetapi masih membaca buku. ini menambahkan ketidak puasan hati saya. lalu saya menyuruhnya membaca yasin. fantastiknya, dia pergi dan datang dengan sehelai kain dan surah yasin. alangkah sejuknya hati saya sebagai seorang isteri.

dengan ini saya menyokong penuh pencalonan beliau sebagai suami mithali tahun ini. semoga beliau meraih kejayaan dan sekaligus dapat membelikan saya ford focus yg menjadi idaman saya sejak dua tiga hari ini.

sekian terima kasih

Saturday, September 08, 2007

life goes on

mak baru kuar hospital. itu hari dia lutut dia terkehel bila naik tangga. "warga emas gitulah" kata mak. somehow i agree. hehe.. i haven't got any details on budget announcement yet. and i hope there's no announcement on extending the retirement age. it'll be a good news to mak. and on personal note, not to me. mak has been working and working and working. now she's 53. tho i'm not her (as how i thought) her favourite darling, i have concern over my mom. mak kan... gaduh camne pun mak kita jugak. sakit hati camne pun, dia jugak yg beranakkan kita. as i'm catching the age of 30, somehow, i jadik malas nak gaduh & take things personally anymore. come in here, goes there.

things have changed tremendously for me. work for an instance. from sime darby's sub, i moved to petronas & shell's sub. then i got a job in cia. no, not as an investigator. more of the procrastinator. hahaha.. i'm sort of workaholic type of person. and when i landed in a job/company with no job in hand, i get bored easily. i dont mind routine works but i cant just sit around and do nothing. now i'm engaged to iskl - the international school of kuala lumpur. a good place to be (a comment from 1 month staff.. hahaha)

some say, i change my jobs as if i change my clothes. but to me, why stick to one job when u're bored and u feel u cant handle it anymore? i left the first sime darby's sub for the bossy boss that i counldnt stand no more. i left the 2nd sime darby's sub for the stupid bloody hell hr manager & politics. i left petronas & shell's sub for my boredom in the job. a GM's secretary who had to sit in for a receptionist. and at the end more of a receptionist than a secretary :(. i cant take that kind of perception. then i moved to cia when i thought i had a better deal. mainan hidup semata2. too much of fantasies and dreams. i left cia after a month working. the working environment was so -oh! i dont have a good word to describe it. perhaps, by saying working in a "family business industry" was not a good move. i sent in my resignation when i got an offer from amanah raya. but at the time of offering and starting the new job, i got a better (too much better) offer from iskl. so i moved on. being with middle & high school students are more of me now. and i like the job now. i like it! i like it! i like it! :)

dreams can come true - yes it's true. when i was still schooling, i never like my lukisan kejuruteraan subject. and i have never favor accounting. somehow after my graduation, i end up working in an engineering company, sub - finance dept. then into insurance company which was a big NO for my cup of tea. then moved on to another oil & gas company and i had to sit in for a receptionist. moved again to a financial advisor company that thought me how to deal with stupid people and stupid situation. when at first i thought, the hell is just everywhere for me, now i thanked Allah for all the companies i've worked with as i gained all the good experience that made me worth here in iskl. alhamdulillah, syukur di atas kurniaanMU

for all in sime engineering, u've thought me a lot. being an "auditor" is what my boss likes about me so much

for all in sime insurance, thanks for all the political dilemma. i've earned my respects & i'm worth all the "premium"

for all in csmp, thanks for the hard times and "shopaholic" episode. and not forgetting the luxurious with the hotels opportunities. glad i went thru!

for all in cia - i didnt lie. and i dont have the guts to lie. nor that i have low dignity and pride like u have. thanks Allah for LIA. i appreciate it! i do lia! i do! if not for u, these stupid cows will still create stories of me. bloody ass!

for all in iskl - wish me the best!


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

ayah vs adam

ayah tengah mandi. adam tengah tengok tv. tiba2 tv tu takde gambo. jeritlah adam daripada ruang depan rumah kepada ayahnya di dalam bilik air itu. maka terjadilah komunikasi seperti di bawah:

adam: ayah.. kenapa tv tu?
ayah: ha? sapa kat pintu?
adam: bukan! bukan! tv tu saya salah tekan
ayah: ha? adam nak coco crunch? nanti ayah mandi dulu. lepas tu ayah amik.


mama dalam bilik ni meleleh air mata dengar dua beranak ni berkomunikasi.

and i'm still laughing.. i couldnt stop.. hahahahhaa

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

happy (belated) birthday to adam

adam's birthday was on 12 june. we brought adam to langkawi on his birthday and had the celebration back at home on the 30 june. here are some pics by uncle hanyut.

"what? what?"


"ayah tolonglah saya"

"mmm.. sedap kek ni"

"my shirt says it all :P"

"mama, ayah, thank you for the lovely birthday party. saya sungguh terharu"

we had a separate session for the family at nite. it was awesome!

"show me the toys and we'll share the cake, deal?"

"mama! tengok dimple ammar kat dahi"

"apa lu mau brader?"

- all of us -

introducing: de-tih, le-sue & a-damn-penat

Thursday, August 09, 2007

incik-incik & puan-puan

saya dilahirkan sebagai manusia biasa saja. bapak saya bekas mat terap. mak saya masih menjadik misi. abg & adik saya pun manusia biasa jua. walaupun mereka lebih besar & hulk, tapi mereka masih juga manusia yg tidak ada kelebihannya.

oleh kerana fakta ini, ingin saya memberitahu bahawasanya saya tidak ada kelebihan kuasa jangkauan ke-enam, mahupun kuasa piskik. kuasa telepati pun tidak saya punyai. disebabkan ini, saya hanyalah manusia biasa. manusia yg ada juga perasaan & akal fikirannya.

di atas sebab-sebab yg tersebut di atas, ingin saya tegaskan bahawasanya saya tidaklah boleh menduga atau menjangka bila dan kat mana anda nak setop keta dan jua bila mana masa anda nak kona kan keta anda itu.

saya akui, keta anda cantik. berkilat-kilat. berkilau-kilau warnanya. kaler biru ada, merah ada, hijau ada. pendek kata sumer kaler ada lah. keta saya takdelah cantik mana. belakang dah ada kaler cokelat sebab langgar pagar. satu belah dah kemek sikit sebab ada org langgar. peh tu tempat bukak pintu tu pun dah dua kaler silver, dua kaler hitam. iye.. keta saya tak lawa..... memang keta anda sangaaaat cantik. dan lagi cantik kalo tak kena langgar kan? yelah... kalo kena langgar kang, dah tak comei. herot bonet, kemek bumper. ish.. huduhlah bak katanya. jadik apa kata..... trigger la signal tu bila2 masa incik-incik & puan-puan nak ke mana2. tak kena bayaran pun. extra charge apa tah lagi.. nak ke kiri, ke kanan, tariklah batang signal tu. ha.. senang kan?

cuba ingat2 balik... taim beli keta tu pun mesti beli full spec kan? full spec tu mesti masuk sekali signal kan? ha.. mana ada extra charge.. tipu ni... dia bagi complementary je tu.. pakailah. rugi tak pakai. kang derang kata keta derang tak reach international standard pulak. anda anda2 juga yg ngutuk.. cian keta tu..

akhir kata, sayangilah keta anda.

terima kasih

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

learning curves - gemma townley

my 3rd book of the month. yippieee..

azizi ali read more or less 3 books a month. so did i. he's already a millionaire. and me? uh.. millionaire in the making? hehehee.. insya Allah

this book was pretty interesting. couldn't stop what i've started.

it was about jennifer bell. parents, george bell & harriet keller separated when jen was 13. harriet was a gossip lover and george was a workaholic.

yada.. yada.. yada..

jen broke up with gavin and found new love with her MBA lecturer, daniel peterson.

harriet and george finally remarry after george saved harriet's firm.

tsunami, acheh and indonesia were some of the facts mentioned in this book.

uh.. kinda hard for me to elaborate more about this book. ala-ala cerekarama aziz m osman pun ada. sapa nak baca, royaklah. saya beri pinjam.


i had a chat with my friend today. her ym was something like this:

i was so angry with my hubby & maid
i saw a pic of my maid
in my camera

i was speechless. i got nothing to say. i was trying to figure out some good sentences, but i just couldn't.

how could a husband have the heart do such thing? and to make things worst, the pic was taken in HER own bedroom. and in one of the pictures, has her husband's foot.

this particular lady is actually a cyber friend. with Allah's will, we got very well connected to each other.

not long ago, she has lost her first child - on hari raya. and now, the husband is playing the horse in the lubang. she? buntu already

i suggested her to bring the matter to the nearest pejabat kadi. bring along the copies of the pictures. seek advise from them.

she loves her marriage and couldn't bring the matter to that level

i asked made for his opinion. he'll do as what i suggested. reason? the hubby had betrayed her trust, with somebody who has been living with them.

if i were her? ntah.. i just can't think of any. perhaps i'll be in her condition too. to weak to speak or rather to make any decisions.

Monday, July 30, 2007

maid, anyone?

a friend of mine had won her case over her maid's agency. the maid ran away within the warranty period. and the agency refused to refund her accordingly.

here.. read on.. click the icon.

be careful friends!

and here's the link to the agency's website. try to read biodata -> from our agency. the red ones. hehehe.. no wind, the pokok wont goyang one.. kan?

anyway, this is not the only friend that have encountered this problem. i have some others who have had the same situation. they just dont know where to head to and dont know what to to do. with this, i hope would be a lesson to those who have lived to cheat others. and also for those who have had dilemma in settling the problem. fight for your rights. :)

wahhhh.. rasa macam wakil rakyat je.. undi weh.. jangan tak undi - i've just registered myself as a voter. hahahha..

Saturday, July 28, 2007

amanda's weding - jenny colgan

i finished reading it this morning - made me 10 minutes late to fetch makcik kas. :P

amanda, fran & melanie were childhood friends. amanda was a rich girl and the other two have never liked her.

time passed by, amanda was getting married to fraser - another childhood friend who lived in a castle that has always caught mel's attention.

melanie was in love with alex who left her for america and came back years later to reconcile. fran on the other hand, has never been good to alex. they then met angus, fraser's brother who didnt like amanda.

angus, fran & mel plan for fraser & amanda's break-up for amanda didn't really love fraser but only for his wealth.

they made plans. they went to meet fraser whom felt, there's no point calling the wedding off

.. yada yada yada ..

fraser didn't turned up for his wedding.

fran felt for alex but then left for alex's flatmate, charlie .

mel was so disappointed.

angus thought mel liked him but she has never had the feeling.

a psychic in the train told mel "alexander loves you. go to him"

and that was fraser alasdair mcconnald. alasdair, it's gaelic for alexander

the end

** schweeeeet :) **

now i got to samak my head. to much of f*ck off, b*tch, b*ast*rd in this book.. hehehe

Monday, July 16, 2007

in her shoes - jennifer weiner

i bought this book during MPH warehouse sales - 3 March 2007. i have just finished reading it. i've put off reading it initally. awal cerita amat tidak memberangsangkan.. but then, i had to find a book to read since i dont feel "honoured" being the first person to arrive in the office. office starts at 9am and i'm usually at the parking lot by 8am. so i keep this book in the car and i read it while waiting for a colleague to arrive.

quote this from the book:

think about fruit, when you squeeze an orange, what do you get?


no! you get orange juice. you dont get grapefruit juice, you dont get apple juice, you don't get milk. you get orange juice. every time. people are like that. they can only give you what they have inside. so if this one character is giving you so much trouble, it's because she's nothing but trouble on the inside. she's just delivering what's in her heart into the universe

so much of a character, huh?

Friday, July 06, 2007

charity tag

i've been tagged before. so do you. but now it's something different. it's time for charity. something good kan? this is how it goes: for every tag (entry), idham will donate rm127 on our behalf to Darul Izzah Orphanage. i'm here, extending his challange. i'm cool. what about u?

the rule: if you are tagged, you need to write an entry related to the meme. at the end of your entry you just need to tag as many person as you like. you will then leave a comment in their blog to let them know they have been tagged. and to include this message, "By doing this meme you are contributing rm127 to the Darul Izzah Orphanage". then please copy and paste this rule somewhere in your entry. the meme is about completing at least seventeen out of the following twenty seven sentences........ *These can be copied and pasted to your entry*

1. A person is only as good as whom he/she was, whom he/she is & whom he/she will be

2. Friendship is always filled with ups and downs and thousand memories that last forever

3. To love is to make love. hahahahha.. to love is to be loved also la..

4. Money makes me a shophaholic :P

5. I miss akut & uwan *sigh*

6. My way of saying I care is by saying "i love you baby"

7. I try to spread love and happiness by lending my shoulder for my friends/family to cry on

8. Pick the flowers when it's pretty la

9. To love someone is to share the happiness & sadness, ups and downs, tears & laughters

10. Beauty is objective

11. When I was thirteen, what I remember the most was i used a boxy school bag, red in colour. mak bought it in germany

12. When I was twenty one, I remember i was still in ITM and doing part time job. struggling beb.. hehehe

13. I am most happy when i have my beloved darlings with me

14. Nothing makes me happier than getting a hug from my darlings & "i luv u mama" from dearie adam.

15. If I can change one thing, I will change the global warming & iraq's situation.. whoooaaaaa

16. If smiles were valued as money then I just have to smile to buy my shoes & handbags

17. Wouldn't it be nice if we could have what we wish for with just "i wish for bla bla bla bla"

18. If you want to have a honda jazz then you have to earn and save. not earn and spend :P

19. Money is not everything but it looks nice in the wallet & bank accounts :)

20. The most touching moments I have experienced is when my dear made cried as i was battling with my life delivering adam, 3 years ago (was it half an hour my dear?)

21. I smile when i look/hear at something funny. at times, i just smile for no apparent reason. senyum kan sedekah...

22. When I am happy, I sing, smile, laugh, and got the body move to the groove

23. If only I don't have to iron my clothes then i could sleep for additional 15 minutes

24. The best thing I did yesterday was sweating during the body wrap session

25. If I ever write a book, I will give it this title,"breath.. i'm your shoulder to cry on"

26. One thing I must do before I die is menunaikan rukun islam

27. Doing this meme, I feel like i've done my part as being a good muslim

i'm done. what about you?

i nak tag: kak yam, riko, kak nik, julie, miera, farid & tj

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

racist management

few minutes ago, 2 nice ladies came knocking on my gate & rang my house bell. i met them. i've met one of the long haired ladies last year in taman shamelin.

i was behind my grill. they were asking me electrical goods sort of questions. i answered all the questions, accordingly.

they asked me to pick a lucky card.

"kalau kakak dapat kad terima kasih, jangan marahlah kakak. tak ada rezekila kakak"

i did as asked. i got rm15k worth of products.

one of the lovely ladies called another, i believe, handsome guy

however, i rejected the offer

according to the macho guy, "rugilah kakak. saya pun hairan kenapa ramai org tak mau ambil hadiah percuma"

the lovely sexy ladies showed me newspaper cuttings of berita harian and utusan malaysia. shown there was a big ad about this teacher winning a luxury prizes.

still insist why didn't i take the prize.

she then told me about jalaluddin hassan being the artist for that ad in ntv7, tv3.

again, i rejected the offer. nicely. like how i was taught

one of this lady gave me this remark, "kenapa org melayu tak nak ambik hadiah ni? org melayu bodoh"

bloody hell punya cina. forgive me, but for that remark, i'm a racist.

to that stupid chinese lady,
"kalo org melayu yg satu ni bodoh, org melayu yg satu ni sudah jatuh ke dalam scam bodoh kamu itu. sebab org melayu ini pandailah org melayu ini dapat menilai kebodohan kamu itu. bodoh!"

notakaki: i'm not a racist. never i was. never i will be. but to this kind of scam, stop it lah. i know not only that particular race doing it. my race also into it. and the other races also doing it. tapi, kalo org dah tanak tu, tanaklah kan.. buat apa sampai buat statement nak kena lempang tu kan? takan sampai bila2 org nak jadik bodoh? org yg bodoh je tak sedar dia tu bodoh. kesian perempuan bodoh itu..