Sunday, January 13, 2008

precious life

one, i've enrolled into certificate in human resource management studies for a period of 6 months. it was a last minute decision. kufee had informed me weeks earlier but i was not so into it. i know it's my chance for career development & enhancement. but somehow, i was not quite sure. neither that i had a thought of informing my boss about it. reason being, if i were to tell my boss, would she consider me as a "too ambitious" little lady? would she be expecting more from me? would my studies be of a favour to the department? uh! eventually, i did informed her. my boss was so supportive. and i have even had my first lecture on EPF withdrawal from her. her piece of advice "do not withdraw from your EPF. that's your savings when you have reached 56 and of no one's service except for yourself & family. tak baca policy ka? apply for subsidy/study loan la" ngehngehngeh.. for this period of time, gua sayang giler sama gua punya bos :D and so i went for my class. today was my 2nd class. entertaining! my only hope is that i wont go blank on exams day. i last sat for exam was about 8 years ago. gosh! i forsee, the first term is pretty interesting. come 2nd term, sure sangap tahap dewa dewi punyalah. employment act, industrial relations, etc. tang akta-akta ni sure mph my brain sengal. nak ingat kes pulak nanti tetiba hard disk memory crash. aduhhh! mintak jauhlah.. my precious life note: must keep going!

two, i was on leave on friday and brought adam for some jalan2 cuci mata in avenue k & klcc. we were in the toys'r'us when i heard the news on the death of the MIC's-whoever-he-was and some updates on the missing sharlinie. at that point, i quickly grabbed adam. i was so intimidated! i wanted to request for an escort to the parking, but i had this contemplating feeling. "would the guard send me safely to my car?", "would he harm me?". with the whole series of killing, raping, abducting here and there, i have become extra cautious of my surrounding. and i have somehow developed suspicious feeling & thought of not to trust anybody. not even the security people. i have doubt in them. i have become more penakut & paranoid after reading the saturday's newspaper!! oh gosh! whats more to come? that nite, i couldnt sleep. i had adam on my right hand, i held made firmly on my left. i had fear of losing. of any circumstances, i dont know how would i go thru the situation. touchwood!!! please dont let it be me! my precious life note: life goes on!

three, both made and me went for iskl's mid year party to celebrate the 1500 students placements' achievement in renaissance hotel. hurrah!! we left pretty early and headed to klcc for an intimate shopping trip hehehe.. then we went to meet my smlk's friends. they had a gathering to discuss on the reunion. i am so looking forward for the reunion. uh! i hope to slim down before the day. hehehe.. it was nice to meet with friends that have been away for more than 10 years. my precious life note: nostalgia!

four, made is pretty tight with his new job. kesian dia :( i'm still in stage of understanding his work requirements. balik lambat. business trips. updating systems. notes here and there. talking to oneself. calls from team members. presentation materials. uh! i've never seen my darling being soooo occupied with his works! i wish the best for him! i wish the best for his bonus this year. boleh gi shopping lagi. hahahahaha.. my precious life note: motivation = needs!

five, finally on adam. hehehe.. alhamdulillah.. adam has been able to cope with mama & ayah's request. no puting sighted. but both of us knew he still curik2 isap puting. tak pelah.. i can't put hard time on him. he needs some times oso. right? whenever we see him into his room or in his little khemah or he asks us to be away for a while, we know lah.. that's his private time. first few days was pretty hard. nak tido, mengaruk la sikit. bagai pungguk rindukan bulan anak mek sorang ni. ngehngehngeh.. my precious life note: puting is addictive! say tak nak to puting. hahahaha

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

tough nite

it has been a tough nite for me, made and adam. both me and made are trying very hard to get rid of adam's habit - nyonyot puting.

our little treasure is turning 4 this year. we think, it's time that adam put off that habit.

we have actually went into battles with adam:
  1. we told him to leave the puting if he wants to watch tv - failed. it's either mama or ayah is too bz with the computers and didn't realize this young guy is enjoying his puting. bad parenting :(
  2. we told him that he will get his toys if he willingly put the puting away - failed. we love buying toys for adam. seeing him enjoying his toys makes us on the top of the world (tho i know the toys either wont last, or he woulnd't be bothered about it after a day or two)
  3. we told him that puting is only for him to sleep - failed. everytime also "mama, saya nak tido", :P there was one time that he actually sneaked into my room and came out after 5 minutes. the 2nd time he did it, i saw him nyonyot puting. alahai kesiannye.. purposely went into the room to have some private time with his puting
  4. we hide the puting from his view - failed. somehow or rather, either mama or ayah will kesian tengok anak takde puting
  5. we let him play, enjoy the tv, and do whatever he wants to do as long as he doesn't ask for puting - failed. whenever we were out of sight, he'll grab the puting
  6. we made him tired by playing, do whatever he wants to do so that he could fall asleep easily - failed. in the middle of the nite, he'll ask for puting
we've lost the battles. so tonite, we decided to go into war.

we told him not to take the puting, not to think of the puting. uh.. being a psycho is so tough! we even showed him picture of "mr. os". ** ampunlah.... mintak ampun banyak2. niat kami suci murni ** then he fall asleep. we were glad. 10 minutes after, he woke up and started asking for puting. i put him on bed. he was crying hard. we tried being psycho once again and told him that puting is not good. and we asked him "adam sayang mama tak?" not a nod. "adam sayang ayah tak?" also not a nod. bad sign. "adam sayang sapa?" "puting" adooooohai....

we then drastically decided that if he chose puting, then he has to sleep alone in his room. need not to guess. he chose to be with his puting in his room. so we left him there. we switched off all the lights and we closed our door. but we were actually waiting for him in the hall - ayah and mama to the rescue la kononnya. he didn't cry at first. then after a while, we heard him sobbing - very hard! we rushed in and ayah told him to let go his puting if he wants to sleep with mama and ayah. and he finally said yes.

phew! what a nite. now he's fully awake after the hard times mama and ayah gave him. hahahaha..

i hope, adam will say bye-bye to his little (but many) puting
and i hope maknek will help us out a bit
with extra lil' hope that nenek wont be saying "ha.. bagi puting dia. mana puting dia? dia nak puting lah tu.."


"super adam to the rescue"

post note: as i was typing this post, adam was on his bed, behind me. when i turned to him, we was with his puting. he quickly put it away and said "takde. takde apa2 pun" and left. alahai.. ciannye anak mama.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


tangan ni gatal

browse internet

jumpa gamba ni


camne nak tido ni...


Flixster - Share Movies

Flixster - Share Movies

Flixster - Share Movies

Flixster - Share Movies

op.... sat-sat.. bunyik pulak hp ni... eh eh.. cam tau je org tengah tengok gamba dia...

Flixster - Share Movies

okie dokie. nitey-nite. lena la mek tidoq malam ni :D