Thursday, May 18, 2006

klcc ku sayang

do u know that working in klcc gives u a great feeling. lemme list it out for u:

1) cuci mata beb. gerenti baik punya. dalam opis baik tengah makan baik anywhere. cuci mata tip-top munya.. hahahaha.. french, aussie, deutch, american, org london, mamat jipang, name it.. ada aje. yg sedap mata memandang selalunya banyak daripada those rotten ones indeed. so sesapa yg dah tak caya to the contact lense, u may wanna come to klcc to wash off ur cataract-wannabe-eyes.

2) makan. eat. food. everywhere. makan saja la kat sini. having said that, my office selalu makan sampai my resolution to lose weight tak tercapai dari day one join the company. then lapa2 can turun bawah and get something to munch. bawak RM je. peh tu variety of food. macam2 ada. but dont be surprise tengok pinggan lagi besar daripada nasi la. heheheh

3) besday gift? wedding gift? apa aje gift. just right infront u. u wont dissapoint anybody. last minit pun boleh beli. so for husbands working in klcc, u have no reason to tell ur wives "aiya daling.. i forgot ur giftla.." and the gift sometimes really creative u know. i've just got a koala to hold my new hp. for rm29.90. oklah. kindda kiut tho

4) lepak! lagi giler punya best. duk la mana aje. petang2 without rain, penuhlah depan air pancut tu. photographer pun ramai. macam2 aksi sommo.. especially the.. hehehe... white fella with sepet eyes..

5) one thing for sure, u'll never miss the latest trendy fashion. mak datuk punya fashion. for those white fella with sepet eyes, the fashion will be so colourful. sometimes red pants with green shirt pun ada. then those with a little tan skin, their fashions are sometimes odd. but can do la.. rambut cacak, rambut tersisir ketepi.. adohhh.. sume ada la

6) great thing is, u can actually exercise. i park my car in avenue k. then i get to klcc via the underground tunnel. then u know lah those people naik lrt. derang punya jalan macam nak masuk big walk. without u realize, u'd be walking shoulder to shoulder with them. dengarlah klak kluk klak kluk... sampai opis mengah pun ada. hahahah

7) free gift. exactly! it's always there. semalam dapat sabun palmolive. hari ni sebab sebok sembang ngan mamat ni, tak dapat apa. koman2 pun sure dapat this ketas ntah apa ntah. but oklah. reading purposes. more to sampah actually.. hehehehe..

8) what else eh? aaa.. if u get to the tunnel, u'll listen to this nice music. i was informed they are the ASK student whom had to assign themselves singing in public. so at least an entertainment. kan?

9) i talked about free gift. now i talk about another thing that u can get for free. free smell. early in the morning, normally ur nose will smell all the good2 smell. dior la, channel la, estee la.. kembang kuncup idong dibuatnya. petang oso got smell. but smell u dowanna smell la. but still got few that has good smells - those yg pegi perfume counter to get free smell sprayed. heheheheh

10) get lost! hahahahah.. that's one thing that u'll never miss being in klcc. it has been a month and i havent find myself ease with the lifts..

sekian, terima kasih.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


it's not so hot neither so cold day today uh? i guess the day also mourning the loss of a dear friend, mohd ahsan rosli b bain. he's a friend in my former office and passed away last nite due to colon cancer.

his wife passed away 2 years ago due to breast cancer. she survived 6 years with all the chemo thingy and all the medical-terms-that-i-dunno-how-to-spell-and-say. then he got a new wife. but the it was not long that he got the news that he's at 4th stage of colon cancer. due to the wife's experience on chemo thingy, he opt for traditional medicine. and last nite, 11:31 pm, i received an sms informing his loss.

i'm not so close to him. but he's a good man indeed.

i'll miss his "gua-lu".

it seems that it was yesterday that we had the joy...

to my dear friends out there... please do a favour to urself. whenever u have any sickness or any symptons at all, please! please! please! please seek consultation from doctors. ahsan did not worry about his sickness and there u go.. 4th stage of cancer.

so all my dearies, please seek speacialist's advise. do whatever u're asked to do. and please, u may opt for traditional medication but at the same time, please make use of the latest medical technology.

al-fatihah. semoga rohnya ditempatkan bersama org2 yg dikasihiNya...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

bla.. bla.. bla..

just finished my eskrem magnum sambil layan lagu2 yg baru di donlod. my new neber in the opis tu asik layan mariah carey & jac je. busanlah saya..

3 hari cuti, macam2 agenda. i was supposed to have lunch with aiza & julie on friday but some how, the plan had to be postponed. yet i enjoyed my sushi with sherry, not forgetting the additional baskin robbins treat. hehehe.. saya akan jadi sungguh gumuk di bulan besday ini.

saturday, went to ayu's. then attended tupperware assembly sambil melayan kekacang. bowinklah asik dengar menda yg sama je. then made our way to mak uteh's place. syafiq jatuh toilet, urat putus, kena duk umah for 6 weeks. "nasib baik tak kena tendon" kata doctor. looking at mak uteh, i terkenangkan uwan. sigh..

and today, sunday, we were suppose to transport adam to mak's place so that we can kemas umah. but then, anak bujang sorang tu tanak pulak tinggal sana. so kenalah sambil kemas, sambil sepah balik.

back to adam.. recently dia dah tanak duk umah maknek dia. i dunno why. nak kata dia biasa tinggal ngan i tak jugak. yes i admit, he was with me for a month. but then the 1st week i sent him to maknek, he was ok. then the 2nd week he started to get cranky whenever we arrived maknek's. ingatkan boleh goda dengan karipap. 2 hari je la. then i asked che made to send him over as i couldnt get the job done. org laki ni hati keras sikit. mama ni lembut hati sikit. kang anak nangis sikit, mama nangis lebeh2. so since then, che made has took over my job. cian adam.. i still wonder what had happened to adam? c-u-r-i-o-s-i-t-y!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

it was a great day!!

yup! a trully great day. the day that i turned 28. thinking of 28, it's 2 years down the lane to reach 30. huhu.. time flies heh.. but anyway, it's just numbers. it's what within that matters.

i'd like to thank everyone, for making my day a great one. my family of course, my beloved hubby & adam, bapak, along, che nani, akut, my buddies - it's a long list.. and not forgetting the ANFC - getaway committee. sungguh surprise!!!! and the cake was awesome. thanks people! thank u so much!!!

turning 28 is just another page in my diary. another change in my life. what else do i need? i know! iman yg lebih kukuh. like TJ said, i've already have a loving hubby, an adorable adam, a home sweet home, mobiles and almost everything. i have with me family that always there for me and a bunch of great friends. what else would i need? i feel blessed. and i thank Allah for giving me the opportunity to live this life to the fullest. to give all the best to my big family. and to have all these great people around me. what else should i say? better word, alhamdulillah...

as i'm typing, my eye gets watery. simply because i can never thank everyone personally. but i hope they know where they are in my heart.

anyway, obladi oblada - life goes on. enuff with watery eyes. hehehe...

did i tell u i got 3 cakes? hehe.. one from aiza & julie, one from ANFC & another one from my beloved family. it was midnite when i got back. pretty buzy with birthday bash huh? heheheh.. cian adam. i got a new hp. i got a flower & 3 ferrero rocher which i will share with my 2 good buddies this friday. and somebody is giving me another thing today. it was not like last year where i got a whole bunch of flowers. penuh bilik. but then this year, it's pretty much sentimental & touching.. few good friends sang me birthday song. tima kasih.. suka sangat kat sora korang itu.. er.. ada sesapa lagi nak kasik hadiah? heheheheeh

what else eh? dahlah kot.. it's my first entry from my new place. huhu... lately ni macam kurang ada masa nak update blog. not so buzy actually. tapi konon2 nak balik umah baru update. tapi balik umah dah lupa. hehehe...