Friday, June 30, 2006

budi bahasa budaya kita

ehem... ni post ke seratus ni.. ehem.. ehem..

my colleagues and i had a chat in the pantry the other day. literally, talking about budi bahasa of our kids. with me were 3 mothers whom each has kids with "outraging" behaviour, to be precise, can i say rude? mother A was telling me about her 7 years old daughter mimicked her after she got scolded. and mother F told us her 4 years old daughter rotan her for being late for dinner. while mother AF complaining about her son. and there i was, thinking about adam.. what kind of person would he be? hmmmm...

the 3 mothers agreed on 1 thing. school and friends at school are bad inluence. which partial of me actually agree to. yelah.. kita bukannya tau all the kids' background at school. and nowadays, there's no more surprise that kids at home are so obedient. but at school - masya Allah...

ntahla.. personally i think, it's not the influence. it's the person itself. kalo dia nak, dia nak. kalo dia tanak, dia tanak.. kan? like bigjoe. bapak was a heavy smoker. but he's not. so to put the blame on the friends, the family or the environment, i think it's not fair. i always believe, the problem starts with oneself.

** this is not what i thought this morning.. tretttt.. tretttt.. hilang idea.. hilang idea... **

for instance, adlin vs saleem . what adlin did was a bit harsh. and what saleem did was mengada-ngada.. bapak pun kata, with saleem's background, he cannot think that the community will easily accept him just the way he was. yes i know.. yang lepas tu lepas. yes.. correct. but we can never forget what had happened in the past. aite? adlin was right to say that. it's just that, it wasnt the right time and not the right place.. (cewah.. cakap cam H dalam CSI.. ngehngehngeh)

during my younger days, i dare not to look at mak whenever she gave me the "STOP IT" stare. i'd seal my lips when bapak & mak were talking. rush to the other part of the house when there were visitors. pegi depan hanya untuk salam & hantar air. boleh pegi main, but maghrib is time to balik umah, tutup pintu & tingkap. no lepak. no shopping mall without bapak & mak. nak main talipon pun ketaq tangan... and the most expensive food for me at that time was chicken chop with gravy and fresh orange in cozy corner, ampang park - mak & bapak yg orderkan.


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

world cup fever

both me and che made including adam went to kedai mamak for our breakfast on sunday morning. for this period of time, it's only world cup games on the tvs. and i bet most of the kedai are also like that. what to do.. bola pun bola la..

so there i was being naive about football but yet trying really hard to stay focus on what "WORLD CUP" is all about..

"why is the ref wearing the microphone headset?"

"to communicate with the linesmen"

"ohh! kewl.."

then i watched and watched and watched while my tangan suap adam with the chapati..

"sure the ref needs to be fit all the time kan?"

"a'ah.. kena lari naik turun padang"

"eh eh.. ref tu senyum.. kiut jugak kan dia ni?"


hahahha.. a lady will always be a lady la kan?

for the first time ever, i watched england vs ecuador from the clock start ticking until the ref blew the whistle. football fan wannabee la kononnya...
beckham was doing the free kick
"yang! lets teka. beckham boleh score ke tak?"
"ala.. u ni.. teka je la"
"susah nak gol ni"
and beckham missed it. yet i watched and watched and watched while ironing my baju keje
dejavu huh.... tho beckham didnt make it thru his first free kick, but the one that he scored was still "HIS" free kick kan? kan? kan? so am i terer or not? hahahah..

milah buntu. abu masih sebut nama2 perempuan dalam tidurnya. sudah 3 bulan milah berasa hati. nak ditanya takut dikata cemburu. nak diselidik tak tau di mana nak mula. yang milah tau sejak annual dinner company abu bulan februari lalu, abu mula mengigau2 dalam tidurnya. malam ni rashidah. malam besok bibah. malam lusa piah pula. nak kata tergilakan AF, tak ada pula nama peserta AF yg disebutkannya..
"apa kata ko pegi jumpa bomoh?" cadang combi, rakan sekerja milah
"hish.. aku tak berapa percaya bomohlah"
"ala.. cuba saja.. tak luak pun..."
akhirnya milah termakan pujukan combi. pergilah mereka ke kg sireh pulang ke gagang. katanya ada bomoh yg handal. diceritakanlah masalahnya pada bomoh tersebut.
"beginilah... awak balik, buat solat hajat. banyakkan2 doa. masak kan dia masakan yg sedap2. kalo ada masa buatkan kuih2. pop corn ke. air tu pastikan sentiasa ada. air kopi ke air nescafe ke. saya pasti mulai bulan depan dia takkan lagi sebut nama2 tu" kata bomoh itu
baliklah milah dengan combi dengan harapan setinggi gunung...
datanglah bulan jun dgn membawa harapan milah. malam pertama tak ada nama perempuan. milah suka. malam kedua pun tak ada juga. milah bertambah suka. bersyukurlah dia pada Yang Esa. doanya makbul. tapi sukanya milah tak berpanjangan... masuk hari ke sembilan, abu mula mengigau. dan milah bertambah kecewa.. milah mengadu lagi pada combi.
"bi... hari ni baru 15 jun. aku baru je seronok2 abg abu tu tak sebut nama perempuan lagi. tapi kali ni aku rasa lagi kroniklah.. aku rasa bomoh tu dah tipu aku... "
"awatnya milah? dia sebut nama sapa pulak kali ni?"
"ni yg aku lagi susah hati ni... nama pompuan dah tak de dah.. ni nama laki pulak kali ni.. peh tu nama omputeh je sumernye"
"nama omputeh?"
"a'ah.. kelmarin nama rooney.. semalam nama beckham. malam dulu tu owen pulak. ko agak abg abu tu gay ke?"
"hotak hanggggg.. laki hang gila bola la tu"
"oohhh.. lagu tu ka???"
i've typed this post yesterday. suddenly my pc hang-ed. and i didn't save it. so there u go.. i've to type it all over again.. dan ceritanya dah tak seperti kurancangkan semalam.. idea dah hilang...... huhu...

Friday, June 23, 2006

alamak! apa nama dia eh....

i bumped into my former boss last nite.

"assalamualaikum.. amboi berdating 2 org."

bla bla bla bla..

then suddenly.. hati kecil ku berkata "apa nama bini dia ni eh? kak yam ? eh bukan.. kak yam tu anak dia. bibah? eh. siti? eh.. apa eh.. macam tak kena je nama dia ni.. nor? eh.. apa eh.. aduhai......"

so the conversation went on without myself addressing the wife's name.

"jumpa lagi"

tata titi tutu

then i voiced out "kita lupa la nama bini dia.. apa eh?"

"normah" mak replied

"aaaaa.. normah!!! macam mana la boleh lupa.. eh.. macam mana mak boleh ingat?"

"u've told me the other day"


we then headed to johnny's for dinner

2 things:

1) mak boleh ingat nama org.... selalunya dia main bedal je nama sapa2 pun. ntah baper kali she mistakenly called my friend izwa as najwa. mmm... misteri nusantara tu..

2) last time when i was working with this boss, i called her wife kak normah. and they have a lovely daughter that i called kak yam. come to think of it, macam mana pulak wife dia pun i panggil akak, anak dia pun i panggil akak... the mother should be aunty to me la kan? sebab my friend whom happen to be their neighbour panggil the mother: aunty. so i yg muda 1 tawon daripada neighbour dia tu should call her aunty as well la kan? mmm.... misteri jugak kan?


note to kak yam: jangan cakap sama abah.. malu saya.. :)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

x-men the last stand

i tuang keje for 2 hours for x-men last monday.. ;)

che made la.. dia boring sama dia punya conference then he bought 2 tix for the movie. 11:40am till 1:30pm. tak de org sangat pun.. i'm not into fiction movies basically. but for my dearie darling, oklah.. go la.. ponteng pun pontenglah... for u i will.. harharhar

it was a kewl movie. dah tengok? best kan? wolverine is as usual, the alltime fav. and since che made nak sangat jadik wolverine, i kena jadik storm la.. pusing2.. swooooshhhhhh..

but i like kitty the best!!!

she's kiut kan? hei.. a lady will always be a lady la kan.... daaaaa....

back to the movie.. it was a great one. tho i kindda not really grooving into it, but can do la.. and of course a bit of distraction to che made when i kept on asking "why he's like that?", "what's her power?", "takutlaaaaaa...".. but i tried my best, didnt i? hahaha..

and jane minus phoenix = more beautiful... hehehe.. what did i tell u? i'm a lady right? hahahahah..

one thing kan.. in movies that i've watched (which not so many.. ), asik2 muka mamat ni. jadik jahat pun dia. baik pun dia. LOTR pun dia jugak. then i watched apa eh.. muka dia jugak.. kalo muka org tua sikit memang muka dia je ke yg available? aiseh.. ni peluang baik untuk m. rajoli mengembangkan bakat ke holiwud ni... :D

see.. i still dont talk about the movie. asik2 cakap pasal the actors & actresses.. i rest my case la. i dun know what to talk about this movie. go la watch. it's an interesting one. especially to those yg tak de keje & nak ponteng keje cam i.. muahahahaha..

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


doc kata, kalo bapak kena satu kali lagi attack, then that's it.... gulp!

lost of words....

love the people around u while u can..
care about the people besides u while they are still there..
be there for them when they need u the most..

i lost uwan 2 years ago...
and the tears are yet to dry

this one?
no... i'm not ready for it..

it's just
not yet...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

tak yahlah bawak kami bercuti sakan..

hehehhe... i've just come back from our family day in swiss garden, damai laut, lumut. nice place. nice people. but maybe it's just US (read: myself & my hubby) who doesnt really enjoy travelling. reason why we found damai laut as just a plain place for vacation. it's not more than that. poor us. we didnt go anywhere. we didnt try any activities. we didnt even go to the swimming pool..... huduhlaaaaa.. hahahahah

when some of my colleagues were arguing over rooms, i just took what they gave. whilst the room service are trying their best to locate these people, i simply asked the concierge to send our luggage to the room. tengok batang pokok kelapa pun tak pe... kami tak kisah.. hahahha.. we are so plain...

as some of the children were eager to get into the swimming pool, adam was enjoying his sleep. and when the kids were enjoying themselves with the blue beach, my dear adam was busy loading his truck with sands.

poor us.. hehehehe...

but we sure load our boot with lotsa prizes. upon arrival we got t-shirts for the telematch also a bag with sun protector lotions. adam got this cute little "survivor kid" consists of stationeries, water bubbles, whistle, yoyo and also a colouring book. adam also got a bob the builder merchandise worth rm50. i bought it for him, later the company reimbursed. and that's for the telematch present. then both me and che made got SIGG bottle each for the telematch - this bottle is so expensive beb. rm80 per bottle. what else eh.. aaa... i got RM300 isetan voucher for the lucky draw - well.. it's actually for everyone, so tak heranlah dengan hadiah org lain.. hahahahha.. giler punya best kan??

for some reason, i feel really bersyukur ke hadrat Illahi for giving me strength to leave SAF. it was a tough decision. but i have to do what i have to do... tho my company is not offering me as much as my previous company did. but i sure value my stay here, in CSMP. what else should i ask for? none except for better environment and professional people to work with... and a great team work..

Monday, June 19, 2006

happy fathers' day

to dearest bapak,
thank u for the days u've been with me. "u" with the stubborn head and "u" with the screw loose head. the same "u" has filled my days with laughs and tears. the same "u" has been with me thru my ups and downs. tho there are times that i was hurt with what u said and done, i guess it's just "u". the same "u" that will never change. the same "u" that has given me much love and care. u're just simply the best.

to dearest ayah,
thank u for being the best father-in-law. since the first day hug till the never end care u've given me. thank u for the great 3 years.

to my darling hubby,
thank u for being a great father to my adorable son.

there's much to say. but no words may describe it. it's here in the heart. let it be there...

bapak was recently diagnoised (betul ke eja ni?) with heart problem. he wasn't aware of this problem until he was rushed to HTAR. thank Allah for giving the sign. for at least, we could take care of him. and not to see him lying breathless. bapak has made his "akujanji" for not smoking anymore. Alhamdulillah.. and bapak has to take extra look on what he's eating. as he has some artery blockage to his jantung he has to get consultation from speacialist in IJN. poor bapak. his trip to swiss is cancelled. and he has to tone down his activities. it's just not bapak.. but he has to live with it. for his own good. and we, being the people besides him will always render the support.
i was watching buletin utama last last wiken. news on the teachers being transferred. and i was a bit pissed off with this malay lady teacher. her words was something like this "saya sudah mengajar lebih 18 tahun. mengajar di lembah kelang lebih daripada 16 tahun. sudah membeli harta di sini dan plan nak bersara di sini. saya akan pergi juga mengajar di sana kalau sudah diarahkan. tapi saya tak akan mengajar dengan baiklah". bang! - bodohnya cikgu ni..... dah pasang nawaitu awal2 dia tak nak mengajar dengan baik. dah niat macam tu, macam tulah akan jadik. apa nak jadik cikgu2 la ni? at least give it a try la... lemme see.... those askar, polis, diplomat. ingat derang suka ke nak pegi tempat2 yg jauh daripada family tu? suka sangat? suka sangat berpindah randah ke sana sini? suka ke? cikgu tu baru kena pindah sekali. dah songel.. tu dia tak pikir cikgu yg dah dari awal kena transfer ke pedalaman. ada dia tolong pikirkan sekali? nilah dia.. sometimes we are too ignorant. arrogant. asik pikir diri sendiri tanak pikirkan org lain. cakap main ikut sedap. kalo nak kuarkan statement macam tu, pikirlah dulu.. nasib baik jugaklah gambo dia blur. kalo gambo dia tak blur, memang bikin malu satu keturunan... easy word from me - she's so stupid for being a teacher... lebih baik dia carik keje lain. jangan jadik cikgu. macam ni ke contoh cikgu yg nak memajukan anak bangsa? macam ni ke contoh cikgu yg akan memberikan pendidikan yg sewajarnya untuk anak2 didiknya?
"baiklah murid2, hari ni awak buatlah apa yg awak nak buat. saya tak ada mood nak mengajar. saya asik merindui anak saya di kolalompor. saya sebenarnya tak nak mengajar di sini. tapi sebab diarahkan datang oleh itu saya datang jugak mengajar di sini demi anak bangsa saya" ;P
lepas tu anak murid kurang ajar, cakap mak bapak tak mengajar? cehhhhhhh.... piraaaaaaaah

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

my perspective

i watched buli balik last 2 weeks. i bought the VCD quite some times ago. i guess i'm just lousy in watching vcd or dvd. beli sekian lama but it'll take me ages to watch it. i bought the perantin-what-what-what (dono the exact title), which also afdlin in it, but still till now i havent watch it. not to say not enough time, but dono la.. just dont have the "appetite" to watch it yet.. hehehe

i guess i just love to watch afdlin's movie. he's a natural comedian. tengok dia aje dah gelak. itu belum tengok dia berlakon lagi. nak kata i've been tailing his movies, xtvts, career thingy - not really la. but whenever it's afdlin's, i'd like to have it, watch it, listen to it.

i've watched most of his movies. but so far i loved his acting in soal hati the best. i think that's the best from afdlin. i dont know whom he was in biar betul. and i just walked off after few minutes watching it. dun feel attach to that movie. not as much as soal hati. serious punya cakap. i tak ingat baper kali i khatam tengok soal hati.

i read most of his view in his blog. he speaks his mind. good thing! some people (artists in particular) just go winding up here there and end up saying nothing good at all. but with afdlin, he has points. good ones indeed. moreover, i'm in his YG. but sad thing to note, he's not into it. well, my point is that he's not there as much as adibah noor with her YG. still the connection between fans & himself is there - there's string attached. flash mobs for movies, teh tarik break, etc. we can see afdlin "turung padang". things got compensated in many ways right?

actually i wanted to write about buli balik. (tajuk my entry i ni pun dah baper kali tukar ni..) but got carried away with afdlin. hehehehe.. honestly, i just couldnt get hooked with buli balik. not so interesting i guess? i've read comments from his fans on the movies. and most are very positive. and in my thinking: "this must be a good movie. ramai yg tengok sampai namblas kali". mmm.. poor thing. once is just enough for me. it's not afdlin. but more to hans isaac. i rasa dia kaku dalam buli balik. macam terlalu "berlakon". i cant talk as a person who understands arts so much. i'm just a fan. i'm just a plain movie catcher. mungkin ada expresi dia yg i tak faham as non-arts person. so, too bad... i just look at hans as 0 - zero. i tengok dia macam org yg baru belajar belakon. and nasha too. i dont know why.. but the 2 movies that i watched recently had hans & nasha in it. lagi satu cite ada apek tu. ntah cite apa ntah.. lupa plak. still hans and nasya look so - what would be the nice word eh... mm... ntahlah.. so tak reti berlakon? can i say it? he looks so jalaludin hassan. hahaha. sorrylah.. i dont like jalaludin hassan. he's so fake la.. sorry ye.. anyway, hans looks ok in baik punya cilok tho.

lately i've been watching quite a number of movies, dramas, cerekarama. most are malays. layan mood. heheh.. kalo dulu i suka jugak tengok rosyam noor, but not today. bagi i lakonan dia sama je. baik cite gangster, romantika de amour, komedi, sumer cam sama. dah tak nampak kelainan dia dalam satu2 cite. tengok iklan dia pun i rasa semacam. hahahah..

even i think rashid sibir has lost his touch. cite dia pun ala2 lebih kurang sama je sume. oh! maybe sebab dia asik amik pelakon yg sama? asik2 fauziah nawi as mother yg sakit. peh tu meninggal? and asik2 anak yg tinggalkan mak & kuarga? ntahlah.. but then i still look forward for rashid's better products.

i like m. rajoli. kalo kasik dia jadik org bujang, memang org bujang lah dia. jadik pak imam, memang menjadik pak imamnya. suh jadik org kaya, memang lagak org kaya. jadik org semikin, memang sebijik org semikin. i hope one day, he'll get an award for the work he has rendered.

org selalu kata cite melayu tak best. cite melayu tak de ummpph. one side of me say "a'ah.. betullllll". whilst another side say "there's always room for improvements". but how far that the producers/filmmakers wanna make improvements? sejauh mana sebenarnya ukuran filem @ drama melayu? semacam mana sebenarnya minat org melayu nak tengok filem @ drama melayu? sejauh mana sebenarnya these people wanna make good film? berapa kerat yg actually minat nak buat sesuatu yg baru? sesuatu yg menyuntik minat org2 melayu hargai filem org melayu? masing2 berangan nak jadik p.ramlee. tapi kualiti as p. ramlee? masing2 jadikkan p.ramlee idola. tapi biler mendeliver sesuatu produk? hampeh.... i masih ingat the best drama i've ever watched. lagu selina - ada harith iskandar. that one was a good one...

i rasa myself as viewer dah bosan dengan cite yusuf haslam. come back to reality dato'. i cukup letih dengar bahasa dalam his movies........ tolonglah!!!!!! i rasa org melayu skang dah pandai memilih cerita yg sesuai untuk mereka. dulu kita tak ada pilihan. tengok aje cite apa yg ada. but now we have a lot. a looooooooot. i think gol & gincu was great. sepet disebabkan i tak tengok habis, i reserve my comment. PGL was also good. except that i dun really like tiara. heehehe.. gangster was lousy.

i rasa org sekang nak tengok reality. cite2 based on reality. bukan fantasi lagi. macam nama je pun akademi fantasia. but it's a reality show. kan?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

paris hilton made in ampang

first incident, she came to me and passed me her streamyx bill and asked me to pay the bill at the post office. "u go la at 2 ke 3pm. that time tak banyak org". as i was new that time, amik jelah bill tu and headed to the post office. then only i realized "eh eh... wat gapo aku sini..."

then another one fine day she asked me to follow her shopping for family day's thingy. which at first i said ok, then i said not ok, then i said ok after she insisted i go with her. dahlah sakit kaki kan plus additional amazing race with mr. mo that morning. janji nak balik kul 3. kul 5pm baru sampai opis balik. so lucky mr. mo was ok with it. kalo tak, sure i sudah kena "u're fired" sama itu boss. malu siut gi shopping ngan dia. she checked all items. i repeat ALL ITEMS. those in the plastic pun dia bukak. she tried all for quality checking. then she didnt want to take the thing that she has opened. she took new thing on the shelf. giler punya malu la time tu. i never did that. never in my whole life. and please...... dont do that! for me, it's sooooooooooooo not ethical. tobatlah pegi beli barang dengan dia.. tobat! tobat!

and yesterday at 2pm. i repeat at 2 (two) pm she asked me to go down and buy her charkoeytiaw with extra togeh & spice. this time i'm not going to be hynotised anymore. no more... and thanks to my workstation neighbour for not being there yesterday. "emm.. sorry lah.. i tak turun. nanti tak de sapa kat depan" tolopeh den...

i bukan nak berkira. but those are ur personal things. buatlah sendiri. kan? kan? according to the org chart, i dun have any lines attached to her. dotted lines pun yilek. kalo sambil2 i nak turun lunch tu oklah. i leh tapaukan. but myself pun tak turun lunch . ape ke hal pulak i nak rajin2 turun belikan untuk dia. kan? kan?

itulah kisah paris hilton made in ampang di opis saya.

sekian tima kasih

Monday, June 12, 2006

happy birthday adam!!!


on this day, 2 years ago, i had a new chapter in my life. i have a dearie son. and time flies.. adam has today turned two.

adam's birthday bash was great. it's just that the birthday boy woke up at 5pm... sorrylah kepada mereka yg lama menunggu. pak long & mak long gave (eh... ke kena bayar balik eh?? eh tapi mak yg amik kek.. mmm...) a big "the incredibles" cake. next year la kita beli kek "bob the builder". those yg sempat tengok adam tengok kek would agree that adam was so funny. he was so excited tengok lilin. malam tu suh ayah pasang lilin nak tiup api lagi. hai.. adam.. adam..

thanks to kak ziana for the tasty mee hoon goreng. and also kak yati's for the delicious nasik kerabu. not forgetting pak long again for the nasib-baik-cukup-roti-jala.

thank u for those who made it to the party. namely:
  • aunty eja, ma & hubby (mabuk2 pun datang juga.....)
  • aunty diana (amboi...... taulah keje daimler..... ) & aunty nah
  • aunty sya & anak sedara
  • atuk kero, nek yah, aunty qaisara & aunty dania
  • aunty ina and sepupu
  • the muka usual pakcik iqbal, pakcik aman (+ deli) and pakcik fendi
  • aunty nor & family
  • aunty yati & kids
  • aunty irwa, aunty farah, aunty tinie, aunty irma & mmm.. couldnt recall the name
  • mak nek, syafiq, intan & aleen
  • uncle fik, uncle "barney" bob and aunty ajai
  • uncle fazlan
  • aunty "next door" shida & family
  • uncle madi & kids
  • tok uteh, nek uteh, mak ngah, mak lang, mok su intan, acik syafiq & acik aqim
  • aunty sherry
  • ayah cha, mummy ja & kakak iman
  • aunty ayu, uncle sham, abg shafiq & baby shaqir
  • natasha & douglas lim (hehehe.. ada artis datang umah saya... hehehehe..)
  • aunty flora

i hope i dun miss anyone in the list. and also many thanks for the gifts. sudah penuh rumah saya dengan pemainan adam..

to well wishers, thank u also.....

all together now...

happy birthday to u..
happy birthday to u..
happy birthday to adam..
happy birthday to u..

will update the pics sent by uncle fazlan tonite! tunggggggguuuuuuuu


Monday, June 05, 2006

my four

been tagged by kak yam. hehehe....

Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. temporary cashier (it was my ambition back in 1984 ;))
2. part time administration assistant
3. freelancer for market research company (still hang on to it)
4. secretary (still i am)

Four nicknames I've been given:
1. dikna (nama time kecik2, cumil2 dulu la)
2. met (hehehe... few people je panggil ni)
3. anne (got the name from itm)
4. anna

Four movies I have watched over and over:
1. bob the builder
2. the little red tractor
3. jojo's circus
4. pokoyo
(all listed are adam's movies actually... sob sob sob.. where got time to watch movies since adam tau tengok tv, dia je konker)

Four places I have lived:
1. lorong G1, kg pandan
2. jalan E2, taman melawati
3. au5, lembah keramat
4. au4, taman sri keramat

Four TV shows I love to watch:
1. CSI (Vegas / Miami / New York)
2. cooking shows (especially chinese show.. best wo tengok api besar2)
3. House
4. american chopper
(this is actually soooo susah.. i jarang nengok tv)

Four places I have been on vacation:
1. malaysia - exclude east malaysia
2. berlin, germany
3. london, UK
4. brussels

Four things I could NOT live without:
1. pens & papers (i like to scribble)
2. Mobile phone (with the prepaid, of course.. heheheh)
3. PC / Laptop with internet connection (additional speaker would be great)
4. cokelat.. jajan kata pak teh

Four of my favourite foods:
1. at the moment - sushi!!!!
2. mee hoon goreng (with minced meat. dowan ciken)
3. kuih ijau & bahulu hangus made by dearest uwan
4. sambal ikan bilis also by deares uwan
(come to think of it, udah 2 tawon tak dapat rasa my favourite food.. sob. sob. sob)

Four friends who I have tagged that I think will respond:
1. julie (sebab dia rajin baca my blog ;p)
2. tajul (sebab dia ada blog dia sendiri.. heheheh)
3. fizah (the same reason as tajul)
4. aiza (sebab dia org yg bz tapi selalu ada masa untuk jawab menda2 ni.. hehehhe)

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. Makkah
2. Madinah
3. aussie
4. swiss

there u go. now you've been tagged oso. So here it goes...copy and paste into a new email, delete my answers, replace with your own and send it back to me at and on to others. Nothing will happen to you if you don’t, just a bit of harmless fun!

ur answers will be kept confidential.. ngehngehngeh..