Tuesday, October 28, 2008

technology failures

kisah kak sah
... tengah cakap-cakap ngan kak nah kat handphone then the battery went dead ...

kak sah: habis pulak baterinya
me: kak sah pakailah telefon umah
kak sah: kat mana telefon umah?
me: tu... (pointing to the house phone, mounted on the wall)
kak sah: punyalah kak sah ngan ma mencari telefon umah awak semalam. patutlah tak jumpa. kat dinding rupanya..
me: hahah..

kisah ma
... wanted to call her anak saudara (if i'm not mistaken) in gombak. i was away from home with adam ...

ma: mana telefon umah tadi?
kak sah: tu.. kat dinding tu..
ma: kita carik-carik tak jumpa. kat dinding rupanya..
kak sah: pelik-pelik barang skarang
ma: deeeehhhh.. macam mana nak dialnya? telefon dah jumpa, takde nombor pulak
kak sah: ada tu.. kat pemegang dia
ma: aloh la...

... after failed to connect to internet after several attempts, i called made ...

me: bang... camne nak buat internet ni? dah baper kali connect tak leh gak
made: cuba pegi dia punya 192.xxx.xxx.xx
me: dah.. still not connected
made: kena tanya streamyx la tu
me: alah..

switched off the computer, slept with adam and ammar then made came home

me: abang tengokkanlah internet tu
made: jap.. (tried, tried, tried, failed) kenapa eh?

after a while..

made: alahai mamanya...... (went to the phone connection and plug in the internet wire to the black socket)


technology fails us?


Saturday, October 25, 2008

i miss made

it has only been 8 hours since my darling waved us bye-bye. and i already missed him to the max :(

i'm doing fine. yes, a little grumble in the beginning, but, yeah! i'm all fine. at least we (primarily made) have visited maknek & intan to deliver her wedding present and i will still attend intan's wedding with mak & bapak & adam tomorrow.

my apology to all invitations (weddings, hari raya open houses, birthday parties, etc) that we've missed. we wish to attend as much as possible but i'd personally prefer not to attend any functions without made with me. because i know it'll be different.. i dont have my darling's hands to hold on to. i dont have my love's ears to whisper to. i dont have my honey to have some little chat. i'll feel alienated. i have had that feeling when i attended ISKL's annual dinner last year. and the feeling was completely suck!

oh! pathetic! i'm just a well-pampered wife. THIS is what happen when your husband treats you with excessive indulgence :P

too bad that it's a long weekend to miss. we have been busy for the past 2 weeks and will be busy for the next 2 weeks, at least. i'm all buried under my pile of works. and he's all down with all his project support needs. last night we put on info into our calender for november & december, and the dates are already filled with activities - work mostly!

gosh! i miss my snuggly-muggly time with my sweet-pea.

anyway, made is now in kelantan and will be back tomorrow with ma & kak sah - reminds me to locate and put on my "decent" halo for couple of days... hahahahah

"adam... can mama borrow your halo?"

open house @ no.9

date: 19 October 2008
time: 11am - 6pm (extended to 10pm)
menu: meehoon soup, roti jala, nasik impit, satay (a must dish) & special char-kuey-tiaw (all the way from Penang), ice-lemon-tea & mineral water :D

acknowledgment of appreciation goes to beloved families, relatives, neighbors & friends

(photos by amateur photographer :P) some faces were not captured especially in the middle of the event because the battery went dead.

best friend adam for the day:

sincere apology to friends who did not get our text or email. technology failure :(

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

raya 2008

tahun ni raya kat sini.. :D

"contractor tersohor jajahan kuala krai"

"bangunan belakang tu kami berdua la yg kerjakan"

the tahir-selamah: kak na, made, abe ajih, abe cha
tiada bergambar: kak ti & abe chik

the "694" sebelum org datang beraya & kaum2 lelaki anak cikgu tahir pegi braya tinggalkan bini & anak2 di rumah

budak-budak ni balik kampung bukan nak beraya... tengok katun yg lebihnya

cucu tokma sebelum dan selepas bertukar menjadi agen penyelamat "ultra-digimon" daerah kuala krai

incident di pagi raya (sila perhatikan gamba budak bertiga di belah kanan):

iman: wahhhh.. banyaknya duit raya

ish: yeeeee.. banyaknya!

sementara itu...

ayah adam: lagi satu peket ni sapa punya?

mama adam: imran. (sambil menoleh ke arah budak2 bertiga yg tersebut di atas) eh.. banyaknya duit budak2 ni.. yg mana satu u bagi ma & kak sah, mana satu u bagi bebudak?

ayah adam: ini lah...

mama adam: hey!!!!!!!!! salah lah.. ini budak2 punya. sorrylah budak2 ye.. awak punya kaler lain. kaler ini tok ma & long punya... sorry ye (sambil kutip balik duit keraian iman & ish). ayah adam ni.. tahun lepas dah salah. tahun ni salah lagi. tahun depan saya aje la yg bagi..

"pemenang baju raya tercantik dearah kuala krai, kelantan"

"blink-blink" yg menjadik pantauan persatuan biras :P

"dalam kerinduan"
al-fatihah untuk tok ayah

"pemohor besar duit-duit raya"

"salam aidilfitri"

Saturday, October 04, 2008


back from raya-raya in krai, kelantan

exhausted with wonderful feeling..

will update soon :D