Sunday, January 22, 2006

bagaimanakah anda menghabiskan masa hujung minggu anda?

i had tupperware assembly on saturday afternoon. seperti biasa, kerja saya: sangap. dah maghrib baru balik sebab carik barang door gift for adibah noor fan club. start to work with the packing around 10 pm. adam kena layan dulu. itupun tengah malam tak tido lagi. being a "keras tangan" person, dun ask how the ribbons look like. tangan saya tidak sekreatif pemikiran saya. enuff said. tengah sedap buat, sekali ribbon habish. adohai.. so saturday ended.

pagi2 tadi i went to umah bapak. adalah belen ribbon i kawin itu hari. sambung balik buat ribbon & pack the whole thing into a box. phewww.. akhirnya... sempat masak bekpes untuk adam & che made before head to meet haris kat depan ampang point. dah passed barang, head to tupperware.

i had a training with julia hiew of tupperware. it was quite an interesting training but i was not so attracted to the deliverance. so i pun startlah belayar ke sana sini. basically it was a training to boost up our spirit in doing business. she had the points. but being me, i couldnt be bothered.

training ended, i made my way to KLCC. adibah noor fan club: pecah dara gathering. hehehe. so lucky they were still there. surprisingly, bila i sampai, i tak nampak pun kak dibano. ntah mata i rabun, ntah dia dah selim. lama2 pandang barulah nampak si gadis manis dengan baju orennya. harharhar. quite a number turned up. it was a nice feeling. being the hilite of the day. hehehe. biasalah.. dah sponsor, lambat pulak tu. but it wasnt my mistake. blame the parking entry machine. ada ke duit singgit suma dia tamo. bukan syiling tau. duit kertas. duit baru pulak tu. jenuhlah i masukkan seposen2 dalam menda tu. 5 hengget tau. nasib baik tak de org kat belakang je.... duk kejap je then, they call it a day. oklah. i dun mind.. after all, it was a pleasure dapat jumpa kak dibano. i'm not a big fan of her. ok-ok jelah. tapi oklah.. heheh.. unexplainable feeling..

balik kejap, then kononnya nak bersiap gi wedding kak sue. bukaklah wedding card. "majlis: 12 - 3pm". kensel la nampaknya... hehehe.. sudahnya kul 6 gi lepak umah kak ziana. dapat jugaklah makan mee hoon goreng yg dah lama tak makan tu. aaahhhh.. penat....

mata i dah layu. kuyu. sepet. but i'd like to finish what i had in mind.

i had a mix feeling when i prepare the door gift pack. to give the catalogue or not to give. i feel it's inappropriate to put catalogue in the pack. but the other side of me said vice versa. and i'm so glad that i chose to add the catalogue in. i had some positive feedbacks. with some had of "hek eleh... ini pun nak letak catalogue" kind of look. but who cares.. hahahah... i'm eager about the opportunity. being a newbie in business industry, i welcome this opportunity. i really do. i feel like my pray is answered. alhamdulillah.. harap2 rezeki ini berpanjangan.

it's a tiring weekend. i'm exhausted!

now my bed time. i betul2 sudah ngantuk tahap jula juli bintang tiga bersinar-sinar terkelip-kelip. nite-nite..

Friday, January 20, 2006

@d@m d@n!@L

adam memang suka kamera. kamera pun memang suka dia. gifted with the a dimple on his left cheek, he's cute. i know, i know! dah bile i nak puji anak sendiri kan? inilah timenya. nanti2 dah besar, tak kuasa nak puji. la ni adam dah ligat. tak hengat punya ligat.

ligat-ligat pun, he's a good observer. apa je yg org buat, he'll try to do. vacuum lantai, basuh pinggan, sapu sampah, main komputer, drill, anything. now that he can talk. lagilahhhh.. "ayah", "mama", "nenek", "totok" (atuk), "bapak", "lelen", loong", tanak", "dap", "bed"(bird), "air", "nanah" (hannah @ aina) etc, etc. budak kecik ni cengelat. dia tak mo sebut nama dia. he knows he's being called. but to say "adam", dia tanak. tak boleh dengar horn. sure dia ala-ala mak nenek membebel. ntah apa dia cakap..

he calls his atuk as bapak. agaknya dah terbiasa dengar we all sume panggil cenggitu. whilst his babysitter's husband is called totok. lelen is my sista. from moksu lin, lelen je yg tinggal. bedal jelah.. when he sees a waja he'll scream "mama". when he catches a wira, he'll go "ayah". upon seeing a taxi, he'll call out "totok". yg best dia nampak motor. "vroooooooommmmmm". siap dengan gaya2 tangan.. hehehe

i luv my 2 dalingsssss....

gambar kat umah mak kat penang.. i like this pic so much.. tukang amik gambar memang pandai pilih time la.. hahaha

Thursday, January 19, 2006

i feel gay today..

a'a.. it's not what u think.. gay in this context is cheerful, jovial, merry dan yg sewaktu dengannya.

(menung sat... time mandi tadi idea meluap2. la ni dah takde pulak..)

i came accross this gay word during my predip in ITM, which was 10 years ago. perghh.. cepatnya masa berlalu. learning english was no joke man. i had 6 months of english then continue with 3 years compulsory english learning. kalo pedap pun dah tak leh cakap apa la.. angguk2 geleng2 pun tarak guna. at one time, mak pun cam heran2. anak dia sorang ni dah jadik minah saleh. cakap ngan mak pun "i-u". hehehe..

i was not really an english literate person. bapak & mak cakap BI. but it was not our prime language kat umah. i'm lost if i watch english movie without having my eyes scroll on the subtitle. and i remember laughing watching english movie semata2 sebab dengar ada org gelak dalam movie tu.. hehehe..

my 1st school was SRKTM. it was a mix school. tapi bangsa lain still cakap BM. so i was not totally exposed to "english language". i still remember during an exam, i curi2 dengar org sebelah i explain to org sebelah dia what is IRON. yes i know. seterika. that time mana i tau. if mak were to sebut iron sekalipun, i've already got confused on the spelling. then at another time, in my test, i corrected my teacher's spelling. SELFISH became SELL FISH. so org yg pentingkan diri sendiri, jadik tokeh ikan. hahaha.. stupid me..

while i was in SKLK, i became the quite good english student. my essay on my english teacher, mrs wong, was posted on the "good work" section. bangga seh. padahal ntah apa je i tulis time tu. dia suh tulis 5 sentences essay. so i bantai apa pun. time tu rasa terer la sikit kononnya.

SMLK was not a big difference. same faces, more or less the same people. so english was still not my main liking. until my good buddy, sherry came. dia memang minah salehlah. speaking london tak sudah. she got so popular for that. ntah macam mana i boleh baik ngan dia. dialah supplier mills & boon. hehehe.. and i still remember naming nickel as part of my body. bodonyerrrrr..

while working in metrojaya, i had experience with one customer that was not satisfied with my english. she told me "u better start learning english. i couldnt understand what u're saying" memang gile punya malu la time tu. rasa macam nak keje sambil pakai paper bag.. but it was her that encourage me to learn proper english.

now, english i cam ok la. like my lecturer said. there are 3 types of people in english learning. one with both speaking & writing skill. one with only speaking skill and the other one absolutely the one with good writing skill. i cant decide in which group i belong to. i still have fear & over concern on my english. terlalu menyusun ayat, sampai ayat i jadik tonggang langgang. kadang2 dah sebut baru pasan salah grammar.

but the best of all is the expression of love from my non-fellow-friend-ship, am. the story, our lecturer suh buat ayat pakai segala grammar yg ada. then this guy, he came out with this:

my mother makes love to me everyday

adohai.. sebodo-bodo i, i rasa i pandai lagi daripada dia nih. harharhar.. (appreciation to mills & boon)

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


i've been constructing my words on this topic since the day we went back to krai. whenever i had some good points, that's the time the pc is not before me. time driving la, time yak2 la, time discussion la.. so i hope i could squeeze back all the juices...

i read about the mother with her 2 daughters being called "sundal". my 1st impression seeing their picture was "sesuai pe....". it's my perception. look at what they wore. so lucky they are not jeslina hashim la. kalo tak sure kes lepas punya. hehe.. then i got an email - kononnya a copy of the mother's police report. ok! ok! i tak delah percaya email tu 100%. but i have my point there. according to the email the policewoman said "pakaian macam sundal". and that was the spark of the whole thing. all i can say, the policewoman kata "macam". diulangi.. "macam" aje. if the lady was not a sundal, apa dia nak bising2. macamlah dia tak penah cakap camtu kat org lain jugak kan?

mak always remind me not to voice our "valued opinion" out loud. tengok je apa yg tak kena kat org tu. jangan cakap kuat2. dosa. anyway, she has a point. yelah.. kalo kita cakap kuat2, nanti jadilah macam policewoman tu kan? and another thing, what if org tu adalah kita? how would we feel if somebody is talking about us? rasa oren kan? itulah dia.. but i really miss the moment kutuk org dengan akut. nampak org bibir tebal lipstik merah menyala we'll go "tu bibir ke belon?". then jumpa pulak org rambut kinting2, something like "tu rambut ke mop?" will pop out.

so those are perspesi. pandangan seorang terhadap sesuatu atau seseorang. perception. it's how we perceive. we have to be fair. we cant blame other people for having a negative perception. it's a thought. takan nak puji-pujian je kot.. sesekali kena kutukan baru best.. barulah ala-ala makan nasik kerabu cicah budu. and pepsi? a perception of persepsi..

Monday, January 16, 2006

usaha tangga kejayaan

ee ur goal
nderstand the obstacles
lear ur mind
reate a positive mental picture
mbrace the challenge
tay on track
how the world u can do it!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

good ones...

~ enuff said ~

nota kaki: baru lepas layan kabhi kushi kabhi gam... ishk.. ishk.. sedey sehhhhhh. apesal la tengok cita hendustan mesti leleh-leleh..

Thursday, January 12, 2006

chubby legs, healthy heart?

"women complain about less-than-lithe legs, but new research suggests that leg fat may actually protect against heart disease. this might explain why ur body fights so hard to hold on to it, no matter how much u sweat it out on the treadmill. "in the past, we thought all fat was bad." says rachael van pelt of the university of colorado at denver. but where u store that fat makes all the difference.

abdominal fat is linked to heart disease. but what about leg fat? van pelt measured fat levels of 95 women and looked at risk factors for heart disease, including insulin & triglycerides (a sometimes dangerous fat). women with excess leg fat, regardless of belly fat, had fewer triglycerides in the blood, which may mean they are at lower risk for heart disease. how does it work? let fat may grab triglycerides from the blood and store them. with more research scientists may be able to create drugs that help stomach fat act like leg fat." -- source: reader's digest, dec 2005

now i have a reason to love my betis-buluh-betung.. heheheh

<-- gambar hiasan adalah ehsan adam danial.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

aidiladha in krai

i have just got back from krai. penat seh... berkematu montot i duduk di dalam kereta. lucky ada adam. tak de lah busan sangat. bukak pintu tengok umah macam sarang tikus. bersepah tak hengat punyaaaa.. adohai.. inilah dia.. nak gi itu hari maleh nak ngemas. dah balik ni, pening kepala tengok umah bersepah2.

hari raya aidiladha was ok lah. cuma anak sulung & anak bongsu yg balik. but we had so much fun. tak ke mana2 pun. tak taulah napa. petang i sampai tu, we went to anakku to spent another bunch of monies for adam's clothes. kejap duk umah nenek, kejap umah mak nek. peh tu balik umah mama. so baju pun tak cukup. banyak sangat tempat persinggahan. i dah serik beli baju adam kat baby's world. pakai kejap je, lepas tu dah tak berapa muat. nak kata adam gumuk sangat, tak jugak. baju dia shrink kotnye. hehehe..

che made tak ke tempat penyembelihan. adam was quite fragile. tak nak ngan org lain selain mama & ayah. so agaknya tok ayah amat memahami.. hehehe.. lagipun nak kena hantar kak ti tengahari tu. so kalo gi ladang tu, mungkin tak sempat nak bersiap. so this year, che made miss the "cuci-perut-lembu-moments". tok ma bawak balik sebekas besar isi2 lembu & barang2 seantaranya. tengok tu ngeri je rasa. adam sampai tertido tengok tok ma buat kerja pembersihan. mama? heheh.. ngeri punya pasal, melarikan dirilah..

on the hari raya we had nasi kerabu. besh sehhh.. the sambal was terrific. kak sah punya recipe. i makan pun sampai terasa2 lagi ini hari.. pehtu seperti biasalah.. makan sup-bahagian-badan-lembu. bolehlah.. lemak banyak. bertambah2lah lemaks2 di badan i yg dah memang solid molid nih.

abg cha & abg chik are coming tonite with their families. they already craving for the soup. makan lagi...

anyway, che nani dah selamat melahirkan "ovarian cyst"nya. alhamdulillah.. hope the baby in the tummy will be ok..

Saturday, January 07, 2006

cobalah untuk setia

Apalah maumu kasih
Kau pilih diriku
Di dalam hidupmu
Nyatanya kulihat kini
Tak bisa kau coba untuk setia

Sudah cukuplah sudah
Ku memberikan waktu
Kau selalu tak bisa
Mencoba untuk setia

Yang selalu kuinginkan
Yang selalu kunanti
Kau coba untuk mengerti
Apalah arti mencinta

Dan harus kau sadari
Bila ingin bersamaku
Jangan coba kau ingkari
Cobalah untuk setia..

Masihkah aku diinginkan
Masihkah aku di dambakan
Masih ada waktu untukmu
Bersamamu akankah kujalani hidup...

~ 0 ~

i got her CD from era. free of course. heheh.. i masuk contest apa ntah itu hari. derang suh bagi komentar - my expertise.. hehe.. then i menang. hari2 i layanlah lagu ni. melalak sensorang dalam keta. enjoy & dapat jugaklah release tensen tunggu polis bagi lalu kat depan opis tu. i tak dengar sangat lagu lain. asik pasang track 6 & 7 je. track 7: cahaya.

last thursday, i went to maju junc, celebrate a friend's birthday. depan tempat kami makan tu ada music valley. so i masuk i beli kaset peterpan. then my friend comment: "bukan dah lama kuar ke album ni?" heheh.. i memang bukan kaki barang baru kuar terus beli. dah dengar banyak2 kali barulah i beli. so dalam simpanan i tak ada banyak kaset or CD single artist. i prefer compilation album. sebab there's time that satu album ada satu je lagu sedap. lagu lain hampeh. so kalo beli compilation, leh dengar lagu sedap org lain jugak. i rasa jelah... next: alanis morissette: jagged little pill (update: che made kata tak payah. dia nak donlod, burn dalam cd je.. heheheh)

besok i nak balik krai. moga2 selamat perjalanan pergi & pulang. balik ni makan apa pulak eh pagi raya.. tukang masak tak de ni.. ayoyo.. janganlah goreng pisang lagi.. heheheh


Thursday, January 05, 2006

ai ti & me

**klik on the pic for better view**

~ 0 ~
from my friend. one fine morning..

MST : Ju, nnti tolong I dgn my notebook ye..
Me: Function notebook same je ngan PC En. Badrul..
MST : IT kate dorang dh mskkn internet sekali tp bile I blk umah cucuk line telefon x blh connect ke internet pn...
Me : En. Badrul ada line internet ke kt rumah?
MST : Dulu ada la, tp dh kena potong...dorang kate cucuk je line telefon blh connect...
Me : Kalo xde line internet, x blh la nk connect ke internet...
MST : Ooo...camtu ke...x blh la ye...

~ 0 ~

FC: can u look into my problem? i cannot attach my file
me: can u show me how did u do?
FC: well, i go here and click here (read: tekan kat gambar paper clip and click ok)
me: oohh.. maybe u can try select which file u'd like to attach first
FC: oh? yalah.. i forgot

~ 0 ~

i tak kata i ni pandai dengan IT things. but i love troubleshooting. at least i'll learn something. macam i sesat jalan lah. ikut lorong tu, kona balik, masuk pulak jalan mati, kona balik. kan.. there are times that i'll end up on a shorter route. moral of the story, i learn something from it.

same goes with IT things. i could learn it hard and easy way. i suka main keletuk keletak sendiri. tak kisahlah. tekanla apa saja. things still can be undone. apa susah.. kan? buat menda IT ni, kena rajin mencuba, terai menerai. bantai jelah. salah tekan, undo. salah delete, undo. salah buat kotak, undo. apa susah. paling teruk pun komputer hang. tak pun paling sengal, kena key in balik lah kan? hehhehehe..

working in this company is a bit scary lah. nak suruh tutup pc pun takut .. i understand that they dont want to take the risk of losing some valuable info. tapi kalo i dah suruh cuba tu, cuba ajelah dulu kan. ni tak cuba tak apa, dah merungut. marah2. mana bulih tahan. takan nak suruh tutup pc pun i jugak yg kena pegi tempat dia. yelah.. i dont have any qualification in IT thingy. but i sure think i've graduated my "IT degree" thru my experience.

i like to learn new things. it's my major interest. so i feel a waste if at this age, i'm being stopped from doing new things. as creating this & that, suggesting ideas & crap. and i feel a waste for somebody younger than me take life so simple & easy going as if "tak pelah.. harta pak mak aku masih banyak kat kampung". haiyaaaa.. awatlah budak2 zaman sekarang ada rasa itu macam..

if i were given some space, i'd like to do some improvement especially. but can i? will i be stopped? would i be given a shrek look? d.e.f.i.n.i.t.e

apa nak buat.. malaysia borehhh...

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

mak & adam

my first 2006 note.

mak's reply on my khianat-dengki prob: don riek 2 kianat, sabar, payah dapat, matanag bertambah (read: dont react to khianat. sabar payah dapat, matang bertambah). *maafkanlah emak saya*. relieve.. mak & i was never an item. we were like north and south, east and west. tarak boleh cantum punya. satu dia kata, dua i tak setuju. so for the past 27 years, i couldnt call mak as my best friend. there are times that i envy my friends when they have their maks as their shoulders. finally on my khianat, mak has somehow put her "spell" on me. heheheh.. i think age has bridge the gap between me and mak.

adam dah makin ligat. kalo balik umah, dah macam2 perangai budak bujang sorang ni. geram pun dah tak leh cakap apa. senyum jelah.. there are times yg i geram... people just dont understand why am i being overprotective on adam. if it's not because of the nitemare, maybe by now i dah pakai balik pregnancy dresses.

anak pertamalah katakan. so i macam masih buduh pasal prenancy especially contraction. nasib baik mulut gatal tanya member. kalo tak sampai bila la i tak tau that i've had contraction. i was admitted for a few days but released out due to false contraction. then on 11/6/04 i had some bleeding. che made & mak macam org tak tentu hala jadinya. nasib baiklah bilik tu ada 4 dinding je. kalo tak habislah semua penjuru che made pusing. puncanya nak cari cemin mata. itu pun boleh lupa. gelabah punya pasal. that was early morning. so no traffic. we make easy way to HKL. boleh gelak lagi. senyum lagi. main sms lagi. bila nurse dah inject ubat tahan sakit, i tertido. tak sadar habislah. rupenye there's time that i bangun dlm kesakitan. as i said, i was in "high" momento. so i tak sedar apa. that nite, i had 100% contraction. doc risau. everytime i reached the contraction, my baby's heart beat was 0. so tahanlah sakit contraction sampai ke tengah malam. finally doc dapat 8cm. turunlah i ke delivery room after the doc broke my waterbag.

bermula pulaklah kisah i kat delivery room. jiran sebelah menyebelah asik jerit sakit, sakit. i pun terikut. mak tegur "jangan malukan mak, na". hehe.. yelah.. kalo dah terjerit2, maunya tak malu. dahlah mak keje spital. repo kena jaga. i rasa duk kat delivery room tu lagi mengcengkam jiwa compared to duduk kat wad atas. tangan che made & mak rasanya kalo buat scan, ada tulang yg patah riuk. bila rasa contraction, rasa macam nak terbalikkan katil tu pun ada. kalo la i ni superwoman that time, memang dah lumat-lumit katil tu i keje kan. sakit tak leh katalah. u feel, u know. dah menjelang pagi, doc still dont say anything. time tu i dah surrender. tak larat dah. dah 24 hours in pain. i mintak epidural. datanglah sorang doctor A (bukan nama sebenar). 3 attemps of epidural, all failed. so cannot do anythinglah. i dah rasa nak memerut. org kata kalo nak memerut tu dah sampai time dahlah. nurse boleh wat endah tak endah. shortcut, finally doc kata masuk OT. sebab dari buka 8cm dah jadi 6cm pulak.

dah masuk kisah OT pulak. doc A kasik i spinal. upon doc B (juga bukan nama sebenar) nak operate, i feel pain bila dia wat test drive. doc A dah menggelabah. bius tak menjadik. kelam kelibut jadiknya. semua dia buat tak kena. nasib baik 2 org pakar came to rescue. selamatlah i sudahnya. baby berjaya kuar. tapi i kena tahan kat ICU for 2 days - oxygen level low. sebelum kuar OT tu i remembered one doc gave me satu benda picit. ala-ala alat tekan2lah. dia pesan, "if u feel pain, press this". so bila i dah sedar tu, i pun tekanlah benda tu. mmm... best. peh tu suka2 i lah nak tekan menda tu. lepas tekan.. sure lena diulit intan. tau apa? morphine. hahahaha.. bila tekan tu memang high la... high tak hengat.. cakap pun melalut terlalut.

i naik wad with another nitemare. i was informed that i had uterine tear. and it crossed muscle. so the minimun years to heal is 3-4 years plus minus caesarian. kaciwa dolll.... rasa macam nak cekik2 je doc2 tu. and the worst thing, doc B didnt put it on record, untill she was confronted by her HOD. hampeh sungguhlah......

then i balik umah. kena urut dengan makcik urut yg dah 3 hari baru dia nak kasitau i yg dia tak tau apa caesar. time tu rasa nak sekeh je makcik tu. patutlah dia ganyang badan i macam roti canai. sabo jelah....

after 10 days, i went back to HKL. i couldnt lift up my head. not for long. and this is due from the failure of epidural. i have drain kat otak tu. camne nak citakan tak reti. tapi buat2 u all paham dahlah. saraf tunjang bila dah ada drain, so brain fluid tu dah kuar. the specialist had to do the procedure. she has to get fresh blood to block the drain. so i was awake during the procedure. nasib baik tak sakitlah.. time kena panggil masuk spital balik, i nangis tak hentilah. tak larat seh... baper banyak pengalaman ngeri lagi harus i lalui *macam skrip usup haslam pulak....*

end of story, the doc A is transferred elsewhere. doc B is having tough time with mak. i made mak cried when i said "mak, na sayang mak" kat delivery room. i made che made cried haf an hour duk kat luar OT tunggu i. and i made my friend cried yesterday dengar cite syahdu i ini.. hehehehe..

so here's adam danial... bergaya sakan ngan cemin mata bapak.