Thursday, December 31, 2009


nak masuk tahun baru lagi. wah.. tahun 2009 rasa berlalu cepat sangat. mungkinkah tahun ni banyak sangat keje? eleh.. banyak sangatlah kejeeeeeeee.... mengadap facebook aje, banyak keje konon.. porah!

nak look forward apa eh tahun 2010 ni?

1) kurangkan shopping. banyakkan handbag. eh? hahahah.. lama la tak shopping handbag. sejak tak keje kat/berdekatan shopping mall ni, barangan impulsive shopping pun dah berkurangan. credit card pun dah tak sampai maximum limit. asik membayar aje. ceh! setahun membayar credit card. rugi! rugi! tapinya, syukur... hutang dah kurang. kot2 ajal sampai tak lama lagi, takdelah laki aku sibuk nak bayar utang aku je nanti. kehkehkeh..

ps: semalam cimb baru increase-kan credit limit. apakah maknanya itu? muakakaka...

2) banyakkan amal ibadat. takdelah kata tahun ni tak buat amal ibadat ye tuan-tuan dan puan-puan. tapi nak diperbanyakkanlah.. senaman riadah di sejadah tu kena ditingkatkan. timing tu kena jaga. takleh la asik lari aje. ni nak masuk asar, baru nak terkedek-kedek solat zohor. syaitan sungguh!

3) tambahkan masa dengan anak-anak dan keluarga. cewahhh.. anak-anak.. kehkehkeh.. alesya dah ada ni, takut adam rasa tertinggal pulak. sian anak bujang saya sorang ni karang. semalam dia nak ikut lelen balik umah atok pun menangis sebab takut rindukan mama. dah balik pun nangis sambil peluk kaki mama. time kat umah atok main macam tak hengat donia pulak. eleh.. politik! alesya pun baby lagi. nak ligan main puas2 ngan dia. nak main masak2 tak syok lagi. main mekap2 lah.. mama mekapkan ko ye nak?

4) akankah hajat beli keta baru akan tercapai? mmmmm.. kita tunggu aje besok. ala... besokkan dah setat tahun depan. hehehe.. nak beli keta apa eh? spesifikasinya, keta belakang besar yg boleh muat dua org budak dengan car seats masing2. bagasi untuk balik kampung. barang2 bebudak ni. stroller. yang paling penting, barang2 tupperware. kehkehkeh..

5) nak memajukan business tupperwareku ini. sila lah ke blog tupperware baruku. dah upgrade sket. nak perasan cantik, memang rasa cantik sikit dari sebelumnya. hehehehe.. tapi skang ni dah ada few more options as i'm in the move of expanding the business. untuk men-support life setelah retire-lah katakan. ecewah! memintak majulah business ni. tak sabar nak duk umah jaga anak-anak.

6) nak eksesais. berat dah kembali kepada sebelum preggy. cincin tahun 2002 pun dah boleh muat kembali. wahhh.. rasa macam nak jadik model slimworld aje. kena setat jaga la makan minum semua ni. rasa macam tak sihat aje. makan main belasah. minum manis2 semua. ish.. tak bolehlah.. banyak lagi dosa tak terhapus ni.

adam semalam dah gundah gulana nak balik ke sekolah. adoi! tak nak teacher veni katanya. nak teacher shanthi jugak. macam mana nak buat? ayah will be having a hard time rasanya minggu depan ni. saba ajelah ayah. nak disuruh sapa pulak amik adam kul 11.30 nanti ni.. mama tak cukup sebulan lagi. kalo tak, mama dah redah aje bawak keta ngan alesya.

sapa-sapa yang bercita-cita nak kawin 10-10-2010 ke 20-10-2010 ke, agak2lah sikit ye. bawak2lah berbincang satu taman sebelum kawin. kang 10 org kawin tarikh yang sama, boncet perut i nak makan nasik minyak you all. kot jalan jem kerana 10-10-10, memang sajalah korang tau...

moga-moga 2010 bawa sinar baru, harapan baru, karpet baru, handbag baru, kasut baru, baju size baru. hahahahaha..

selamat tahun baru!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


i have a friend. a friend that i knew when i was in itm. a friend that has gone through my ups and downs and shared my tears and laughter for five years. a friend that was not destined to be my husband.

fate is something that Allah has lovely sketched for me. memory is something that though i try hard to dismiss and forget, it just comes along and colours my life. i've tried to run and hide but yet the "baggage" is still with me.

he, had many times said i love you & i'd care for you
he, had many times said i miss you & i'd never forget you
he, had once said i'll never forgive you, so please go and never come back
he, had once said don't ever contact me neither my family

for so many years, i have lived with "i won't disturb & interrupt your life". i have been living with questions on "how's your life treating you?". i have no clues, i have no directions and i have no answers to my questions; until recently..

i saw him there, but i did not make any attempts. i have agreed not to interfere, i'm adhering to it. yet it was so heartbroken when he made some contacts to my close circle but refused to at least ask how am i doing. i dont wish to hope, but i had hoped..

to forgive is divine and i understand to forget is hard; but life goes on. i had had hard time letting my first love go, but i had my closure. he was here, for my wedding. i was there, for his wedding. and we are still friends..

for him, who was once the king of my heart, i want you to know.. as much as what had happened has hurt you badly, i was also heart broken. i believe you have a better life and lead a happy family. i'm happy for you. please be happy for me too..

and dear, our love story is just another chapter in our life. cherish it and move on...

again, please forgive me and have a closure...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

our maid

she decided to resign yesterday. i cried uncontrollably in my room, thinking about my two kids.

made and i have decided on what we are going to do without the maid and how to move things forward.

"lepas ni senang sikit nak jalan2 dalam umah pakai sepender" said made
"a'ah.. nak marah u pun tak payah simpan2 sora. boleh jerit aje" anne said


insya-Allah, we really hope that everything goes smoothly and may force be with us.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

alesya kamilah


alesya kamilah was born on 9th december 2009 at 8:44am with a helping hand of dr. alex mathews in gleneagles intan medical centre, kl. weighing 2.94kg, syukur pada Yang Maha Esa, she's a healthy baby.

after 5 years adam was born, we decided to have another baby. it was a tough decision. at this point of time, i still can't tell what made us decided on another baby. perhaps adam's influence?

i had a miscarriage prior to alesya's engagement in my tummy. and carrying alesya was a little easier than adam's. not much of increase in weight as compared to adam. however, the first trimester was traumatic. i was in and off the office quite often and had to be bedridden for about 2 weeks. nausea and threw out for the whole 9 months. that was just like when i was carrying adam. not so much of craving for food, though. however, i fancied nasik lemak. when i was with adam, my craving would differ every other month. say this month rojak, the following month would be something else; burger perhaps. with alesya, i was a picky eater. i'll eat what i feel like eating. bad was, no chocolate and ice cream. i drank carbonated drinks like no one's business. coke was my BFF and made had to ask me to opt for kickapoo as it claimed not to have caffeine. there was a time when i asked made to get me a glass of A&W rootbear float. after a sip, i'm done. and the other day, i requested for a fried mamak mee at 11.30 pm. after two spoonful, i passed to made :D the only thing that made was a little reluctant to allow me to eat was sushi. well, he did bring me for dine-in during my 36 weeks. but i didn't enjoy it as much as i enjoyed it before.

since it was a planned c-sect, so i went in for admission on the 9th itself. "no need to waste money-lah" said dr. alex. according to the admissions clerk, room occupancy were high during december especially during middle of the week. i guess, most cases were planned c-sect like mine. thus, i had to opt for general surgical ward. my goodness... the first room they gave me was a double bed room. and the bed was EXACTLY facing the door. i could see anybody who walked in and out the nurses' counter and my kaki was literally tengah-tengah muka pintu. lucky me, i was granted a single room on the same floor at about 10pm. even the nursery's nurse felt safer to send alesya to my room. since it's a general surgical ward, double bed room's condition was not a good environment for alesya - fear of infections.

i was pushed into the OT at about 8am. it was a very family occasion whereby only myself, made & adam was there. adam cried and according to made, he was a little furious as i was still not into my room a couple of hours later. the surgery went well, but i had lost of blood and they had to do blood transfusion. my body reacted negatively towards the transfusions and they called it off once i was sent to my room. only then i was given pain killers and i started being cuckoo.

when i first had my eyes on alesya, i thanked Allah for this special gift. as we have missed the 20 weeks scanning, i was a little sceptical of how alesya would look like or would she be having any medical problem. alhamdulillah, everything was fine. and she was vanilla :D i had to admit that during my pregnancy i fancied dark@tanned people. syukur.... hehehehe..

why alesya kamilah? because it means protected by God; perfect.

insya Allah

Tuesday, December 08, 2009


"mama, are you going to explode tomorrow?"
"yes, sayang"
"i'm so nervous"

hehehe.. me too sayang.. mama feels the same.

please forgive me for any wrong doings & sayings. and please pray for both of us.

many-many thanks!

Monday, November 23, 2009

mengenang uwan

hari ini, 5 tahun lalu
mata ini merenung sekujur tubuh kaku
tangan yang suatu ketika tangkas menyedia hidangan
kaki yang pernah pantas mengejar waktu
badan yang dulunya tegap menggalas tanggungjawab

hari ini, 5 tahun lalu
mata ini mengalir air mata laju
mengenang kenangan 26 tahun yang lampau
mengimbas peristiwa suka dan duka
mempamer kejadian tawa dan lara

hari ini, 5 tahun lalu
hati ini gundah gulana
melayan perasaan antara "pergilah" dan "kembalilah"
mengimbang hati yang duka dan kosong
menyentap jiwa yang masih memerlukan dan menghendaki

hari ini, 5 tahun lalu
tangan ini memanjat doa ke hadrat Yang Esa
kaki ini mengalun langkah lemah mengiringi tubuh
hati ini berombak menahan sebak
mata ini bengkak melambai pergi

sesudah 5 tahun berlalu
hati ini masih sebak menahan gundah walau tidak ada jasadnya lagi
mata ini masih mengalir air mata walau tidak nampak tubuhnya lagi
tangan ini masih memanjat doa ampunkan dosanya walau tidak sedar akan masa yang pergi
kaki ini masih gagah menziarah kuburannya walau tanah dan nisan itu masih begitu rupanya

kita rindukan uwan
uwan tau kan?

dah lama uwan tak cium pipi kita
dah lama kita tak bau minyak yang uwan selalu pakai
dah lama kita tak pegi umah uwan
dah lama kita tak makan masakan uwan
dah lama kita tak gurau dengan uwan
dah lama kita tak dengar uwan sembang
dah lama kita tak gelak tengok uwan tetiba tido, tetiba menyampuk org cakap
dah lama kita tak bergosip dengan uwan
dah lama kita tak nampak uwan...

kita dah nak ada baby nombor 2, uwan
doktor kata, insya Allah baby girl
kalo betul, kita ada sepasang dah uwan
kalo uwan ada, mesti uwan yang jaga; macam uwan jaga adam
kalo uwan ada, mesti kita tak susah-susah pikir sapa nak jaga kita masa pantang
kalo uwan ada, mesti uwan dah sibuk pegi chowkit carikkan air periuk untuk kita, siap dengan cerek kecik sekali
kalo uwan ada, mesti uwan join kita minum macam itu hari
kalo uwan ada, mesti uwan yang masak untuk kita

kalo uwan ada, mesti kita tak rindu uwan macam ni....

kita rindu uwan..
rindu yang sangat-sangat rindu
kita nak sangat peluk uwan
kita nak sangat duduk sembang ngan uwan
kita nak sangat cium uwan banyak-banyak
kita nak sangat uwan.. kita nak sangat....

5 tahun lepas, kita rasa tak puas kita cium uwan
tak puas rasa peluk uwan
tak puas rasa tengok uwan
hati kita memang lepaskan uwan pergi
tapi hati yang sama rasa tanak lepaskan uwan
Allah tu Maha adil kan uwan?
Dia nak hambaNya tabah menerima takdir
Dia nak hambaNya gagah dengan apa yang termaktub
demi masa depan kita juga

Ya Allah.. kuatkanlah hatiku..
tabahkanlah semangatku
aku redha dengan apa yang tersurat dan tersirat buatku


Friday, November 20, 2009

weekend plans

besok ada wedding - christian wedding. puas dah tanya org apakah etika christian wedding. jawapan sumer variety. adehhh.. the last time i attended a christian wedding, it was mary's wedding. and that was 8-9 years ago. time tu tak tau menda. org duduk, kita duduk. org berdiri, kita berdiri. ngikut je apa org buat. dah habis segala baru derang nak bagitau, "u tanak buat pun tak pe.. kita paham u're not a christian". cish! this time around tak tau apa nak expect. mungkin pegi lambat sikitlah. supaya senang adjourn ke lunch sahaja :D

next in line would be bringing adam for his swimming session. umak cik itam bakal menjadik mangsa. itu aje swimming pool yg free. nak jadik member KDE ntah bilanya. tak sure worth being a member ke tak.. main reason is for adam to enjoy the facilities especially the swimming pool since it's good for his asthmatic problem. then i was thinking, kalo nak buat makan2 ke apa ke, pun macam senang aje sebab dah ada membership. dekat jugak dengan opis. maknanya, anak boleh enjoy dekat kelab, mak boleh pegi keje. tak gitu?

ahad pulak ada 2 wedding invitations. satu kat klang, gate satu kat taman permata. nasib baik jauh sejengkal aje. kot jauh, tak kosa nak gi de.... demi nasik minyak, ku gagahkan juga. mintak2 ada ayam masak merah. amin...... itu hari makan ayam masak merah kat umah kak riri, sangatlah sedapnya. nak masak sendiri, mintak ampun mahap ajelah. sampai la masak sambal pun fel. macam mana eh.. nak kasik dia berminyak. dah tambah bawang. dah tambah air. cuma tak sanggup tambah minyak je. jap lagi bibir rasa macam anita sarawak. oh tidak!

adam dah setat cuti sekolah. apalah nak disuruh anak bujang ni buat eh? in 3 weeks time dia dah nak dapat adik dah. mmmm... excited abg adam. hari2 pun tanya "is it december yet?". adik kuar nanti, ko tak jaga, siap ko adam.. hehehehe.. 26th will be the last check up. i hope. peh tu tunggu masa nak deliver aje. date dah fixed. baju baby pun dah ada. barang baby pun dah ok. tunggu baby aje nih. ish.. berdebar2 pulaknya... nak memerut pun takut. takut terteran baby. mintak-mintaklah dipermudah segalanya. amin!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

oh pembantu

hari ni my maid (and my son) kena marah. sebabnya, pintu bilik terkunci & she didn't inform me. yes.. it is so the remeh the temeh. but i was so geram. itu hari bila adam nangis sebab spongebob habis, boleh pulak dia kol. hari ni bila pintu kunci tak boleh kol pulak? kot kunci yg i ada tu tak leh guna untuk pintu bilik, guano cito? takkan nak panggil org pecah pintu? and when i asked her that question, her answer was "saya ingat cik ada kuncinya". aih.. main ingat2 aje.

fortunately, kunci umah yg i ada tu, boleh pakai untuk bilik. itupun when i mumbled, "nasib baik boleh bukak pakai kunci ni, kalo tak boleh tadi?". she replied, "saya udah cuba kunci saya, tapi tak boleh". dah ada aku nak kasik pulak kunci bilik aku kat enko? ala-la-la-la-la...

i asked her, why didn't she notify me? she said, "nanti adam takut dimarahi". wahh.. jawapan itu sangat membuatkan saya berang. i told her "ini anak saya. saya mama dia. saya tahu macam mana saya nak didik anak saya. kalau dia buat salah, kalau dia patut kena marah, dia akan kena marah. kenapa kamu nak selindung dia?". she cried..

an incident happened much earlier whereby adam was playing in her room and the whole langsir with the pemidai @ penggantung (ke apa nama dia??) jatuh. she didn't tell me. i was watching tv, suddenly benda tu jatuh dari its hiding place. adam immediately cried even before i scolded him. and still she didn't tell me what happened but only informed that adam was playing in her room and the thing fell down.

so today i told her.. no matter what happens, whether or not it is adam's fault, her fault or anybody's fault; she has to tell me. i would then justify untuk marah or not to marah. i told her that she's my trustee that has the responsibility to look over my kid and kids soon. but if she can't even bother to tell me such thing like this, how am i suppose to put my trust on her when she has my baby with her? and worst still, baby can't talk. baby can only cry. and this made she cried some more..

i have to express my frustation. i didn't mean to scold her. i didn't mean to make her cry. i wouldn't want that situation if i were to be her as well. i understand her intention was good. she's taking a good care of adam. but she has to tell me. she has to keep me informed.

another thing that i highlighted was on groceries. i've already told her that she needs to tell me if beras habis; sayur dah takde; sos dah tinggal sikit; sabun basuh kain dah tak cukup. because we have to think about unplanned occasion that might take place. i might invite friends and family for lunch or dinner. what would happen if i dont have enough things in my dapur and tetamu are already on their way? how to basuh baju if sabun dah habis? i told her that i knew beras dah habis since sunday and she has yet to inform me about that. even when i asked to cook nasik today, and i asked if the beras was still enough, she said yes without checking. i didn't have anything to say upon hearing her response...

i like my maid. she's wonderful. she's helpful. my family likes her. and she has yet to make any of my baju bocor. alhamdulillah.. knock-knock; touch wood. but small-small things like this la.. it got into my nerve. i'm not trying to be cerewet or anything near that. it might be small to you, but it the impact might be greater on me. like i told her, "cara kamu fikir, mungkin tidak sama dengan apa yang saya fikir"

i told her, my responsibility over her is even greater than my responsibility over adam. at least adam is my son. but she's not. she's neither my relative nor siblings and not even my darah daging. i am answerable to her parents should anything happen to her. and i dont know her parents. making her cry made me feel worst. i am not some kind of majikan yg amik screwdriver dera maid. i'm not any human being that would amik air panas siram maid. i'm not that type. i know my limitation.

i even told her that i dont like adam & ammar to play in her room because i want them to respect her privacy area. and she did comment "cik pun masuk bilik itu". wahh.. menjawab! "ya! saya masuk sebab saya perlu amik barang saya di dalam bilik itu. tetapi saya tidak ganggu tempat kamu tidur. kerana saya hormat ruang peribadi kamu. saya tidak suka budak2 ini lompat2 atas katil saya atau main dalam bilik. sebab itu ruang rehat saya," i replied. then only she told me that she already tegur adam but adam didn't want to listen. so i told her "sebab kamu tidak pernah beritahu saya.. jadi saya tidak tahu. sama seperti barang2 kamu. sabun kamu, shampoo kamu. jika sudah habis, kamu tidak beritahu saya, macam mana saya mau belikan?" she nodded and wiped her tears.

i hope she will understand why i had to voice things out and why i had to express my concern. things wrapped up with i gave her a hug and expressed my apology & hope.

ya Allah.. ko ampunkanlah dosa hambaMu ini..

Sunday, November 15, 2009

baca buku

i've quite a number of books which are overdue to be read. and i've just finished 2 of them in the past 3 weeks. uih... lama gila tak baca buku cerita. while in mood, better continue. karang mood membaca dah hilang, asik bawak buku ke hulu, ke hilir. bacanya tak jugak. luckily made is sort of a bookworm. or else, i couldnt be bother reading any books. more of kumpul receipts for tax rebate aje. hehehe.. and now since having a maid, i have extra-extra tax rebate. i dont have much works to offer, therefore, to keep her occupied, we bought her story books - of her choice. kalo kami pilihkan, takut tak kena pulak dengan jiwa raga dia.

first book i read was by freya north - "love rules".
Thea Luckmore, a composed and dedicated massage therapist believes in love, the magic spark of true, old-fashioned love. She has to fall head over heels, or rather, heart over head.

However, her best friend Alice Heggarty, a spirited and successful magazine publisher, has always been a slave to lust though invariably it ends in tears. Turning 30, as yet another disastrous relationship ends, Alice makes a decision. It’s time to marry and she knows just the man who would make an excellent husband.

For Thea, a chance encounter on Primrose Hill ignites that elusive spark she’s preoccupied with… Saul Mundy promises to be the perfect fit and Thea finds herself falling deeply in love and loving it.

But though newly-wed Alice encourages Thea to settle down, Alice herself finds that she’s not as keen as she thought on playing by the rules. She starts to break them left, right and centre… At the same time, Thea’s world is shaken to core.

another book was "sex as a second language" by alisa kwitney.

Katherine Miner has decided to withdraw from the world of men at the ripe old age of forty. A former actress, Kat now teaches advanced English as a second language to adults in downtown Manhattan.

But even as Kat prepares her students to venture into the linguistic minefields of casual social contact, she has no intention of risking her own neck. In fact, Kat plans on retiring from sex. It’s not that she hates men. It’s just that she doesn’t trust them. After all, her soon-to-be ex-husband has dropped all contact with their nine-year-old son, and she herself hasn’t spoken to her father in more than thirty years.

Bit then Kat receives a letter from her father that turns her life upside down. And suddenly she is discovering that she still has a lot to learn about men, friendship and kind of nonverbal communication they don’t teach in school.

Alisa Kwitney’s darkly humorous novel affirms that forty is not the end of the world for women – sometimes, it’s just the beginning.

dua-dua buku pun best.. jemputlah baca :D

Friday, November 06, 2009

duit raya

bebaru ni kami kira duit raya adam. bila tengok dalam balang tu, cam sikit je nampak.. tapi bila dah kira... boleh tahan jugak duit raya budak ni. this year yg adam dah paham duit raya tu apa. sebelum ni, dia buat tak reti je. agaknya dah start bergaul dengan kawan-kawan. so macam dah tau apa menda duit raya ni. kalo tahun-tahun lepas, dapat duit raya dia main lepas aje ntah mana2. kekadang siap pulangkan balik. heheheh.. tahun ni dah pandai. bila org bagi duit raya, "mama.. nah! simpan". bila sampai umah, "mama.. mana duit raya saya?"

adam memula excited bukak sampul duit raya. after a while, dia malas nak bukak sampul yg ada gam. sudahnya, dia kasik kat ayah, suh ayah yg buatkan so that dia boleh tengok tv. mama tukang kumpul duit sepuluh2. cashier la katakan..

dulu-dulu, kalo berjalan beraya, memang dah tak hengat dunia dah. sebab asyik sangat berjalan ngan kawan-kawan. pagi-pagi dah kuar; kang lewat petang baru jalan. kaki terpeleot ke, kaki melecet ke, tak denya nak hirau. jalan tetap jalan.

over the years, trend berjalan raya dah berubah. bertambahnya hi-way, lagi susah org nak jalan beraya. we try to make the effort to jalan-jalan umah makcik-pakcik - at least. umah kawan-kawan, kalo dah dalam kawasan yg sama atau dah kebetulan lalu, singgah jugak. tapi the suasana is very the different. kalo dulu, org main redah aje. tak payah nak call dulu. tapi skang ni, kena call, kena confirm, kena bagitau baper org nak datang, kena inform kul baper nak sampai. agaknya org dah tak pandang hari raya as hari kita sanak saudara, sahabat handai menziarah satu sama lain. agaknya derang rasa kalo tak de makanan kat umah, janganlah ada org datang.. i believe not all yg datang menziarah tu nak makan sangat. ada makanan, alhamdulillah - rezeki. kalo takde, biskut raya pun jadiklah.. shouldn't it be that way?

kumpul duit raya dulu ngan skang lain. dulu kalo saya dapat duit raya, sama ada sempat masuk bank sekejap atau pun semuanya selamat jadik duit raya kedai leman. kehkehkeh.. sangat tak berjimat cermat mama adam ni. dulu kalo nak kumpul duit raya, kena rajin berjalan. gi umah jiran-jiran, cikgu-cikgu, kawan-kawan, sedara mara. skang.. selagi tak dijemput open house, takdelah sampainya... duklah beraya kat umah mengadap tv. sangat lain suasana raya dulu ngan skang. sebab tu skang, kalo berlaga bahu pun tak kenal sedara mara. anak jiran sendiri pun dah tak kenal dah. selalunya anak jiran taman lain yg datang mintak duit raya. and honestly, i feel sangat gembira kalo ada budak2 datang umah. ala-ala pembawa rezeki gitu...

back to duit raya adam; dalam-dalam banyak duit singgit dalam kebanyakan sampul, cecah rm1k jugak duit raya budak nih. alhamdulillah.. dah masuk ptptn dengan tabung haji semuanya. mintak-mintak esok2 Allah permudahkan segala urusan financial adam. amin...

Sunday, November 01, 2009


baby dalam perut ni asik wiggles aje.. tak saba nak kuar ye nak?

barang baby tak beli lagi. tak pelah.. first of all, kena settlekan barang abg dia dulu. bilik adam kena prepare so that he wants to sleep in his own room. mama ngan ayah dah mati akal nak hias bilik adam macam mana. it took us more than a month to decide on baby's playpen and itu pun belum beli lagi.. hehehe

adam wants a double decker bed. and the one he wants is the reversible bed in ikea that would cost us rm749 for the frame ONLY! mattress dengan canopy atas tu tak termasuk lagi. cadar dengan bantal pun tak termasuk. ayah kata ok. but mama had been thinking. for that kind of price, lebih baiknya mama beli almari sekali.

another reason that stopped me from buying adam's dream bed was, from time to time, we may be getting guest coming to sleepover - ma or kak sah at least. since dika is sleeping in the middle room with the sofa bed, kang kalo ma ngan kak sah tido sini, kat mana pulak nak diletakkan? kot iye beli reversible bed tu pun, mana gaya pulak tokma nak panjat katil adam. practicality kena ada la kan? dahlah umah ciput aje. :D

baju baby pun belum beli lagi. nak beli pun tak sure yg macam mana. nak bajet baby besar mana pun tak reti. lupa dah macam mana we bought things for adam last time. tapi skang ni, dah banyak kedai nak membeli. kot-kot ada emergency, wangsa maju ni kedai berlambak. boleh suh made gi beli aje. antara berkenan dengan tidak ajelah taste ayah ni. hahahaha..

we have finally decided on dr. alex in gleneagles. punyalah melompat dari satu gynae ke satu gynae and satu hospital ke satu hospital. ntah apa la yg susah sangat nak decide. betul la kata dr. alex.. "the more your think about it, the more you hear on things, the more you feel the nervousness". oleh itu, pasrah ajelah. ntah-ntah nanti beranak kat HKL jugak. :P

we are streaming down names for baby. tak leh nak decide lagi. nak yang sedap, makna mengarut. letak tak sedap karang, nanti anak pulak segan carry nama dia. susah-susah, kang letak jeton aje karang... adam pun dah banyak kasik idea ni. kejap vanilla, kejap fish. suka-suka hati dia ajelah. dia pun dah excited baby nak kuar ni. asik "cepatlah baby.... kuarlah". hehehe...

mintak-mintak semuanya selamat & dilindungi Allah sentiasa..


Friday, October 30, 2009


tadi pegi rumah moklong sebelah ni. dia buat makan2 sikit sempena nak gi mekah besok. alhamdulillah rezeki dia untuk buat haji dah tiba. happy jugak dengar khabar semalam. moga-moga moklong dapat haji mabrur.

kelakar dengar dia bercerita tadi. dia baru dapat surat tabung haji hari ni. tapi sebab dia rajin call and enquire, dia dapatlah berita yg dia dapat tempat kelmarin. katanya, ada makcik duk dekat dengan kubur bawah sana, gelang apa bagai dah dapat, tapi takde berita apa.. adoi.. lagi seksa. bayangkan kalo dia tak tau apa-apa and baru dapat surat hari ni? tak terkejar2 besok kul 8 pagi dah nak bertolak ke kelana jaya? nak buat persiapan lagi. itu ini, tolak tambah, kelam kabut sure confirmed!

mmm... bila pulaklah agaknya rezeki kami nak gi? insya Allah.. harap Allah mudahkan laluan ke sana satu hari :D

dalam sembang2 tadi, ada la dia mentioned about rumah dia. tuan rumah nak jual rumah tu. secara tak sengaja, i smiled. hey.. bukannya i tak suka dia duk situlah. i have been berhajat nak beli umah sebelah ni. kot-kotlah ada rezeki in future, boleh buat rumah berkembar. hehehe..

memang lepas dia cita pasal umah dia, dalam kepala ni dah berpikir-pikir, macam mana nak bayar, what to do with the house, etc. berangan kan? hahahaha... solat maghrib tadi pun tak kusyuk. tak senonoh betul perangai.

tadi trylah carik dia punya advertisement. mak datukkkkkk! tuan rumah nak jual umah tu RM300k. gila mahal. siap letak kat situ "non-nego" and siap bagi indication, " Pembeli juga perlu mampu mengeluarkan modal selain dari pinjaman, kerana pinjaman boleh dibuat hanya dalam lingkungan 200K sahaja selainnya dari duit simpanan sendiri atau EPF." hampeh betul! kalo umah cantik bebeno, ok jugaklah nak jual sampai rm300k. my house yg siap plaster siling - depan sampai dapur, sengah tingkat up lagi, seluruh rumah dah siap renovated pun baru RM219k. buat org sentap betul la tuan rumah tu.

nak ke tak nak eh? kalo ikut hajat tu, memanglah berhajat bebenar. rasa macam baru semalam aje berangan-angan nak beli umah sebelah. ni dah macam bulan jatuh ke riba. tapi bila pikirkan rm300k, non-nego pulak tu, rasa tak sanggup pulaklah. baby dalam perut ni takan nak minum susu isian sejat kot? yang kami anak beranak ni pun, takkan nak makan ikan bilis hari-hari.

ada sapa-sapa nak bagi interest free loan? hehehehe..

Thursday, October 29, 2009

just around the corner

tadi tengok kalendar, i have another 5 weeks to go.. macam tak percaya :D

pregnancy kali ni tak se-excited when i had adam. ok.. mungkinlah sebab adam was my first pregnancy. and this time around, i kind of, takut pun ada?? i dont know. too many things have become indecisive. dari hospital nak beranak, sampai ke gynae, sampai nak beli barang baby pun tak boleh nak decide. apa yang complicate sangat pun tak taulah.

i have once thought of being a domestic engineer; a.k.a. housewife. but then i thought again, would i be able to enjoy the same expenses i have been doing? would i be able to provide adam things and toys that he has always been enjoying? would i be able to provide baby the same amount of toys or baju-baju like her brother? i guess, my proposal to become the DE had to be called off - for the time being. why? i love my work. i love the work environment i'm in. i have a supportive supervisor and i have a good team. i love them loads. dengki-dengki, jeles-jeles ni biasalah kan.. keje penoreh getah pun org dengki. apatah lagi keje opis. pasrah ajelah... i have all good reasons for not leaving iskl for the time being. i still feel cinonet when talking to the mat sallehs, but nowadays, i feel at ease and confident communicating with them. mungkin sebab i've been there for almost 3 years and i have found my ground.

adam pun dah besar skang. macam2 pe'el. made tanya itu hari, could i be fair to my 2 kids? ntahlah... mungkin ada sikit bias as i've been always with adam. and this time around baby girl pulakkan... so, i dont know what to expect. i hope i could justify my role as a mother. insya Allah...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

eh.. eh.. sama pulak

we went for lunch kat secret recipe last sunday. tengah asyik makan ni, tetiba satu brader ni grabbed my attention. bukan pasal apa pun... pasal baju yg dia pakai tu sebijik baju made tapinya baju dia lusuh sikitlah.. agaknya baju favourite dia la agaknya. hehehe.. nasib la made tak pakai baju yg sama. kalo tak.... adoiiiii....

mengenangkan baju tu, i recalled one incident happened to me while i was with sherry and adam, doing some raya shopping in klcc. tengah dok jalan2 ni tetiba ternampak this lady wearing exactly the same handbag i was wearing. dengan segera, i marched into M&S and bought a new sling bag. yes! saya sangat "ape menda la dia ni....":P i have no reason for my action. but i felt, tak best.. kalo sama baju ke, sama seluar ke rasa macam... tak kisah la lagi kot. sebab menda tu macam sangat general. tapi kalo macam handbag ni rasa semacam la....

another memory of "kembar" happened when i was in ITM. time tu naik bas 222 pi mai CM ke shah alam. nak dijadikan cite, time tu balik kelas. time tu bas penuh dengan org dah balik keje. dengan aksi awek cun jelita, naiklah minah ni dengan sopan santun berbaju kurung kedah kaler cokelat berbunga kecik2 sambil bawak buku dan bag packnya. sambil kontrol ayu ni, i stopped dekat satu tiang tu, and held the tiang tight sebab bas dah bergerak. peh tu pusing tengok luar. peh tu tengok kakak depan mata. ha.. amik ko! sebijik-sepesen-sama kaler-kembaq siam! confirmed dia pun beli baju tu kat globe silk store. time tu jugak, tak kisah org ramai, i redah aje org ramai tu, gi duk kat belakang. panas muka den.. hahaha..

mengong nih..

Friday, October 16, 2009

mari mengeja

versi atok:
A-Y-A-M = adam

versi adam:
A-D-A-M = ayam

versi ammar:
A-Y-NYUM-NYUM = ayam

Ammar wins :D

Sunday, September 27, 2009

i wish i knew...

Adam said "mama, dont pass away ok?"
I asked "what do you mean?"
Adam replied "dead. Dont die, ok?"
I smiled...

I wouldnt know dear, I wouldnt know....

Saturday, September 05, 2009

6th anniversary

yahooooo.... dah nam tawon kami kawen; and the first to celebrate it online :P tak pelah bang oiii. dinda pasrah aje.. online pun online la. kata hi-tech, tak gitu?

i love you for who you are
i love you for the love you've given me
i love you for being beside me
i love you for the quarrels we had
i love you for what had been said and done
i love you for the joy and tears i had
i love you for standing strong and push me forward
i love you for stealing my heart
i love you for putting sense into my thoughts
i love you for the lovely care and tender
i love you for being the anchor of my strength
i love you for your says and thoughts
i love you for sharing your life with mine
i love you for the love we've shared
i love you for the time you've spent
i love you for being my ears and eyes
i love you for sleepless night caring for my pains and cries
i love you for the advise and words of wisdom
i love you for being my "spongy" bag
i love you for always be there for me
i love you for being the great father of my kid(s)
i love you for the sacrifices you've made for me
i love you for our imperfections that made us a perfect couple
i love you for being the torch of guidance
i love you for the tolerance and patience you've showed
i love you for being the great partner of my life

i could have never love you enough, if you have never loved me this much...
for the 6 years we've spent together, i know that you knew that i love you and will always love you forever...
i cherish the times we've spent and i look forward for many-many years to come to be beside you
i hope and i pray that we could be together, till the death do us part - insya Allah..

Monday, August 31, 2009

merdeka! merdeka! merdeka!

merdekakah kita?

ntah... persepsi masing-masing adalah subjektif.

those days, kalo merdeka day, bangun pagi tengok perbarisan. hari ni kul 9 baru celik mata. itu pun sebab adam dah "good morning mama! electric dah ada mama. kita dah tak panas lagi". kalo ayat dia cuma "morning mama!" confirm aku doze off balik. hahaha..

made pun takde di kala long weekend ni. jadiknya senyum sumbing ajela bangun pagi. keje ada sikit lagi. kang last minute la buat. macam biasa. hehehehe...

dari semalam asik layan lagu raya. rasa berkobar aje tahun ni nak buat kuih raya. alasan setiap tahun - oven takde. hehehe.. time ni jugaklah asik terkenang kuih raya uwan. mmm.. syahdu. kuih raya uwan takdelah semprit ke yg ber-colourful ke, atau yang bercokelat bagai. dia punya kuih2 lama aje. kuih bijan tu confirm ada. kuih bunga ros tu. kuih siput. macam2 kuih lah.. itu hari rasa nak nangis mengenangkan kuih ketayap. nak sangat makan kuih tu, tapi rasa ngek sangat nak buat tak reti. so i called mak uteh - my resort for recipes. and as she went on explaining the ingredients, she mentioned "you bancuh macam roti jala yang uwan buat tu". mmm.... kalo kata bancuh macam roti jala aje tak boleh agaknya.. kena mention jugak "macam uwan buat". that's how relativenya uwan and kuih serta makanan.

same goes to when made needs to fly off the other day. as it's his first overseas trip yg agak jauh, i intend to make some sambal ikan bilis so that he wont be kebulur over there. unfortunately, after few trials, i still cant make a good sambal ikan bilis. well... it was good for us to eat. but i guess it's not good enough for made to bring it over for his trip. so we called off the idea, and asked mak for her extra serunding instead. and again.... memories with uwan melambai2. when mak or bapak had to go for an overseas trip, uwan will definitely bertungkus lumus pegi chow kit to get some good ikan bilis to make her specialty, sambal ikan bilis goreng. and inilah bekalan yg mak dengan bapak selalu bawak selain maggi.

back to merdeka.. uwan is a true supporter of UMNO. to me regardless of which political group you're in, or whatever view you've having; the most important thing is how synonym MALAYSIA is to you. regardless what "kind" you are, the virtue is how you'd like to value your own country. looking at uwan supporting UMNO has been a joy to me. flashing back the memories on how she made me complete the borang keahlian for all the UMNO members had been so much fun. banyak woooo.... satu kampung pandan punya keahlian. she didn't say much. she said what she felt she had to say. at times, bila pegi ceramah tu, dia tido. tapi tetiba aje dia bangun, bagi point dia. majik! that's my uwan.

the other day as we were clearing up her cupboard, i took one of her baju UMNO just to feel her patriotism and national spirit. tapi ntah bila nak pakai; muat ke tak pun tak tau jugak. paw tu penting (sebelum org lain paw dulu). hahahaha...

selamat berposa & memerdekakanlah diri anda sebelum org lain menjajah semula.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

cita-cita saya

dulu time budak-budak, kalo sapa2 tanya nanti besar nak jadik apa, jawapan mesti standard.. nak jadik cikgu, tentera, polis, doktor. peh tu kat sekolah dulu ada profile student yg cikgu akan listkan apa cita-cita kita. my profile, confirm ada cikgu, doktor dengan tentera. kekonon time tu kagum la ngan keje bapak kan... peh tu time tu jugak cam tak tau apa menda nurse tu. yg menonjol pun doktor. so amik doktor. hebat tuuuu... tapi realitinya, saya nak jadik cashier. hahahahahah..

dulu-dulu la.. kalo ikut mak gi giant kat melawati, mesti saya duk kat depan kaunter cashier tu. mak masuk dalam kedai tu lama-lama pun tak pe sebab saya leka tengok mesin cashier tu. time dulu mana ada bar code. so, semua kena key-in. best sehhhh..

i've been a cashier. seronok giler. kira cite-cite saya sudah tercapai. alhamdulillah :D

sekarang saya ada cita-cita baru.. hehehehe.. saya nak jadik domestic engineer atau bahasa mudahnya, housewife.

kenapa eh? dulu kot org dengar awak tu housewife, automatically orang ingat awak time sekolah tanak belajar rajin-rajin. sebab tulah sudahnya duk dapur ngan jaga anak aje. tapi skang ni, rata-rata yg jadik housewife pun educated beb... belajar setinggi awan pun ada. malas nak keje je. hahahaha...

skang ni saya bukan dalam kategori malas nak keje. i love my job. i still have passion in working. bukan rasa diri dah tua.. tapi rasa nak fokus on anak-anak. aicehhh.. dah sebut anak2 tuuu... i think, i have missed some part of adam's growing up moments. the other day i teased him and he cried out loud. and i just let him cry as i know one day, i'll never get to see his crying. i wouldn't be able to tease him and he'll never cry before me, anymore...

tengok adam dah pandai mengira, mengeja, i couldn't hide the feeling - i'm a proud mom. but deep inside me, i felt i'm a loser. i didn't teach adam how to count. i help adam to count. the teacher taught adam. i didn't teach adam how to read. teacher shanti has the patience, i dont.

but of course, if i were to be a housewife, i still want my current salary + allowance and annual leaves. hahahaha.. dah macam laki aku keje tokey kedai emas 916. hahahahahah

takpelah.. for the moment, i'll just let the mind do the berangan thingy :D

Monday, August 17, 2009

happy birthday sayang

today is another manic monday. but it's a special day :D

it's my darling hubby's 32nd birthday.. dah tua. nak celebrate ape sangat kan? sendiri beli kek la kan bang? ngehngehngeh..

my other half is a man of few words. and i'm the opposite. that's what stick us together. my thirty-words would be his three-words, if i have such luck that day. worst would be, "aaa". nak tengok dia cakap banyak, tunggu "gu-gu" dia berkumpul. but still la.. from observation, dia jadik tukang gelak and tukang tambah.

he ain't look like my fav bon jovi. neither that he's like sexy robbie william. not that he looks like zac efron. salih yakob, i used to refer him to; and he's all i want :D

and this man who have been standing strong beside me for more than 6 years had once told me,
"we learn to forgive and forget because we are not going to live forever. if we do, we dont live for ourselves. we live for our kids. look for a brighter day, and dont look back".

i couldn't and wouldn't ask for more. he's all i need and i'm here to wish him, happy birthday, sayang.

i'm not a good singer, so i cannot sing him a nice happy birthday song.
i'm not a good writer, so i cannot write some nice poem for your birthday.
i'm not a good artist, so i cannot draw a nice picture for your happy day.
i'm just the way i am. and i am still whom you have known before. and here i am, sharing your happiness on your celebration day.
mintak sikit kek tu ye bang.... tak baik kudukut.....

untukmu sayang, kupersembahkan lagu cinta kegemaranmu...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

kisah di satu petang

adam was napping and i have to tell you that to get adam to take his afternoon nap is a painstaking job. as i was about to nap as well, tetiba terdengar "pukimak ko, yada.. yada.. yada..". and i was, "hei budak2 skang ni....." and tried to nap again.

then i heard chaos. and i thought "ah sudah.. bergaduh pulak budak2 ni...". so i looked out of my window. tak nampak pulak apa2. tengok arah padang pun takde apa. tengok kanan tak de nampak apa sebab diblocked dengan kain baju dan umah makcik pah. so i went to the living room. i still hear the chaos. dari tingkap living room to baru la nampak umah hujung tu bergaduh, anak beranak - it seems. after a while, they went silent, adam woke up and gua panas hati! anak aku baru nak tido tak sampai sengah jam dah terjaga..

you know what i was planning to do?

i wanted to siap2 cantik-cantik, comey-comey then marched to the said house sambil bawak kosi kecik and take posisi cantik depan umah org gaduh tu. for sure one person will say "ni apa duduk sini ni? balik!! jangan campur urusan keluarga. tak ada kaitan dengan kau"

and i'd reply "memangla takde kaitan. tapi kalo kamu pun cakap sampai kami yang selang lima buah umah ni pun boleh dengar; sampai anak saya pun boleh bangun tido, itu dah macam memang nak suruh kami amik tau. alang2 saya kat sana dengar sayup-sayup je, baik saya duk sini. loud and clear ha....."

what do you think will be their action?

1) akur dengan kesilapan mereka, minta maaf dan berpelukan sesama sendiri lantas masuk ke rumah

2) meneruskan perbalahan antara mereka dan tidak menghiraukan saya kat depan pagar tu

3) mengambil microphone dan berbalah lagi supaya satu taman pulak boleh dengar

4) they stop arguing among themselves and start to kejar me with the parang

mmm.. i think option 4 is the best :D

anyways.. adam terjaga bukan sebab commotion tu pun. dia terjaga sebab mama terlepas pintu so the pintu banged aloud. takde kaitan pun dengan org gaduh2. hehehehe

Friday, August 14, 2009

ceritalah lagi

the past few weeks + months we've seen quite a number of deaths of celebrities. my condolences to their families. this made me think.. kot2 time aku dah sampai in a few days time, would i be ready? would my family be ready? sapa la nak bayar belen kredit kad yg menimbun tu? huhuhu.. adoiii... keciknya rasa diri ni...

pregnancy going well. last check up, doc kata we may be expecting a girl. yiha! yiha! one thought, mama is going to be a shopaholic (again). on another thought, kena pikir in 10 years time, umah ni nak kena re-build ke tuan rumah nak kena berpindah sarang. mmm... hard decision tu. money! money! ongkos! ongkos! kot2 i buat "dana suhanna" ada sapa2 nak menderma tak? heheheeh...

adam dah setat sekolah this week. mama is back with her pick-up duty. adam is getting better with his math. "six on my head, two on my hands. six, seven, eight. eight mama!" well done, my son!! so skang, keje dia main monopoly. without all the leasing cards, only dadu and buah penanda tu. mainlah dia hari2. peh tu asik main lompat2 atas katil dengan kosi. ntah apa yg best sangat main lompat2 tu. kadang2 geram betul tengokkan. tapi dah budak laki kan.. biarlah dia.. tak kosa dah nak melarang.

made will be traveling soon. bulan posa pulak tu. nak merasa berpuasa sebagai perantau la kononnya tu. elehhhhh.. and since he knew gender of the baby, he's been searching for girl's name on the net. so sapa2 nak bagi suggestion tu, sila la buat usul anda kepada encik ramadhan.

selamat berpuasa semua.. semoga puasa kita diterima & amalan kita diberkati. insya Allah..

Saturday, July 25, 2009

weekend with adam & ammar

hari ni pegi antara gapi. jalan2 tengok umah mak. planning nak ke ikea ditunda lagi :(

paling happy adalah budak berdua, ammar & adam.

gamba atas bukit belakang umah. yg hujung kanan tu ditugaskan jaga budak2 panjat bukit tu. aktiviti seterusnya?
dah pandai naik kenalah pandai turunkan? takan nak duk atas bukit tu aje...

landing time... gedegedegedegedegede...

"sakit bontot dam?"

"sakit jugak"

"nak naik lagi?"


"ah sudah.. besok2 naik lagi.... kang lopong bontot tu karang"

on the way balik, adam ternampak lereng bukit yg terbakar. dont know whether it was intentionally or it was an accident. so budak2 prihatin ni suruhlah mama & ayah kol bomba. we asked them to call themselves. conversation as follows:

adam: hello bomba?

ammar: hello bomba?

(time ni dua-dua pun nak jadik rakyat prihatin)

adam: ada fire dekat atas mountain tu

ammar: ada api. (couldn't catch what adam was saying)

adam: tolong ambilkan air padamkan api itu

ammar: baiklah

(suddenly ammar jadik bomba)

ammar: tapi air dah habis

adam: ambil la daripada sea atau swimming pool

ammar: swimming pool tempat awak berenanglah..

adam: oh ya.. tak apalah.. saya pakai air dari water bottle saya

ammar: baiklah

adam: tapi nanti habislah air water bottle saya

ammar: tak apa.. nanti kita boleh tambah lagi

adam: baiklah.

(phone conversation ended)

soon after, we saw a bomba on the opposite road. these 2 budak was so excited and relieved!!!

adam: yeh.. kita berjaya talifon bomba. kita kena terima kasih pada tangan kita

ammar: ya betul. terima kasih tangan

adam: terima kasih tangan saya

tak lama lepas tu, kedua-dua rakyat berhemah ni pun off to lala land...

kenapa terima kasih tangan? sebab tangan derang tu, pretend jadik talipon lah. ala.. sign language gitu..

nak pengsan gelakkan budak berdua ni..... senak2 perut...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

keinginan meluap

teringinnya nak makan nasik minyak..... sapa2 ada jemputan kenduri kawin tu, mehlah hulur2 jemputan kat kami ni ha..

kalo takde, i dah buat plan dengan made nak redah aje sapa2 punya kenduri hujung minggu ni. kenal ke tak kenal ke, kami nak gi jugak. hahahaha...

alah.. pengantin mana yg kenal semua jemputan dia kan? paling hebat pun yg duk tunggu tetamu adalah mak ayah dia kan? kalo tak mak ayah pengantin mestilah makcik pakcik pengantin kan? kalo kami datang bawak hadiah atau paling sikit pun bagi duit kaut, ada ke antara pakcik makcik yg pakai bunga duit tu nak tanya, siapakah kami? mesti tak de kannnnnnn? kot-kot dia tanya pun, kami cakaplah, kami kawan pengantin. mesti lepas tu dia persilakan makan.

cantek tak cadangan?
of courselah kami takan pegi yg kat dewan perdana felda. kalo setakat dewan org ramai tu, rasanya sanggup lagi kot...
peh tu kami bawak mangkuk tingkat ni. agak2 boleh pow bawak balik sikit tak?

hahahhaha.. melampauuuuu

Sunday, July 19, 2009

di sebalik sawang :D

ish ish ish.. punyalah lama tak update blog ni.. bersawang2 dah ha... macammana nak post pun dah tak tau tadi.. kehkehkeh..

life has been good.... alhamdulillah :D

adam has been a good boy. recently ada 2nd term exam. ntah bila first term exam pun kami tak tau. he did great. though takdelah 100% markah dia, but we are proud of his achievement. we had some concerns over his test paper, but as his class teacher pointed out; the BM & agama teacher had been called before the principal for numerous times, i guess, i should take my own initiative to guide & teach adam. after all, he's my baby :D minggu depan cuti sekolah... siaplah tv - 24hourslah bersiaran.. since i got pregnant, adam has been a little possessive. tido ngan mama kena pegang tangan. mama tak boleh tido mengadap ayah. mama kena pandang adam aje. lepas hantar adam balik umah after school pun, adam will merengek nak ikut mama gi ofis. ape ke halnya? ntahlah.... makcik pah sebelah ni kata, sebab dia nak dapat adik. but to think about it, he's already 5. ntahlah.. tak pelah manja. mama pun suka nak mengada2 dengan adam. hahahah

made at times has been busy. travel here and there. banting, subang, JB, etc. he'll be flying off soon but until i get a confirmation date, anggap sajalah the business trip tu tak menjadik lagi. *memujuk hati ni....*

we've found a maid and she's been here for about 2 months. good girl (insya Allah). basically nothing much to do in the house. dia pun kadang kebingungan - dia la kata... all i want is an assistant with my house chores and mainly to look after adam. alhamdulillah, she's been doing well. at the time of hiring, i was not pregnant. as she came in, i was in the middle of my first trimester. so knowing that i was pregnant, kind of a "shock" news to her. so i told her that i didnt know that i'd get preggy. and she did tell me that she doesnt know how to take care of a baby since she's the youngest in the family. well.. neither do i. it's been 5 years since i look after a baby. therefore, we have to go back to basic. both of us will learn from scratch. tak pelah... tak cuba, tak tau...

my pregnancy has progressed well. alhamdulillah. now dah 4 months plus, plus. dah nampak pun baby wiggles dalam perot boncet ini. and everytime adam tengok adik dia, sure adik dia akan lambai2 kat abang adam. we are excited for the new addition :D other than that, alhamdulillah, for the new school year, rezeki bertambah lagi. berkat doa family & kawan2. syukur...
apa lagi eh? takde dah kot.. nanti cite la lagi ye :D

"mama... saya makan worm.. heheheheh"

Saturday, April 04, 2009

sports day adam

adam had his annual sports day on 14 march 2009. waktu perbarisan masuk adam kena duk belakang sebab lambat datang. nasib baik ngam-ngam hahahaha. org dah nak masuk padang baru terkedek-kedek adam sampai

roughly 2 weeks before the day, adam balik sekolah satu hari tu tetiba je pandai nyanyi lagu uptown girl. rupanya on sports day dia kena kena buat performance. siap ada pom-pom ok..

sorry ye... video adam tu besau benar. nanti bila dah resized, i'll upload it :D

letih jugak menunggu for the event to start. kul 8 kena datang, kul 10.30 baru nak start acara-acara semua. we had to wait for ALL the primary & secondary students buat perbarisan masuk & some cheerleading performance.

mula-mula - 4 rumah sukan of primary students buat perbarisan and little performance.
kendian - 4 rumah sukan of secondary students buat perbarisan and little performance.
seterusnya - 4 rumah sukan of primary students buat cheerleading performance.
peh tu - 4 rumah sukan of secondary students buat cheerleading performance.

tak ke er... bosan, menunggunya.. and some of the performance, to me, did not represent semangat kesukanan langsung. ada satu tu, kononnya main tarik tali. peh tu group dia ala-ala nak kalah, ketua kumpulan boleh gi amik pistol gi tembak group org sana. boleh ke gitu? violence ok... with current situation, i hope the school management will be more sensitive. yang paling kesian budak2 kindylah.. dahlah duduk mengadap matahari. berpanasan..

adam masuk acara perah sponge masukkan air dalam botol dengan bawak bola pingpong. satu menang, satu kalah. alah.. budak-budak kindy. menang dapat hadiah. kalah pun dapat hadiah. apa kisahhhh..

untuk menaikkan semangat kesukanan di kalangan budak-budak ni, parents pun kena participate tau. termasuklah parents yg ini. hehehe.. alah.. setakat main lari kaki tiga.. apalah sangat. ini juara negeri belah tenggara selatan laaaaa.. saja je kami bagi bagi parents lain menang sebab kat umah kami tak cukup almari nak letak trofi kemenangan. ngehngehngeh

perasan tak baju kitorang yg hijau tu? haaaaa... sebab anak pun baju hijau ok.. ku lihat hijauuuuuuuuu...

time amik hadiah, semua kindy students kena beratur. teacher dah susun bebudak ni ikut name list. tapi apalah nak diharapkan kat bebudak ni kan? susunlah macam mana, tak sampai 1 minit dah berterabur. untuk amik hadiah, adalah announcer panggil nama bebudak ni. announcer ni pulak duduk jauh and tak boleh monitor budak mana yg tengah amik hadiah. therefore, nama yg dia panggil dengan budak yg amik hadiah tak tally. nak dijadikan cite, adam tengah elok beratur amik hadiah. sekali dia dengar nama dia kena panggil. terus dia gi salam org bagi hadiah tu and...

tada..... dah dapat hadiah. hahahahaha... sukahati dia aje potong queue budak lain.. tapi elok jugak.. cepat sikit mama & ayah balik. :D

barisan juara-juara: airiel, haziq, adam & mukriz. hehehehe

dan hasilnya?
monday kena gi amik nebulizer. balik sekolah terus gi gleneagles sebab tengok dah lembik anak mama sorang ni. cikgu pun kata "he's not on his usual mood today".

i wish to thank all friends who are concern on adam's health. sangat-sangat terima kasih.. me and my husband appreciate it so much. currently we are considering every options. at times, we just dont want to think about what had happened to adam. the more we think, the more we takut. we love adam so much and we want the best for adam. i know all of you are offering the very best for adam too. thank you again..

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

baby adam

i was not tagged tapi itchy-itchy nak jawab. boleh? i got it from here.

plan tak, accident pun tak. mak pasrah nyahhhh... a day before nikah, bendera jepun menyerang. harus tergedik-gediklah cik ovum bertemu en. sperm. kehkehkeh..

yup! yup! legally :D

ntah.. tak de perasaan sangat. sebab dua-dua pun macam mengong-mengong. cuma bila dah tengok gamba budak adam time dia cinonet dalam perut ni, baru ada sikit rasa excited.

baper eh.. 26 kot? lemah betul ilmu hisab..

cara tradisi.. period tak muncul jelma. peh tu buat test drive :D

ntah sapa...... sapa eh? tak leh recall la..

basically tak de sangat.. tapi gynae tu sibuk nak bagitau. so dengar ajelah. tapi sekali tu jelah dapat tengok pun. dengan doc kat damai hospital. peh tu nak tengok sekali lagi kat HKL, dia dah tanak tunjuk. pemalu budak adam ni.

12 June 2004

12 June 2004 - ngam-ngam. champion punya.. hahahahhaha


inilah antara punca che made tidak mau bininya berpreggy lagi. tak larat dia nak melayan morning sickness cik puan kesayangan ni ha. 9 bulan ok. 9 bulan mengada-ngada asik nak muntah aje. peh tu tak boleh nak tengok muntah sendiri. bertambah2 muntahnya..

yang ni lagi mintak ampun. dalam sebulan mesti ada satu menda yg gila-gila punya teringin. and craving will last for a month, at least. ada sekali gilakan rojak buah. ntah apa yg sedap sangat pun tak tau. tapi tiap2 hari ahad dalam sebulan tu mesti nak ke pasar malam au3 beli rojak buah pakcik ni. ada lagi sebulan pulak dok gilakan burger ramly dekat depan 7-11 au4. burger mekdi tak main. punya la kemaruk time tu.. makan kat situ dah satu. tapau satu bawak balik. dah balik, suh che made gi beli lagi satu lagi. 3 biji burger satu malam. kaya brader tu. hehehe. one thing yg tak leh lalu kat tekak adalah durian. makan sikit aje dah demam.

ntah.. macam tak de perasaan. tapi yang idengan perasannya rasa, ramai org asik mengendeng je time preggy tu. ntah nak amik berkat ke nak amik lemak ke nak amik apa pun tak taulah.. ada aje org nak bermanja2, ajak bercite, ajak berjalan, etc.

the boyish adam

no preference. pernah terdetik sekali nak lelaki. heheheh

ya tuhan.. yang ni memang tak de ampun. naik double. daripada 45 kilo, naik sampai 80 kilo. kalo i ni lembu nak kena jual buat raya korban, confirm-confirm beribu-ribulah harganya..

baby shower takde. shower dengan baby ada. hahahaha

soklan tidak berkaitan. sila ke soklan seterusnya

early preggy ada kena masuk sjmc seminggu sebab kurang air. time tu posa. jadik tak tau kalo kurang air boleh effect baby

hospital kuala lumpur. mama adam pun lahir kat situ tauuuuuu

ada 24 hours kotnye

beloved husband, che made

doctors & nurses. keadaan kritikal untuk suamiku berada bersama. kehkehkeh... tapi dia kata kan.. dia nangis kat luar sambil kol akak dengan ayah dia. hehehehe.. eeeeee...tak ballu......

last minute c-section

ntahlah.. kalo ada medicine pun dah tak tau apa rasa dah...

adam danial

my little angel is turning 5 soon :D

ni gamba adam dengan el-haryz danial. anak my cousin, lidiya. adam was so excited jumpa baby danial. dari awal sampai sudah asik duduk kat tepi baby tu aje. siap ikut baby pegi mandi. time tengok baby mandi tu siap bagi laporan, "mama.. baby tu berak". hahahahah

impak maksima untuk mama ni.. ayahhhhhhhhh.. ayuh kita.. hehehehe

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

san francisco coffee brownie "semuties"

i was home early yesterday as adam had another asthma attack. i rushed adam to gleneagles after fetching him from his school. i didn't bring my handbag - only wallet, handbag & car key.

after adam had his nebulizer, i called sherry to take my handbag from my drawer and to pass it to me at the parking lot. she did, with a plastic bag from san francisco coffee. a brownie inside :D

soon me and adam arrived home. put our things down. i cooked some spageti for adam and left the brownie on the table. while waiting, adam watched tv and i got connected with the world wide web.

we had our meal. adam had his ubat. threw out all the meal he had. and he watched tv again. i had my meal and suddenly thought of the brownie, only to find it has already surrounded by semuties*.

so i ym-ed sherry "your brownie got attacked by semuties la dear". i can't recall her reply.

so today i had the following conversation with sherry:

me: i believe your brownie was delicious. too bad the semuties had it first

sherry: yeah.. too bad. and you know i completely forgot that i went to san francisco klcc. i called the ampang branch instead

me: eh? why you called them?

sherry: well... you know.. some "customer feedback" regarding their semuties (she said that with a wink-wink)

me: haaaaaaah??? you what????? the semuties were from my rumahlah, sherry

sherry: oh my god!!!!!!! oh my god!!!!!!! oh my god!!!!!!! oh my god!!!!!!! oh my god!!!!!!!

me: hahahahaha.. i guess you have to call them again on another "customer feedback"

sherry: hahahahahhaa..... will think about that..


sherry jahat..


* semuties adalah sang semut

the brownie looks a little bit like this la...

pic from:

rear view mirror

situasi gini eh...

traffic lite - currently, lampu merah. you're the third car dari depan. after a while, traffic lite tukar hijau.

first car, vroooooommmmmmm.. babai.
second car, terleka sekejap sebab ntah apa yg dia berangankan.
third car, yes you, terkulat-kulat berpikir nak honk ke tak, nak hi-beam ke tak

while you dok berpikir2 suddenly the 2nd car moved

penah tak perasan yg the 2nd car driver for sure(*) akan tengok his/her rear view mirror, to look at your reaction.

dan penah tak perasan.. kalo misal kata you honk or hi-beam kat dia, reaction dia akan sama ada terkumat kamit baca jampi serampah and/or sumpah-seranah ataupun dia akan tekan pedal minyak as though he/she has just being flagged off for a race.

macam-macam manusia nih...

* i'm saying for sure sebab happened to me few times already. and please note that i have put there HE & SHE ye.... oleh itu tiada genderism yeeeeee

pic from:

Friday, March 06, 2009


will be out of town & kl for couple of days.

bawak adam cuti naik air asia. boleh tahan budak2 sekarang bercuti kan? dulu time i, dapat naik keta balik umah uwan kat kampung pandan tu pun dah cukup bagus. hahahahah...

talk about cuti ni kan.. nak cite satu kisah ni lah... dulu time kecik, mm.. takdelah kecik sangat. dah darjah 6 kot. bapak kata nak bawak bercuti. so kami adik beradik pun excited lah. dia kata nak gi fraser's hill. ha... ko.. memang bunga-bunga la perasaan. sebab? sebab ingatkan fraser's hill tu kat overseas. ada salji, kena pakai winter coat, boleh buat snowman apa bagai. time tu siap packing dengan along & siap beranganlah nak buat itu ini. peh tu bila tengok naik keta je, tak de pun pegi airport, jadik cam heran pun ada. apesal naik keta aje ni. oooo.. rupanya fraser's hill tu dalam malaysia je. tak de jauh mana pun. cheh! hahahahah.. ngok kan geografi saya?

kisah ni pun mengingatkan kisah adam recently. when i told him that we are going to kuching, naik air asia. dia kata "iye ke mama? kita nak pegi planet kuching ke mama?" hahahaha.. nak pengsan rasa. planet kuching ok kawan-kawan.... harus kena panggil sheikh muzafar jadik tour guide. kahkahkahkah..

lagi beberapa jam nak ke planet kuching dah. take care kawan2.

selamat bercuti & selamat menyambut maulidur rasul.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

si kambing itam

kasihan kambing itam
dicerca pun dia, dipuji pun dia
dikata pun dia, diagung pun dia
dicela pun dia, dimegah pun dia
pendek kata semua pun dia...

malangnya si kambing hitam
meragut rumput di laman orang
adakala dipuji "elok juga ada kambing itam ni. tak payah potong rumput"
adakala dikeji "menyusahkan betul kambing itam ni. habis pokok bogenvila aku diragutnya"
apalah nasibnya..

macam manala masa depan si kambing itam
nak tanya salah, tak tanya pun salah
nak buat salah, tak buat pun salah
nak cuba salah, tak cuba pun salah
bulat kata, semuanya serba salah

tulah kambing itam, orang dah kata
"jangan kacau hak orang
jangan berkehendak milik orang
jangan gilai kepunyaan orang
jangan diminta-minta pada orang"

"bukan.. bukan macam tu..
bukan niat nak kacau
bukan berkehendak sangat
bukan tergila-gila pun
jauh sekali nak meminta
sekadar membantu... salah ke?
cuma berharap.. payah ke?"

langit tu tinggi, Allah itu Esa
minta saja pada Yang Kuasa
kita ni di dataran
memanjat doa jangan dikala resah
merintih nasib bukan dikala musibah
dekatkan diri, bersihkan jiwa
akal diperguna, perasaan jangan diraja

senang saja cakap orang
dituding sana, ditunjuk sini
disuruh situ, dipanggil sinun
nasib diri, berlandas iman
baik mulut, permaidanikan bahasa
mujur badan, berkotakan akal

tak mengapalah kambing itam
kamukan gagah, tegar menangkis kata nista
kamukan tegap, bisa membuang kudis buta
kamukan kuat, mampu mengota apa dikata
kamukan terror, boleh melawan nafsu durjana

kamukan kamu....
kamu tahu apa kamu mahu
kamukan dirimu...
kamu tahu apa kamu ingin
kamukan tahu...
kambing itam adalah kambing itam
selamanya kambing itam
selagi hidup adalah kambing itam
mampu larikah kamu?

pic from:

Saturday, February 21, 2009

drama minggu ini

we have been receiving telekom bills belong to the former owner of our house couple of months back. i have accidentally opened the first bill that came to our house thinking that it was our bill. after i read carefully, i realized the bill was not ours and phone number starting with "8". knowing that he and his family has moved to putrajaya, i reckon it was the bill for his house in putrajaya. we have neither informed him nor telekom. recently we received a bill with "REMINDER" printed on the envelope, and still addressed to the former owner.

knock! knock!

telekom: assalamualaikum

me: waalaikumussalam, ya?

telekom: maaf kak, kami datang nak potong line

me: line? line apa?

telekom: line telefon

me: kenapa pulak nak potong line telefon?

telekom: sebab kita dapat arahan kata akak tak bayar bil dah lebih dari tiga bulan

me: are you sure?

telekom: akak dah dapat reminder kan?

me: are you very-very-very sure of what you're doing?

telekom: kalau akak tak puas hati, akak kena deal dengan HQ. kami dapat arahan aje kak

me: i am certain i have paid all my bills & certainly clear that telekom owes me couple of ringgit. you better check again with your HQ

telekom: akak jangan macam ni kak..

me: bukan saya yang macam ni. awak hantar bil ntah ke sapa2. org lain punya bil awak hantar kepada org lain, lepas tu awak sedap-sedap aje nak potong line ye?

telekom: bukan kak.. kita dah hantar reminder untuk akak jelaskan bil

me: meman
glah awak hantar reminder. tapi cuba tengok nombor tu nombor berapa? kawasan kat sini nombor dia start nombor berapa? ada logik?

telekom: eh.. kat sini bukan 8xxxxxx? (cakap kat kawan dia, "weii.. kawasan sini nombor berapa?". "empat" kawan dia kata)

me: saya tanak menghalau, tapi awak baik balik and suruh HQ awak check balik details yg mereka key in dan tolong betulkan.

telekom: maaf ye kak

me: a'ah.. saya maafkan. kem salam ye dekat org HQ awak tu

of course, this has yet to happen :D telekom kalo nak potong line mana ada datang rumah. dia cut off daripada tempat dia aje.. i have, however, prepared some lines should my line went off

me: encik yang berhormat, kenapa potong line saya?

telekom on line: sebab puan tak bayar puan punya bil setelah kami hantar reminder

me: awak hantar bil sapa? awak hantar dekat mana?

telekom on line: bil "former owner" di keramat. macam dalam rekod kami

me: boleh tak awak tengok balik application dia against rekod awak. dan tolong rectify masalah awak. nombor "8" takde dekat kawasan keramat. saya yang tak keje telekom ni pun tau nombor "8" ni nombor kat putrajaya

telekom on line: sebentar puan, saya semak. (after few minutes) maaf puan. ada kesilapan dalam rekod kami pun. kami mintak maaf puan

me: ok. maaf diterima. bila saya boleh dapat balik line saya?

telekom on line: puan boleh dapat balik line puan dalam 24 jam. kami akan creditkan rm10 sebagai pemasangan semula la puan

me: ape pasal pulak saya kena bayar rm10? awak yg suka2 hati potong, saya pulak kena bayar. awak suruh ceo awak bayar

telekom on line: errrr.. nanti saya refer pada supervisor saya puan. tunggu sebentar. (after few minutes). puan, saya dah refer pada supervisor saya dan kami tak charge rm10 dalam bil puan.

me: you better not.

telekom on line: terima kasih kerana memanggil telekom on line puan. ada apa2 lagi yg boleh saya bantu?

me: boleh. tolong suruh semua employees telekom buat eye check up setiap bulan. terima kasih

dont blame my scriptwriting talent :P


otak..... bergeliga

Monday, February 16, 2009


"You don't seem to know, don't seem to care what your heart is for"

i have always loved this song. i remember listening to this song with joy with someone special. i remember calling it "lagu kita" as both of us like the song so much.. not much of the lyric but more of the melody. somehow that someone had hurt my heart and now i'm listening to the song with sorrow.

"You're a little late, I'm already torn"

please tear, no more cry.. big girl dont cry, you know...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

kisah adam dan atuk

gamba adam lukis. siap tulis nama.. org suh pandang kamera, dia sibuk nak pandang mirror.

pagi tadi i sent adam to atuk's. you, you, you, you, you and everybody la, should look at atuk's glowing face when adam walked in with his school uniform & school bag. atuk was excited, i reckon. sebab dia yang bukakkan pintu.. hahahha.. it was nothing great with atuk bukak pintu. tapi selalunya atuk malas nak bukak pintu ok.. kalo kami datang kebiasaannya, kenalah berpanggil-panggil, bersahut-sahutan baru dia bukak pintu. walaupun jarak dia dengan pintu tu tak sampai beberapa meter. :P

yesterday when i told him that i need him to send adam to school, atuk didn't show his excitement. but he did (and so did along) told me that he needs some exercise for his legs. and he wants to start his day early morning. so by sending adam to school, he will at least have something to do and have his fresh air.

at about 8.30am i called atuk and i asked about how was the trip to adam's school. he said:

"ok aje.. masuk pintu. parking depan guard. lepas tu guard tu bukak kan pintu. dia kata masuk sini. lepas tu jalan dengan adam pegi kelas dia. sampai kelas dia, dia bukak kasut, bapak baliklah lepas tengok dia masuk kelas. jaket adam ni, dia tinggal aje kat moto. dia tak pakai kat kelas ke?"

i replied "tak payah. dalam kelas dia tak baper panas. and he moves around a lot", and i had teary eyes. iyeeeeee.. saya cengeng. sila ingat :P

then the kepoci mama asked adam how was his journey with atuk. adam said:

"best mama..... saya naik moto. saya tunjuk arah kat atuk. mula-mula atuk bawak selo. lepas tu saya cakap dekat atuk. lepas tu atuk bawak laju sangat mama. tapikan mama, jaket saya tinggal dalam moto atuk la mama. besok saya pegi dengan atuk tak mama?"

and i replied "ha'ah.. OK ke adam pegi dengan atuk?"

"tak pe.... sebab nanti teacher (i suppose he meant boss) mama marah kat mama. hari ni teacher mama marah dekat mama tak?" said adam

he was jumping joy when i said "no.. teacher mama tak marah kat mama hari ni sebab mama datang awal". and i said that with another teary eyes. baru 5 tahun dah paham perasaan mama.. adoi... nangis! nangis! menciklah air mata ni....

i reckon, atuk akan beli jaket & helmet adam lepas ni. hahahahaha..

made kata, "i guess it's every atuk's dream to send their cucu to school. sebab tulah atuk excited. masaklah kalo lepas ni adam nak atuk hantar aje"

and i terbayang... kalo tok ayah ada, mungkin tok pi & tok ayah bergilir-gilir hantar adam.....