Sunday, February 24, 2008

in memory of a dear friend


10:20pm - i received a call from sherry.
"anna, i have a bad news from makcik pi. aris syah dah meninggal"
"hah? u jangan main2 sherry"
"tak.. i serius"
i put down the phone. i contacted kodi, aris's best friend. as soon as he answered, i asked where he was.
"kat rumah arwahlah"
"jadi betul la nih?"
soon after, i received an sms from isma "sahabat kite aris shah telah kembali ke rahmatullah. jenazah di rumah lembah keramat".
confirmed - aris has passed away.

11:00pm - sherry and i made move to aris's house. he was there... lying breathless. gosh! this can't be true... then i met my maklong nor who happen to be aris's neighbour.
"mak dia kol dia dari pagi. tapi tak berangkat. mak dia kata dia demam dari semalam (friday). dia kata nak pegi klinik pagi ni. dah petang tu, mak dia kol maklong suruh tengokkan rumah dia. best friend dia pecahkan bilik dia dari umah neigbour sebelah ni sebab all doors locked. tengok dia dah takde dah. paramedic kata dah about 4 hours he passed away. mak dia still kat tanjung malim ni. maklong tanak break the news lah. better if she comes and things reveal itself"
oh! poor aris.... aris's body was taken away by the police for post-mortem. i still can't believe it's true...


i decided to skip my afternoon class. thanks mr ter. rushed back home then to aris's house. myself, sherry, made & adam were the last to pay respect to arwah aris. i broke down and cried. yesterday, i couldn't recall anything about aris. not even how he looks like. and today, i just cant believe i've lost a friend. a dear friend. i attended the funeral. i cried. i paid my respect. and i'll miss aris.

aris has been a very dear friend. we became friends when i moved into sklk, about 19 years ago. he's a jovial person, talk big sometimes, but always keep friends at heart. he has been talking and planning about reunion. but it has not become reality but on his funeral. aris, your dream has come true, finally....


mohd aris syah bin mohd kaus tajuin
04.04.78 - 23.02.08
cause of death: meningitis
** pic taken from his friendster **

Monday, February 11, 2008

whats up yo?!

been long enuff kan? not lazy, not buzy, ideas come and go. but no urge to jot things down la.. so here are my list of updates...

1) went back to krai for CNY together with kak ti's & abe ajih's family. traffic was bad from gombak. but at ease soon after we reached bentong (was it, yang?). adam had joy playing with kakak hannah, abg ish & imran. next day had a makan-makan trip to kota bharu. 1st to kak nik's place for the daughter's wedding. kenduri hari jumaat, semacam je rasa. hehehe.. then to aunty zainah's place. then another eating session at ku & chek's place. then headed to kak nik je's house to pick up my murtabak diraja. (info: murtabak diraja is just like the normal murtabak that we saw in pasar malam or pasar ramadhan, but this one is quite thick. about 6cm?) then to kak ah's house to rest a bit and we split out with abe ajih & kak ti. they went to another majlis in pasar puteh whilst we headed down back to krai. on the way, singgah makan umah abg man. majlis sempena meraikan pemergian mek ye ke australia. reached home, adam demam. mama start batuk. went to search for clinic, all closed due to CNY. anyway, nothing much in bandar krai after 8pm. just like shah alam in 1990s. by 8pm dah macam dead city. the next day, packed up and made our move to kuantan. we left at about 1, reached kuala terengganu at about 4. a&w was packed with people so we marched down to kak ting's place. from there we drove to kuantan. 40 minutes atas jambatan dekat masjid terapung. tak tau pasal apa. masuk jalan ke kuala berang, sampai kuantan at about 10pm. reached keramat at about 2.54am. giler ngantuk & penat! in short, we spent our holiday in krai this time around by travelling and eating out..

2) celebrated mak & bapak's 32nd wedding anniversary in cozy corner, great eastern mall. cozy corner ampang park used to be our "grand" dine-in place. last time i used to feel jadik org kaya by having their chicken chop with gravy & fresh orange in. hehehe... full pack of people, so takde lah nak berlama-lama sangat. lagipun kami bertiga dah memang lama kat situ sebab tunggu yg lain sampai. :P before that sherry and i went to ichiban moshi in pavillion. giler best punya sushi outing... kena makan lagi.

3) brought adam for some mandi-manda at kak na's place in pj. adam showed his "berenang-tak-basah-kepala" and "berenang-dengan-hanya-bend-kaki" skills. makan2. turun bawah tengok keta kena clamped. hampehhh.. thanks to kak aishah & her singaporean kiasu. we managed to get them opened the clamps without having to pay the RM50 fees. hehehehehe

what else eh...

4) our project on "burp" had to be called off. sedehhh.... apparently, the two chefs will not be available for the project any longer. well... actually the first chef je.. tapi takan sorang je nak masak kan? mana larat.. so, dengan rasa keciwa, we wish to inform that we will not be doing the food delivery service. we still have hope that the "burp" project will, insya Allah, be a reality.

5) i had an appointment with dr. alex matthews of gleneagles the other day. he's a gynae. 2 news from the doc. good one, my female internal organs are in a perfecto condition. bad news, he can't seem to determine why am i having pain before & after my menses. few doctors thought it got to do with my appendices. but i have removed my appendices few years ago. even before i got married. so in conclusion, they can only say the pain was probably due to the scar & addition collic (colleague? kolik? ntah tak retilah nak eja...) from adam's delivery. disturbing news ain't it? it's like telling me "well madam, please get pregnant if you wish, but you're in a life-death situation". ok.. some may not understand... during adam's delivery, i had some complications - womb tear - across the muscle, O2 low, nicu for 2 days, failure of epidural & spinal, was advised to get preggy after 2-3 years, blood patch, stupid tukang urut whom after 3 days asked me "what is caesarean?". so my deary friends, please dont ask me "bila adam nak dapat adik?" we (as made & myself) had a discussion and we thought, perhaps adam is enuff for us. when we thought that's the best solution we could think off, we could see, adam needs a buddy.. he hasn't been asking, but the brotherly attitude that he shows towards ammar says it all. oh! it's hard and i'm helpless :(