Thursday, January 15, 2009

adam had asthma attack

adam had asthma attack on saturday. he started with flu and then coughing. i didn't think anything was wrong until i realized he didn't breath properly. he was having short of breath when he talked. however, he was still active.

made was still in bintulu when adam had this attack. me, plain me (stupid me, when i recall), didn't know what to do. i gave adam his asthma puff. we already had the puff since adam encountered his first attack some time last year. but that was a minor one. this time around, after i gave him the puff, he was not ok. still, i didn't bring him to see any medical practitioners thinking that, it was his flu that made him short of breath.

made arrived soon after maghrib but instead of heading to a clinic, we went to AEON to get adam's swimming suit. unfortunately, there was a night market and we didn't know how to get into the parking area. so we headed to alpha angle instead. as i was driving, and adam was next to me, i didn't feel comfortable looking at adam talking. there was time that he just stopped talking without finishing his sentences. i decided to bring adam to our regular clinic. Thank Allah, it was the right move. the doctor told us that adam had a bad asthma attack and luckily we were there before it got worsen. adam was given nebulizer and sent home with some medications. we had to monitor adam for couple of hours and advised to make our way to the nearest clinic or hospital should adam's condition shows no progress.

Alhamdulillah on sunday adam felt better. we went to AEON to get his swimming suit and back home as i was bleeding badly on my 2nd day of mensus. is this normal? i had miscarriage about a month ago and this is my first mensus. is it normal to change 3 overnight pads for half a day?

do you realize, my family asyik sakit lately? mak with her on-off fever. ammar with his fever too. me with miscarriage. made with his fever the other day. then bapak with his fever (alhamdulillah.. it was not chinkungya. demam-p.ramlee, mak kata) and now adam with asthma attack. adam was also feverish continuing his ayah's fever, 2 weeks before.

not a good start for 2009, i reckon..

adam in the clinic, with the nebulizer. mama hopes you'd feel better dearie..

Sunday, January 11, 2009

"i'm 5 years old" says adam

adam dah sekolah. yey! yey!

on his first day, i was all excited. read it carefully, "i" was excited. mama yg excited lebih-lebih. adam rilex aje. hahaha.. siap menitiskan air mata when i handed him to the class teacher. serius punya cengeng.

few parents waited with me on the first day. alhamdulillah.. adam tak nangis pun. jangan kata nak nangis, pusing belakang babai mama pun tidak. sedih sungguhlah mama.. it was only during his break time, he came to me. i asked him why and he said "tak ada ape. saja nak peluk mama". and i felt like bringing him home that instant. i dont know why i had that feeling. perhaps because made was not around to make me feel emotionally content to face the situation. or maybe adam is my first child, so that's the first child syndrom. or maybe it's just "mom" syndrom of letting their children go. or it's just me being cengeng. i dont know.. i thought i could handle this feeling but completely, i was not strong enough. how could i possibly dare the "mama, i'm marrying my lovely girlfriend" situation one day. mmm... it's surely going to be tough on made. :D

starting tomorrow adam will have to wake up a little early. mama took a week off last week and will be coming back to work tomorrow. ayah is also back from bintulu yesterday and will be sending adam to school. poor adam has to wake up early to cope with ayah & mama's working schedule. mama starts work at 7:30am and ayah at 8:30am. since ayah is now reporting to kelang's office, he has go off early. ayah will be leaving to bintulu again soon and mama will have to juggle between adam's school, mama's work & home. mama hates ayah's work. :P

budak ammar ni pun sibuk nak gi sekolah. berpeluh nenek carik beg sekolah ni untuk dia. :D

untuk pak & mak sedara & kawan2 sekalian, tok sahlah tanya adam sapa nama cikgu ataupun kawan2 dia. takdenye dia tau. semua pun "ntah.. saya tak tau". baik tanya mama. jangan kata nama kawan2, nama pak & mak kawan2 adam, mana kawan2 adam tinggal, kawan2 adam naik keta apa siap dengan nombor plate pun mama tau. :D

please pray for bapak's health. demam dah seminggu and i thought he has recovered when he was into his "labu & labi" mode. mak brought him to clinic just now and now referred to hospital, suspect chikungunya. i hope it's not... insya Allah

Monday, January 05, 2009

dah masuk 2009 dah kita eh?

dah 5 days and i've just had the "feel" a minute ago. ngek-nye rasa. what have i been doing eh?

1) been bz with works yang to-do listnya tak penah surut. siap satu, datang 2. siap 2, datang 5. siap 5, datang 24. mak datuk... 2009 ni, nak mintak naik gaji, naik pangkat, naik bonus, naik kereta, naik kosi baru, dan lain-lain. pendek kata serba naik lah. boleh gitu?

2) been bz with adam's school preparation. i have to admit that i am being over excited. over to the extend that stationeries for adam inclusive of glue (glue stick, ok.. gam air nanti comot. hehe..) & scissor. of course, in addition to 1 dozen of pencils, erasers - a packet of 3, sharpener - a set of 4 and a hot wheel pencil case. beg sekolah aje, hampir beli hush puppies for a price of rm165 because we really wanted a bag that is plain & not to bulky or big for adam. you may agree that looking at the school bags nowadays, macam luggage bag. dah ada strap sangkut kat bahu tu, ada holder & roda lagi. besar beg sekolah daripada tuannya. and kalo ada kartun, sebesar-besar kartun kat muka bag bag tu. kalo ada tulisan, sepenuh-penuh beg dengan tulisan dia. so we bought a simple bag. cost us RM70. bolehla.. janji mama pueh hati. kehkehkehkeh

3) made will soon start his business travelling. for sure NOT my favourite part. he has not been travelling for quite some time therefore, i need to start being independent again. it's been a while that i wave him goodbye in the wee hours. then eagerly waiting for him to chat & googletalk/ym/skype talk. then, sleeping alone with adam and my mind thinking about 1001 stupid things that might happen while made is away. the last one will surely keep my adrenalin rush like stupid. i dont basically favour when made is away. oklah.. nanti i nak manja-manja ngan sapa, kan? peh tu sapa nak kunci pintu pagar? i bukanlah malas... tapi once masuk umah, tak kosa dah nak kuar balik. it means once i lock the gate, no one is (cordially) invited to my house. tapinya, time-time tu la selalunya, ada org nak amik tuppeware la, ada org nak hantar baranglah, atuk/nenek nak datang tengok cuculah, abang/adik nak datang entertain adik/kakak dia yang penakut ni lah.. kehkehkeh.. i am superb malas nak kuar once i am in the house. malas nak pakai proper-proper sebenarnya. nak kena pakai suar panjang, capai tudung bagai. malasnyeeeeeeeee...

4) been bz skodeng gosip artis-artis & VVIP. kehkehkeh.. interesting la cite dema-dema ni. nak-nak kalo gosip dalam sangat gemilang. i was an active member a couple of years back. lepas tu antara malas & takde access kat opis. so now, tak boleh & trying not to login into the gossip forum. memang akan hook up la. ada sticking glue gamaknya.. last nite i slept at 4am sebab nak habiskan baca kisah VVIP. ngok pulak rasanya..

5) been bz updating my other blog: untuk kawan-kawan yang nak beli tupperware dengan harga yang sangat berpatutan, sila la visit. i'm not so business minded but at the same time, i could not let go this tupperware business. not that i gain much profit, but i'm more of a catalogue fan. hahahaha.. i dont really calculate my gain/profit on my sales that's why gua jual lelong-lelong aje. ada untung singgit dua pun sudah memadai. janjinya, orang lain happy dapat beli quality product. tun daim kalo baca ni, sure dia bagi a free financial talk. hahaha.. if you're interested on any of the tupperware products let me know, eh..

6) been bz calculate berapa kg i've lost since my miscarriage. mula-mula lost 1.3 kg. lepas tu, kelmarin dulu, lost 2.1kg. peh tu semalam hilang 1.5kg dari berat asal. macam saham sime darby. hahaha..

7) dan tidak juga lupa kira EDD kalo nak baby bulan 12. "perusahaan-sehingga-berjaya" kena bulan 2 ke bulan 3, eh? my bos has given directive. "avoid delivery date during june/july". and she has given the same statement to the admin council. ngek sungguh bos aku. sungguh pun selang satu statement dia sure ada "WTF", i sungguh suka sama dia. sebab dia ni ngek. yes, there was a post on i hate her being away and i had to work. but all and all, i like working with her. i respect her as a boss & she respects me as a colleague. we have a good boss-colleague relationship. she will scream like no one's business, her lafaz "WTF" just like lafaz "i love you" to her sweet-pie, but one thing for sure, she will miss me when i'm not around. of course la rindu aku kan.. pada sapa dia nak jerit "anne rafei"? pada sapa dia nak suh amik file? pada sapa dia nak mengumpat? pada sapa dia nak suh buat keje kan? hahahah..

8) been bz re-arrange the furniture. marilah datang dan tengok arrangement baru umah i. jemput-jemputlah sekali anjung seri & impiana. hahahah... baru alih lemari buku, ada hati nak masuk magazine. perasan diva gitu..

9) been bz calculating budget for 2009. what to spend, how to save kind of thing. ntahlah menjadik ke tidak. food for 2009 mungkin kurang sikit. as for lunch i'll be out to fetch adam. so i will then skip my meal. but i'll spend more on petrol. pagi kalo made takde, i have to send adam to maknek. then to office. which i foresee will be hectic as they have closed down the shortcut from wangsa maju. i expect traffic depan sekolah menengah. then lunch hour, fetch adam from school and send him to maknek before back to office. and again, since shortcut dah takde, kena ikut jalan jauh. petang pulak, balik keje, amik adam and back to home sweet home. lose some, gain some lah.. however, i dont foresee my crave for handbags, wallets & shoes to be on a lower scale. hahahahha... i've an idea of selling some of my handbags (yang masih elok, tapi ada la sikit-sikit yang kurang sempurna) and other household things that i feel not needed. but dont know how. currently i have a single bed frame to let go. for once, i think, it's better to sell off rather than to just discard it away like i did to our bed. giler rugi. dah la mahal. macy pulak tu. how should i go eh? for sure, i pemalas amik gamba ye. setakat scan tu rajin. kehkehkeh..

other than that, nothing special la kot. rilex-rilex, menunaikan tanggungjawab sebagai hamba Allah, anak, isteri & mama. i look forward for a great year ahead for myself, my family & my friends. semoga tercapai apa yang diazam & hajati. semoga dapat perbaiki diri demi agama, keluarga, bangsa & negara. semoga dijauhkan kecelakaan, kesulitan, mala petaka, kedukaan dan pohon semoga dilindungi Allah swt. sempena awal tahun ni, nak jugaklah minta maaf atas kesalahan tutur & gerak-laku disepanjang 2008 (dan juga tahun-tahun sebelumnya). moga-moga berkat doa keluarga & kawan-kawan, bertambah dirahmatilah saya ini.

best wishes to all..
adam wants me to put this down:

"adam is five years old"

sejak balik potong rambut ni, asik itu aje yang diulangnya. excited being 5, i guess..