Tuesday, January 30, 2007

time travels

made missed his flite to JB this morning due to logistic error:P

and i'm here missing him already. it has been er.. 165 minutes? quite lama... dont u think?

there i was in the car this morning. alone. driving. giving some hard time to the queue jumper. then suddenly imagination took control.

"what if made is no longer with me?"
"what would happen to me & adam?"
"how will i survive?"
"where should i stay?"
"can i stay alone with adam? only with adam?"

only Allah knows how.. i pasrah

then i started to think a little further..

"can i withdraw his money without informing the bank?"
"do i have his PIN number? yes, i do. perhaps i'll just transfer all his money into my account and get over it...."

ah-ha .. splendid idea! brilliant!

then reality hits.

too much of thinkinglah i ni. after all, made is already on his way to JB. and he'll be back tonite.

but really la.. without made, the puzzle doesnt look complete. the house doesnt look like a home sweet home. it's just a terrible feeling. the feeling when ur sep-sep-bontot buddy is not by urside.

tapi bila ada asik nak lawan cakap. asiklah sumer tak betul. hahahahah...

i guess that's why we are meant for each other. reason why i love him so much

note: no hidden agenda. i just want my dear darling. huhu..

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

live life to the fullest

i had a big quarrel with made early this year. a bad one i tell u. really bad. ask sherry if u dont believe me. sherry pun tak caya i'd be having "marriage problem" since i've been always be marriage counselor to my friends. that's the reality la isn't it? alangkan pak imam pun merogol. kan? inikan pulak i. eh... i takde la merogol. what i mean, i'm still bound to having problems la. kan?

so i started my oink-oink year with not so good remarks. ups down, that's life. the big quarrel has somehow opened a new chapter in my life - so does to made, i believe. insya Allah.. the rest of oink-oink year will be a year to remember :)

back in the office, nothing great going on. being the 2nd person in the organization chart doesnt help much in getting higher pay or people looking high on u. (oklah.. i'm only 150cm. no wonder no body looking high on me. :P)

the 2nd person in the box inilah jugak yang dok buat job scope yg paling bawah dalam organization chart tu. cian i. (wehhhh.. tea lady mana masuk org. chart la..... kasik up la sikit... )

well at least the mamat french tu je la pengubat hatiku yg lara. hahaha...

had a chat with my former boss. he always give me some good points to ponder.

some points:

little N: how did u rate me last time? how did i performed?

big M: you did well. you have shown initiative and prepared to undertake additional responsibilities. i do depend on you in most things administratively. given the position as secretary...you are representing the boss.

(oklah.. ni point nak membangga diri la.. hahahaha)

little N: in csmp, a secretary is more of a clerk. dahlah salary pun sama dengan receptionist. sadis rasa. if in SE & SAF i'd be able to do more of supervisory & executive thingy, in CSMP is the other way round. if pool secretary boleh tahan lagi.. ni dah macam pool clerk. there are times i feel regret leaving SE. i was in the running of being an admin exec. yelah. dah penah melayan mem.. baik belah je

big M
: different company have different view. dont really know whats instal for us in wherever we are

little N:
nothing to argue. totally agree to that. that's why i learn to adapt into it..

big M: it will be nice to have what we want but dont feel bad if we dont have it. just be thankful and move on.

little N:
to me now, i take all the assignments & try to do the best i could. and if possible, try to do better than the others and beyond their expectation

big M: thats the positive spirit. think and do things out of the box. expect to do the unexpected. if people dont appreciate it is too bad. not you weakness...its their. you will feel nice to have done beyond what was "expected"

little N:
i feel so glad (& good) talking to u.. at times, i dah rasa mengalah. i rasa nak benti keje, and nak jadik cikgu tadika je. especially when u found out others got credit for things u've done.. worst feelings la..

big M: glad i can be of some help. life is not fair at times. it usually that way that others will be credited with things that you do. if this being the case dont just take it. make sure people knows about it.

-the above were extracted verbatimly from our googletalk-

it's nice to have somebody that make u feel good kan? rasa macam makan nasik putih dengan ikan goreng crunchy dengan sambal tempoyak dengam ulam ubi kayu. kan?


Sunday, January 14, 2007


name: aiza ismail a.k.a kuw.. emm.. ok.. i keep it to myself :)
years known: 11 years
status: married with 3 kids
my partner in biz yg bakal menjadik - insya Allah

pic taken in 1996 ketika masih menjadi remaja liar di itm


years known: more than 10 years.

i've known fizah since i was 5 years old. we attended the same kindergarten. known idayu when i was in standard five in sklk. known montok when i was in form 2 ( i think) and the rest were my classmates in form 4.

pic taken in 1995, engineering class

nurul - now my neber, 2 kids (i think..)
fizan - lecturer in melaka, 1 kid
shawal - aka montok. due for faiz jr at any time
idayu - 2 kids, her hubby is bapaks' special electrical assistant
awin - l.o.s.t
fizah - 2 kids, my blurry PR manager


name: alin aka kuting aka lelen
years known: 23 years

she's been a companion. full stop!

to those that are not named, u're always on my mind. the thought that matters, right?

luv u..

Friday, January 05, 2007

ym chat - ida, iz, anne

ida: ko bila habis belajar iz? ko belajar sama dengan ija?

iz: tak. aku kat kota selangar. dia kat melakau aku rasa

ida: ko belajar apa sekarang?

iz: ala.. biasa2 je. corporate admin (i think at this point, her hidung is kembang2 oledi)

ida: wah! bestlah corprate admin. anne... awat diam? ko further tak?

myself: a'ah. tengah further jugak ni

iz: ko further lagi anne? aku tak tau pun?

myself: ala. biasa2 je jugak

ida: ko amik apa anne?

myself: domestic engineering (nak kembangkan jugak idung pesek ni)

ida: wah! lagi dasat! apa jauh sangat anne? dari securiti bilik bos sampai ke engineering?

myself: ala.. biasa je. dulu aku memang budak engineering. tersasar jadik sekuriti bilik bos

ida: la.. ye ke? bagus la ko....

iz: apa yg ko belajar anne? (ni mesti dengki la ni. tak puas hati la ni..)

myself: ala.. biasa2 la... angkat kain, basuh kain, lipat kain, sapu sampah, buat susu anak. biasalah kan

iz: ceh.. lahanat ko anne!!!

ida: hantu ko! beriya la aku ingatkan iya ko amik engineering

myself: loh... aku ingat korang dah tau (aku memang tau korang mesti tak tau punya...)

i love my friends...

note: to those who have received my seasons greetings cards, i hope u like it. i had so many of those on my table. sampai menyampah mau tengok.. but u have to admit the card was pretty kan? hehehehe

Thursday, January 04, 2007

confessions of a shopaholic

kut got me the first book of shopaholic's collection - thanks dear. i started reading yesterday and today i stopped on chapter 6.

to tell the truth, i feel like reading my own diary. i feel like sophie is telling me "yes.. i'm writing about u, urself and all u". gosh!

since working in the shopping-mall-office-tower, i couldn't stop buying things. there's always things go buy, every single day indeed. and there's always tag says "SALE". and worst still "70% discount" or "clearance. all must out".

i started out with hallmarks for adam. then i moved to mothercare. and now i'm often in marks & spencer. o-la-la..

1st month working, i got myself 2 pairs of elle's shoes. then i got myself a handbag from M&S. then i bought myself a jumper from mothercare that cost me capital two with double zero and thirty percent discount tag. not forgetting braun buffel's handbags, before i'm off to M&S lingerie. and today i bought myself a M&S pyjama - with discount tag, of course.

uik.. all for myself ka?

i tried to scale down my purchases. don't go out for lunch. go for gym instead. but yet... the entrance to all the bargain areas are always calling up my name. with credit cards' amount mounting up, i've told myself to STOP. but still.......

should i carry on reading this book or should i just tell kut i knew the ending already? becky will marry a good guy whom not so fond of throwing out his money for unnecessary (except for some IT gadgets) things. then she will be asked to list down all her expenses. and her husband will tell her to stop spending because her expenses are now over her monthly salary.


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

looking back

selamat hari raya aidiladha & happy new year!!

alhamdulillah. things got over smoothly. despite some hickups, my new year is celebrated mmm.. rationally. things changed. for example: my handphone. yup. i got myself another new phone. well.. actually made got me another phone. i insist on having a digital camera actually. but my darling suggested sony ericsson K800i instead. his reason is quite accommodating - i wont be bringing my camera here there, anywhere. but my dear handphone will always be with me. true enough, isn't it? so here with me, my new hello-hello gadget. and my darling got himself a new hp also la.. sony ericsson M600i sommo.. cannot put it aside i pressume. he even list in the "tasks" for going for a short trip to the kedai runcit. he's more freaking than i am.. kan? hahahah

so many things happened to me in year 2006.

one of those, 24hours runaway from my previous job that made me jobless for a month. i cant call that stupid tho. can i call it dignity? ahahha.. whatever. i got a new job. new things learned. new friends. new environment. i'm now a shopaholic in rehab. that's the worst thing happened to me.

enrolled myself into gym recently. had to put off the pressure to my feet. have to! have to!

tok usu left us. so does uwan wa. i cant remember tok usu's age. but uwan wa was about 90 years old. she's the eldest in uwan's siblings. ayah has also left us. that was a shock. the list includes ahsan.

tears turn laughter with new amai. he was born 3 days before ayah passed away. make it the last day i talked to ayah

what else eh.. ma got cancer and now feeling better. mak got transferred to serdang, a very good news indeed. bapak had minor heart attack.

adam is getting cheekier. he has learned a lot of new things, mastered some new skills. and even did a lot of new things on his own. he has started singing twinkle-twinkle little star in his own understandable language. and on his way to learn other theme songs from channel 63.

i'm off to mak's place. will write soon. luv u people!

my dear adam doing his "korban". tokma at the back is doing her best "mengorbankan" adam's hair.