Tuesday, July 22, 2008

4 adam & ammar 2

adam turned 4 on 12 june 2008 whilst ammar has just turned 2 last weekend, ie 19 july 2008. we had their birthday bash on 5 july 2008 - sempena mama habis exam. hahahahah..... basically i like their age this year. birthday bash for (4) adam & ammar too (2). cliche kan? hehehehehe

the party was great though there was a little chaos at first. the khemah guy called ibu at 11 hour to cancel their delivery. time tu ada rasa macam kaget sket.. tak tau nak tekan panic button atau tak. somehow, mak managed to get a khemah from our neighbourhood. alhamdulillah.. but then, khemah wasn't up until the first 2 families arrived. time ni confirm i had my panic button. and food yg ibu ordered pun tak sampai lagi. aduuhh... but somehow (again), dalam kejar2 itu ini, everything solved! settled! well done, indeed. 2:30pm, the party begun :D

adam & ammar were the stars of the day. they were well behaved (ehem..), friendly and excited about the birthday party. looking at ammar, he was a little lost. hahaha.. expected la ha... he's only 2. adam was the same when he was 2 - couldn't understand a thing. but adam had enjoyed his day, totally. he has been asking me about the birthday bash since he saw us buying some preparations for the bash. i am so glad that both of them really enjoyed their day.
theme for the party was actually blue. why blue? ntah.. mama likes blue. ayah likes blue. ibu is kind of fond of purple. mak's colour of the month eventually, blue. bapak & along has no taste in colour - kasik belasah aje. janji perut boleh nampak kempis sikit. blue cam sesuailah sikit dengan boys kan? hahahha.. i ordered special paper bag for the birthday bash from partythemepack. maizah did a great job - just look at the bags! the bag could perfecto-ly fit the pingu stationery set, a packet of could9 cake, biskut teddy & oreo. all blue! i bought the pingu stationery set in isetan during one of the members' sale. original price was rm24.90 but i got it for RM9.00(++). good bargain huh? i like!the cake was specially made by mamamin. she did a very wonderful job! i love the cake and purposely kept it after the candle blowing session. hahahahah.. sampai aunty sue nak rasa kek pun kena mintak. apa punya tuan rumahlah... the cake combined both kids' favourite toys. adam, the train and ammar, the bike. kecuali thomas the engine & the little motorbike, kesemua bahagian kek boleh dimakan dengan tanpa keraguan.

this time around we had a&w and the bear-bear as our entertainer. this is the first time ever that we called in an entertainer. we also prepared one corner for the kids to have fun & enjoy the day with adam & ammar's toys. another reason why the makan-makan & food area was not so spacious.

we also had lucky draw sessions before each guest went home. something different heh? a day before the bash, me and made went to carrefour and bought 1 cart full of items with blue packaging like softan, pepsi, fab, tissue, max cleen, glades, shaver, listerine, kopi hang tuah, dutch lady, etc. sumer biru. i was a little bit unsure of that idea at first, but it turned out to be so much fun! sampai ada yg membodek tuan rumah untuk mendapatkan barangan yang dihajati. heheheheh..

at first mak was a little ragu2 with the weather, but, alhamduliilah.. the day went great! nampak macam nak hujan, tapi tak jadik hujan. i was and still happy thinking that many of "meaningful"faces in my life turned up. thank you so much! i hope you guys have enjoyed the day as much as myself did. sape yang tak datang tu confirm rugilah... hahahahaha..

at about 5pm, both stars sudah keletihan. tido tak hengat :D org bising pun dah tak heran. tido sangat penting untuk kesihatan tubuh badan. hehehehehe.. last but not least, tima kasih mak & bapak. tima kasih ibu & pak long. tima kasih alin. thank you so much for hanyut (sorrylah.. gua tak hengat lu punya fotopages), for these lovely pictures (dan gua tau lu curik tulang kan? hahahah). tima kasih org pasang khemah. tima kasih org a&w bandar baru ampang. tima kasih zz for the t-shirts' printing. tima kasih kawan ibu yg buat mihun sup-yg-sedap-yg-mama-tak-sempat-makan. tima kasih made, the great husband!

sehingga tahun depan...

Monday, July 07, 2008

birthdays celebration - epilogue

the party was "wonder-blue-ful"

to relatives & friends,will update more pics & stories later :D