Monday, October 31, 2011

what a DAY!

i woke up at 5.47am and i slept again, and woke up again at 6.10am.

then i couldn't find my handphone. at the side of my bed, under the pillow, in the kitchen, anywhere. i even tried to call, but the line was unavailable. so my mind started to unwind.

we spent our evening in kak ti's house. i sent and received sms. i recall receiving latest sms in the car, on our way back home. that was because alesya alerted me, "mama.. mama.. mama" and refused to stop until i checked on my phone. i remember got down from the car, trying to locate where had the kucing berak this time because the bau was soooooo busuk. i remember looking back at the car. i know i didn't drop my handphone. i got in, and i reached for magazines while laying on the bed. i didn't want to access to my FB as i know i'll be carried away. then i slept with alesya.

ok. that was so far that i can recall on my handphone.

my morning continued. i got into the car with adam's phone. i asked made to send budak-budak punya bakul later as i was running short of time. i reached opah's house, i passed alesya to her, i started my car again, and suddenly the indicator started to made noise and showed "coolant level too low". aik?? semalam dah isi air. aiyo.. i drove with the temperature of the car suddenly hiked to 90 and the blinking next to it didn't go off. i called made. he wanted to come over, but i told him, i'll ask hairul to look after it. Now, kereta la pulak...

i reached my destination and my mind was still on the phone. where could it be? i remember looking at the phone and i saw the battery has 44% to dead end. so i should have enough until i recharge it in the office the next day. but how come it was off? made called kak ti, and she said there was no sign of my phone. alah...

hairul called me and said he's free to check on the car. so we went. i showed him the indicator and the blink-blink i had. next 15 minutes, we spent on trying to find the unlock button for the bonnet!!! siap bukak car manual book okeh?!! so you out there.. 101 lesson is to find your car front bonnet's button. do not assume everything is under the pilot's chair or on the dashboard. from the manual we learnt that my car's bonnet button is at the co-pilot's door. hebat! hebat! kereta perancis ni memang hebat!!!! as hairul trying to open the bonnet, he saw a cap. a cap to what, everybody? YES!!! the cap for the coolant. my dearest husband has forgotten to cap it back after he poured half a bottle of spritzer mineral water into the coolant bottle (or whatever it may be called)yesterday. at this point, i tell you; i'm half exhausted thinking of what's going to happen next. but syukran jazeelan that we found the cap and the coolant indicator did not make any noise when i drove off to pick up adam.

later, i was late to pick up adam. there was an accident along ulu kelang highway and one stupid honda drove at 30km/h on the fast lane. ntah apa yang dia syok sangat bawak keta sebegitu lembab di kala orang nak cepat ni. i arrived adam's school about 10 minutes later than my usual time. adam's first question was "mama.. why were you late?". no appropriate answer for now. then he showed me his next two results. english dapat A. bahasa arab dapat B. ok. there goes his chance in getting and iPad. he was frustrated. sian anak mama.. well... as i was speaking to made just now, we probably will still buy him an iPad kot. kesian dekat dia duduk kat rumah opah tu takde entertainment. kalau ada budak sama baya tak pelah jugak. anyhow, we'll think more about it.

started my second half for my with a call from a colleague asking me to check on the tax payment that i made for the sub teachers back in june, july this year. apparently there was a hick up and we might have to pay penalty. adoh!!!!!!!! i didn't look at the files immediately. and i hoping for the payment had be made and there was a mistake in the account. nak mengadap bos lagi.. at that moment, i lost count of my adoi already!

thought on handphone came again. sayangnya gambar-gambar alesya and adam... mmmmm....

then i received a phone call. that time, i was.. "ok.. apa lagi ni?" this colleague is submitting the teacher's absence list. despite emailing it to me, she asked the dispatch to hand carry and told me that the signed copy will reach me on wednesday. i told her, an email will do. after the boss has signed it, then only she can pass the listing the me, in hard copy. her argument was "nanti u nak tengok hardcopy". haloo! how stupid can you be? i cannot print from the email lah?? ahhhh fine.. suka hati kaulah!!

i did this and that, then i thought, might as well check the tax file now and report it to my boss. i checked and double checked and i was at fault. ya allah! beratnya dugaan untuk hari ni. i was trying to find the courage to talk to my boss when she told me that she has a closed door meeting and please do not disturb. and i saw the meeting attendees, i could sense her tense! alamak...... till the end of my working hours, i was not able to catch her. she was still in a tensed meeting as i walked out of the office door.

the traffic was building up in front of the school so i took jalan belakang and exit at the china embassy. i made a u-turn and yes, i know the lampu was red. and this honda (or toyota) memula macam nak bagi masuk, tak alih lepas tu nak marah-marah and showed me the red light. kecohlah lu apek!!! lu nak jalan, jalan ajelahhhhhh.. lu pun potong jalan orang lain, nak cakap banyak. ok. panas hati part ke... mmmm.. berapa ntah..

arrived melawati to send alin's parcel. singgah the stationery shop to get the bubble envelope. first budak kedai tu tak paham apa menda bubble envelope. second, i requested for the right size to fit in the kotak, dia boleh mendengus pulak. alahai dek....... i've had enough dah ni dek....

now, address dapat, poskod pulak takde. so i thought, the people in the post office would be able to assist. after all, they are working in the POST OFFICE kan? i got to pinjam the manual poskod book, carik punya carik, takde pulak jalan dr. nazrin shah. hish! i asked the guy at the poslaju counter, "saya carik poskod jalan dr. nazrin shah, takde. can u help me?".

"saya boleh carik poskod aje kak, nama jalan saya tak tau"

"yelah.. saya ada nama jalan. she's staying at the impiana hotel. but i do not have her postcode"

"call la dia"

"she didn't know neither. she is not a local"

"saya tak boleh tolonglah kak"

bodoh eh? rasa nak lempang aje budak itu. bukan ko keje kat POST OFFICE? bukan ko boleh check online ke?


so i made the decision as i said "she needs the parcel urgently, you tell me what postcode do you want me to fill in?"

"akak letak ajelah 30000"

see..... seeeeeee...... he can give me a number. and as i glanced back at the postcode book, perak punya poskod starts with 30xxx. so he basically has an idea and he could have suggested to me rather than boiled up the angry birds inside me. kan??? ok............. the charge was rm7.30. i gave him rm50. i heard the "huh". i have the precise rm7.30, but for that guy, lantak kau lah!

i picked up the kids. oh! lupa nak cerita. lepas pick up adam from school tadi, dia mengadu gigi sakit. gigi is up to cabut already. and 2 gigi. hahaha..

parked kereta. masuk rumah. lock everything. started the washing machine. then i told adam, "can you look after adik for me? i want to search for my phone".

"ok mama.. i'll help you"

first, the nearest pillow. raba-raba. takde.

second, the side of the bed. again. handphone takde. rm100 ada. duit si ad la kot. ok. rezeki.

third, i saw cecelia ahern's story book. my thought - bila pulak aku baca buku ni. i lifted it up and.....


my phone!!!!!


now i'm hungry. baru perasan makan roti aje pagi tadi. letih memikirkan nasib badan. ok. now nak makan, mandi, solat, bersyukur + berdoa panjang sikit hari ni, and tido.

now, i am COMPLETELY exhausted..

u think my day has settled?


as i finished typing, published my post, getting ready to step into the toilet. azan maghrib berkumandang. and i have not solat asar!!!

ok.. i want my bantal, and i want to sleep. i dont want anything to happen on october 31, 2011 anymore. nope. nope. i'm done.

i want to sleep

but i'm hungry.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

i'm soooooooooooooo into baking

dont ask me to cook. i'm not a good cook. siang ikan pun saya tak reti. potong bawang ok sikit. nama ikan fel. saya tak pandai letak garam dalam masakan. and the list will go on and on..

but i love to bake. depends ada masa atau takde aje.. most of the time, ada aje masa tu. hahaha..

hari ni saya sangat-sangat suka hati sebab saya dah pandai (sikit) smooth kan icing on the cake. jenuh tengok youtube dan baca tips sana sini. alhamdulillah...

ha.. tengoklah..

cantikkan? hahahahha...

because of this baking interest, made bagi saya kata dua. nak jual tupperware atau nak jual cake. so, as you can see... i'm no longer selling tupperware. kalo nak kek dalam tupperware boleh... hehehe..

jemputlah ke untuk maklumat lanjut.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

standby mode

hari ni dapat lagi exam papers adam. another 2 As in hand. another 2 papers to go..

now, mama & ayah kena standby pecah tabung ayam.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Two As

Adam excitedly showed me his exam papers as soon as he got into the car today.

2As as at today and he's in the running of an iPad. Yay!!

Adam asked me just now, "Mama, if I have all A's but only one B, how?"

"You get two rotans"

"Even if I have all other A's?"


"Alah..... If I have all F?"

"You'll be sleeping in the toilet"

"Alah.. Worst!"


kuat beno gamaknya bunyi kipas kat umah saya eh.... hehehe

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Opah bercerita...

Baru-baru ni Opah bercerita pasal ada mamat naik motor cuba nak mencuri barang depan umah dia di tengahari buta. Mujur budak-budak ni nampak and alerted her.

Lepas tu, dia cerita pulak pasal neighbour dia yang kena rompak waktu hujan lebat. Jiran dia tengah bukak pagar, datang orang tanya alamat. Rupa-rupanya orang tu nak merompak.

Lepas tu dia sambung lagi cerita ada orang curi kereta anak saudara neighbour dia yang datang beraya. Pagi dalam pukul 2, dia perasan beberapa orang tolak kereta anak sedara tu, tapi dia tak dela fikir apa-apa. Besoknya, baru dia tau cerita..

Sekarang saya ketakutan. Berdebar-debar sentiasa bila balik dari keje.

Yang mereka ni pun, apa yang seronok sangat mencuri dan merompak tu? Dahlah menyusahkan orang. Tambah dosa lagi. Hishhhhh!!!!!

Tapi heran eh... Used car berlambak-lambak tu, tanak pulak dia curi. Kenderaan yang orang nak pakai tu la yang dia nak aim.

Ya Allah! Mintak dijauhkanlah daripada dugaan yang sebegini. Amin..

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Len macam

Eh... Snooze button dah lain??

Eh... Bila pulak ada download reminder dengan video application ni??

Eh... Apasal gamba jadik macam besar aje ni?

Eh... Mana pegi facebook??

Oooohhhhhhhh!!!!! Sudah upgrade iOs5.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

it's a deal!

Mama: if you got all A's in your final exam, we'll buy you an iPad

Adam: alahhhh.... What if I have 1 B?

Mama: then you get only the iPhone cover

Adam: alah! Only? If 2 B's?

Mama: i'll bring you to the chicken rice shop

Adam: yay!! I like it

Alamak! Salah offer la pulakkk...

Monday, October 17, 2011

she's my mother too..

We spent last weekend in the Gleneagles Resort Medical Centre. Kids are getting better and now mama pulak terbatuk-batuk. They were admitted since Thursday after having fever for quite a while. Doc believed they were having the same viral fever but were attacked differently. Adam on his lung and Alesya on her big round tummy. Hehe..

We were ready to pack up and go home when I suddenly had a text message:

my mom dah x de

A simple text and yet the impact was hard. It was from Ayu, a good friend from my primary years.

The memory started to reminisce.

She, knew I like soto. And will without fail had me on her mind whenever she has a pot of soto on her kitchen top.

She, cared about me and she knew where had I been, what had I been doing – without seeing me for a while.

She, is Ayu’s mother.

Makcik passed away peacefully yesterday at about 3pm dan telah selamat dikebumikan selepas Maghrib semalam juga.

Now, I feel ralat sebab, this year; somehow I didn’t go to her house for hari raya. Her house is a must in our Hari Raya visiting list. Tapi entah.. Kenapa tak sampai… Bukannya jauh pun.

Ralat jugak sebab every now and then, bila balik dari AEON or whenever I pass through her house, I had the thought of visiting her, but yet.. I kept on procrastinating.

And yesterday, I did visit her, but when I can no longer salam and bergurau senda. I can no longer have a taste of her cooking. I can no longer feel her warmth and motherly cares.

I am missing Makcik already L

Ayu, whenever you’re reading this, it’s not you alone dear… I lost a mother; she is like my mother too…

You take care Ayu, dear..

And Makcik, semoga Allah tempatkan Makcik di sisiNya dan di tempatkan bersama mereka yang disayangiNya. Amin. Al-fatihah

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

kenapa tak doa panjang jodoh?

ada orang tanya soalan gitu lepas saya post jodoh kita. macam mana nak kata eh... mmm.. ginilah ye...

dulu masa saya bercinta dengan first love saya, kami kejap putus, kejap sambung. masa tu, saya selalu doa minta panjangkan jodoh saya dengan dia. sebab first love ma... mestilah sayang lebih... lepas putus cinta pun, dia masih baik dengan saya. dia masih ambil berat pasal saya. dia berbangga dengan kawan-kawan, malahan dengan isterinya juga; yang saya ni first love dia. bangga kan? tapi kami tak penah berpeluang to build up another relationship. bila lihat kehidupan dia sekarang, saya rasa bersyukur dengan ketentuan Illahi. dia aktif berpersatuan, merokok (maaf kata), selalu beraktiviti dengan kawan-kawan. saya ni pulak pasif dan manja. saya tak rasa saya boleh coop dengan lifestyle yang macam tu. so i made a conclusion. Allah dengar permintaan saya. Dia panjangkan jodohkan saya, tapi saya takkan dapat bersatu dengan dia tapi persahabatan saya dengan dia masih berkekalan.

ok. settle satu kisah.

lepas tu saya bercinta dengan bekas tunang saya. ok.. in between adalah lelaki lain ok.. tapi macam cinta monyet gitulah... ala.. macam la you all takde... elehhhh... :P

saya bercinta dengan dia 5 tahun. dah bertunang bagai. tapi tak juga sampai berkahwin. sama juga dengan first love tadi, saya selalu berdoa panjangkanlah jodoh saya dengan dia ni. kami pernah putus sekejap dan keadaan saya adalah horrible. berkat doa, dia kembali tapi, saya rasa tak serasi lagi. kami berusaha, tapi tak menjadi juga. sekali lagi, pelamin anganku musnah. saya rasa ada juga kebaikannya untuk kami tidak bersama. sebabnya? er.. biar ajelah saya yang tahu. hehehehe.. berbanding first love saya, yang ni ketegaq, hati batu sikit. tak nak berhubung langsung. marah benar la agaknya kat saya. tapi takdir Tuhan tu menjadikan teknologi sebagai mode of communication. apa orang sekarang panggil? facebook? ha.. itulah dia...

so when i met made, saya rasa takut nak berdoa panjangkan jodoh saya dengan dia. mula-mula ada jugak. lepas kawin, saya fikir.. jodoh ni ketentuan Yang Maha Esa. jika kataNya habis, putuslah kita. apa yang penting untuk saya adalah rumahtangga yang dirahmati dan diberkatiNya. apa yang saya mahu adalah kesejahteraan dan kebahagiaan rumahtangga saya. saya rasa itu lebih penting. kan?

this is my thought, my personal thought; Allah dengar setiap permintaan hambaNya. jadi bila saya berdoa minta dipanjangkan jodoh, Dia makbulkan. tapi kita hanya merancang, Dia yang menentukan. Dia panjangkan jodoh saya, tapi at the same time, Dia menduga saya. in a way, wanting to tell me, "jodoh itu pilihan saya dan adalah doa saya, tapi bukan yang terbaik untuk saya". jadi Dia berikan saya pilihan. dan saya yang menentukan pilihan saya.

pendapat saya mungkin tak sama dengan you all. i appreciate the feedback and i value the advise that was sent in. rasa sangat disayangi gitu..

Monday, October 10, 2011

Terjemahan versi Adam

"Mama, next week I have kepujian"

"Hah?!! Kepujian tu apa?"

"Kepujian lah. Examination"

"Oh!!! Ujianlah...."

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Mak is 58!

Semalam birthday mak. Hari Jumaat confirm sudah mak retire. Bengang aje dia bila PM announced retirement age naik 60 tahun. Hehehehe...

Takpelah mak... Nanti boleh duduk umah jaga cucu eh? Boleh gaduh-gaduh manja dengan bapak. Okeh? Hahaha...

Semalam takde la celebrate apa sangat. Bawak mak makan kat chicken rice shop aje. Hajat nak ke cozy. Tapi for sure la nanti cucu-cucu dia tak reti nak makan apa. Nak kata perut melayu, ok aje kalo makan mekdi. Mmm...

While we were there, at one point tu, mak nak ke watson. Saya temanlah. Nak dijadikan cerita, cashier tu bersembang pulak dengan kawan dia yang datang beli barang. Lepas tu entertain pulak customer yang datang lepas kami. Marahla ini orang sebelah saya. And she commented "kalau staff mak, siaplah kena ni". I couldnt bring myself to say anything. I wanted to tambah garam a bit. But another part of me said "mak ni lupa gamaknya dia dah takde staff". Hehe..

Or could she be in denial? Hahahahaha... Najib la niii.... Lambat sangat buat announcement.


Happy birthday mak!! Best wishes & many happy returns :D

As I was browsing my photo album in this phone I realized I did not have much pics of mak. So, hows this picture? Cantekkan mak saya? Hehehehe

Saturday, October 08, 2011

bercanda bersama adam & alesya

i was on leave yesterday as opah had to bring her daughter for a minor surgery. i didn't want to spend the day in the house. it'll be boring. so i brought them out. me alone and the kids. and i survived!! yay!!!!

both me and alesya went out at 11.45am to pick up adam from school. from there, we went ahead to klcc. adam wanted to buy toys. a'ah.. macam dah takde toys kat umah.. i told adam. if - we couldn't find any parking, we have to adjourn to another shopping mall. GE mall & ikea was listed. after 10 minutes we got a very nice parking. right in front of the entrance door at P2. horey!!!!

rupanya ada isetan members' sale. patutlah parking penuh! i told adam that i need to top up the touch and go card. then we can go round and round and wherever he wants to go. first stop was at the swatch shop. adam has been wanting to buy a watch. orang dah pandai tengok jam ni kan.. so i thought, oklah. after all, dia kena jugak ada jam some day. bought one watch for him then we went to marks & spenser to get some cookies. thinking that we arrived during lunch hour thus, most food restaurants would be full. true enough that we have to wait for another 40-45 minutes to get into chillis. so... toys-r-us we went. nothing in braunbuffel that interest me, though they were having a 50% sales after 3 years. nothing in mothercare too. except for the moist tissue that later i found another one hidden nicely in alesya's bag. we arrived chillis after 45 minutes. i thought the kids were hungry so i ordered such a huge meal. completely forgotten that they had 2 bags of cookies. adoi!

alesya was all wet. air botol sudah tumpah atas stroller. baju semua basah. lucky i brought an extra baju. tapi nak carik kids' changing room susahnya la.. ada satu aje kat concourse level. bertuah betul. nasib baik selesa. then off we go.. adam ada sekolah agama pulak lepas tu..

tadi dalam keta dah tukar baju nak ke klcc. now tukar baju nak ke sekolah agama pulak. best kan keta i? boleh jadik bilik salin baju lagi. hahah..

belum kuar parking klcc lagi, alesya dah tidur. alhamdulillah. tak meragam langsung. tak merengek. tak mintak dokong. makan elok aje. tak melompat-lompat. ok, lepas ni kita gi jalan-jalan lagi eh dik?

singgah tuttifruti, then to al-manar. sampai dah awal sangat. tapi budak adam sibuk nak turun. sebab apa? sebab dia nak bagitau kawan-kawan dia dia sampai awal. haha.. tapi sebenarnya dia nak show off jam baru dia. hahahahahaha.. bertuah betul!

soon after, aireil & kak an sampai. orang lain takde, so kami pegi lepak fullhouse, wangsa walk. minum-minum, kul 7pm baru balik.

begitulah kisah saya dan anak-anak di hari cuti saya. best jugak eh lepak dengan budak-budak ni. selagi tak buat hal ok lah. bila dia dah buat perangai tu, rasa nak kerat 14 je hati ni. hehehe..

Friday, October 07, 2011

jodoh kita

saya selalu bagitau made..

seandainya kami berpisah kerana putusnya jodoh kami, saya tidak mahu apa-apa daripadanya. cuma berikan saya anak-anak saya. itu saja harta paling berharga yang saya ada. saya tak halang andai dia ada jodoh yang lain. bagi saya, takde guna juga menghalang hati orang bila hati dia pada saya dah takde. saya penah ada di keadaan itu, satu masa dulu. jadi tak guna nak sakitkan beberapa hati untuk menyenangkan hati sendiri. dia boleh, insya Allah; dapat anak yang lain. saya cuma ada yang dua itu saja. biarlah yang dua itu saja jadi sebahagian pahit manis hidup saya.

seandainya kami berpisah kerana kehendak Ilahi, saya mahu dia cari pasangan yang lain yang MAMPU bukan sahaja menjaga dia, tapi juga MAMPU jaga permata hati saya yang dua itu. dan jika ada peluangnya, carilah yang kemampuannya berganda daripada saya. dua orang itu sahaja harta saya yang amanahkan untuk dia jaga.

dalam doa saya, saya jarang minta dipanjangkan jodoh saya dengan made. saya cuma berdoa agar rumahtangga kami dirahmati dan diberkati. dan semoga kebahagiaan dan kesejahteraan rumahtangga kami kekal ke akhir hayat.


Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Tanya sama pokok

"Mama.. Tomorrow I have an audition for choir. Teacher wants to select only 15 students. I volunteered"

"Good for you. What song are you going to sing?"

"Tanya sama pokok"

"Good! Let me hear you sing"

"I dont know"

"What do you mean you dont know?"

"Err.. I cannot remember the song"

"So, how are you going to sing the song tomorrow?"

"Errr.... I'm not so sure"

So, whats the use of technology, ye tak? I turned on youtube on my phone and had Adam listened to the song. And by the time I posted this, Adam is now perfecting his performance.

Way to go Adam!!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Monday, October 03, 2011

Mari belajar vocab dengan Alesya

Mama = mama

Ayah = yaya

Abang = ba

Atok = to

Nenek = nene

Susu = shushu

TV = bibi

Baby = bibi

Barney = bo

Belon = bo

Nasik = shi

Kencing = shi

Opah = pa

Kakak = kaka

Alesya = aaaa

Boboiboy = bobo

Habis = bi

Jatuh = toh

Sehingga update yang akan datang. Sekian, terima kasih :)

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Bon voyage Izyan

Izyan is my mok teh's daughter. Mok teh is my father's younger sister. Therefore, Izyan Zahirah is my cousin :)

Izyan is leaving for Mesir tomorrow. Continuing her studies in medic.

Yesterday, we had a kenduri doa selamat for Izyan's safe journey and the best of her stay.

Insya Allah, we'll see again in 6 years (or next year; if she comes back for hari raya).

All the best Yan. Gonna miss you.

Mmmm... Why am I teary? I guess the "feeling old" is creeping in oredi.. Haha!!