Thursday, May 13, 2010

we went to tg malim for a wedding. on the way back to kl, singgah kubur uwan. so here's the kesah dalam keta

adam: ayah, who died?
ayah: mama's nenek
adam: oh... who is mama's nenek?
ayah: she's atuk's mother
adam: oh....

so made wanted to try out whether adam understands the whole family tree thingy...

ayah: who is alesya?
adam: alesya is my sister
ayah: good. who is tok ma?
adam: tok ma is my grandmother
ayah: who is tok ma to ayah?
adam: she is your mother
ayah: very good.. now who is imran?
adam: he's my cousin
ayah: is ammar your friend?
adam: no. he's my cousin
ayah: ok. who is ammar's mother?
adam: ibu
ayah: who is ammar's father?
adam: pak long
ayah: who is paklong?
adam: errrrrr... the fat guy?


sungguh tak tipu .. gitu la jawapan adam. hahahahahah

Sunday, May 09, 2010

double celebrations

i had the same double celebrations about 6 years ago. that time, adam was still in my tummy. tunggu masa nak kuar. this year, adam made me a mother's day card with a picture of me on the card & gave me a present. yay!

couple of days before today, adam had actually by accident mentioned that he has present for me. realizing that he had "oppsss i shouldn't be saying it", he tried hard avoiding talking about my present. when i asked him "adam, where is mama's present?". he would surely reply, "mama.. today is not the 9th yet. your birthday is not today". and i dont get any advance gift. ceh!

i got my 2 lovely presents from adam & ayah at 12.30am on the 9th. i was sleeping! they woke me up and gave me the presents. so shweeet... :D i'll post the pics later. too lazy at the moment..

and today i got another present from made - a watch. my current one is not that rosak yet. i just need to change the strap. but yelah.. dah alang-alang org nak beli kan.. belasah ajelah satu. thanks a bunch my sweet honey pie. iye.. i'll take note. kalo nak kuar kul 2, kena siap one hour early. bukan kul 2 baru nak mula bersiap. okeh.. okeh..

other than that, nothing much done today. except that yesterday i had a great lunch with aiza at chillis. giler melantak. hahahahaha.. waited for 45 minutes for our seating and spent about 3 hours gossiping & munching. thanks so much dearie. we should do this every month. makan sampai cramp bontot. hahahaha...

thanks for all the birthday wishes. thanks for the thoughts. sapa2 yang nak wish tapi segan nak letak message tu, tak pe.. saya faham. tima kasih jugak :D hehehehehe

i'm thirty two and my aunt thought i am twenty-eight. kena check mata dia ni... :D