Wednesday, March 28, 2007

nossy nervous

i have to be admitted in/to (??) sjmc tomorrow nite, to undergo sleeping pattern study. i’ve been snoring - out loud, i tell ya. not so good thing: i was awake. i know i was snoring. i could hear my snores. ironic. the same thing happened 2 years back. the ENT specialist did something to my nose and walllaa.. my snores gone. however, it made a come back last saturday. i thought i was going to have flu or sore throat. the simpton of lelangit rasa kering and cam sengal2 tu dah ada. then, i was thirsty. damn thirsty. on one thought, dah nak babai ke aku ni.. i was about to prepare my will and contact arb when i had the have-i-visited-the-ENT-specialist-thought. oh! i haven’t.

so, i went to see the same ENT specialist on monday. ada bengkak. and hidung pun ada senget. when did i get my hidung senget? i cant think of any unsual-sexual-movements. neither any hard kicking games with adam. uh.. therefore, the doc advised me to have this study. half of me feel so eager but the other half felt nervous. so anxious. tense!

it was only last saturday mak told me about this mother of 7 died with her unborn child due to some wrong judgement by the docs & nurses. then she told me about another kid passing away for another wrong doing. so when i was told l’ll be sleeping in a lab, nervousness keeps bugging me.

would the doc blunder or mess up things? - i’ve had my bad days delivering adam. and i don’t wish to repeat that episode. no more, please!

what if i’d be electrocuted? - i could be part of the voltron team. Or transformer?

what if I need further surgery? well… the doc did tell me about this implant thingy. perhaps i could ask him to lift my hidung a bit so that mak will no longer telling people “mak dulu kena gosok kasik naik hidung dia nih. kalo tak, peseklah sampai la….”

wooohoooo.. i’m being so imaginative (again) la.

maybe the diagnosis would only be,
“you’re fat. Lose weight, big ass. U snored like a buffalo”

uh! sangat makan dalam..


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

my mukhsin

i met my mukhsin many years ago. precisely, 16 years ago (iye.. for those who know my age, 4 words - cinta tidak kenal usia.. hahaha).

how i got attracted? i got no idea. love at first sight, i should say. . it all started with a friend. a friend whom actually fall for me. my mukhsin gave in. but he knew and his friend also knew, cinta manakan berputik jika bertepuk sebelah tangan. from being a postman, we started to fell for each other. after 6 months, he had to make a move. that was when our "long" distance love story started.

the love ship sailed north, south, east and west for 3 years.

one fine day i promised a friend to accompany her meeting her date. tidak disangka-sangka, the date was also a friend of mine. we were so happy that day. and only me who thought it was.. from far away, there was my mukhsin. looking at me with his friends. And my thought, “oh. what a twist of fate..” and i went to greet him

few days later, i got my latest pic taken during my mukhsin’s mentor’s wedding – in pieces. the postlady – my neighbour, had hard time explaining. i cried and cried and cried. oh why! oh why! oh why! so many answers. none to conclude…

time flies

we went out one day. one topic to another. and we had this conversation:

mukhsin: macam mana u dengan that x-guy?

myself: x-guy? kenapa dengan dia?

mukhsin: u gf dia dulu kan?

myself: eh pluhleeze la.. mana ada lah. dia tu bf y-lady la.

mukhsin: yg dulu la. yg i nampak u dengan dia tu?

myself: mana ada la.. i gi teman y-lady jumpa bf dialah

mukhsin: he was ur bf kan? that was the reason u nak broke up kan?

myself: eh.. mana ada. since when that he became my bf? u ingat i suka-suka hati nak rampas bf kawan sendiri ke?

mukhsin: dah tu kenapa u mintak gambar u balik?

myself: bila pulak i mintak gambar i balik? all i know u yg pulangkan gambar i – in pieces to be exact

mukhsin: dah x-guy kata u yg nak balik. sebab dia kata u suka dia

myself: mukhsin! no! that wasn’t true. postlady told me that u return my picture as u already had a new lady.

mukhsin: i pulak. mana i ada gf. i was so sad to find out that u ada hati dengan org lain. siap u nak eksyen depan i lagi. so i tore the pic in pieces.

myself: noooo.. i was not eksyen depan u. they wanted to go to that taman. So I followed. i tak duk area tu, remember? mana i tau jalan. last thing i knew, u were there. i thought u terjalan kat situ jugak. that’s why i was so happy seeing u

mukhsin: no.. my friends brought me there. they said u want to meet me there.

myself: I have never planned such meeting. if i were to meet you, i would have called u, myself. buat apa i nak bagitau kawan2 u?


mukhsin: i think they have fooled us. they have twisted the story. i got this version and u got another version. they just cant understand.. they just cant accept it.. now that they all dah ada gf, i hope they understand how we felt..

myself: - speechless -

how i wish i could turn back time.

how i wish his friends would understand.

how i wish he’s mine…..

we spent the weekend (without sleeping over) in bukit tinggi. that time that place had no phone coverage. so we had no disturbance. Only he, me, us.

we settled down. u, me, good friends.

the other day, he got married. i had mix feelings. i’ve let him go. i had. i have. i have to. only 3 things.

one, the wife whom i first met years ago had once said to me out loud “pantang nampak jantan hensem. mengekor je”. and that time i went “kenapa kakak ni? ngata aku ke apa? this is my bf la”. so when I first found out about their relationship, i had a good laugh with akut. “patutlah dia dok ngata aku sangat.. rupenye dia pun teringin.. hahahaha”

second, my mukhsin is the only person whom i was with, that never berjalan berpegangan tangan – suci murni kan? heheheh..

third, he’s the only one whom would point at me proudly say “she’s my first love” to almost everybody, including the x-gf, x-fiance and wife.

everybody has a first love story to tell.

i've told mine

*mukhsin adalah bukan nama sebenar. Nama samaran semata2. tidak ada kaitan di dalam ini cerita*

Saturday, March 10, 2007

saya yang pelik

been tagged by kak nomi. before i proceed to tell my "weirdness", allow me to tell u something that i found kindda "weird".

the other day la.. i dengar radio. if not mistaken era and seelan was the dj. artis undangan, nana & achik spin. so the topik was about the life of these 2 guests. bla bla bla.. then there was this question: "what do you like to do during ur free times?" i cant remember what was nana's answer but i sure remember achik's. why? read on..

seelan: apakah kegiatan di masa lapang achik?
achik: achik di masa lapang suka buat benda pelik2 la. lain daripada org lain
seelan: oh! lain daripada org lain? benda pelik apa tu achik?
achik: ha.. achik suka main boling
seelan: (after pause for a few while) main boling pelik ke?


apa la achik.. boling pun pelik. tak taula pulakkan dia main boling macam mana. baling pin instead of bola la kotnya? hahahaha..

ok. back to the original topik. weird things about me.. lemme think ya...

1) i tak minum kopi. not because it's caffeinated. but i just dont drink it. well.. actually ada cerita la. when i was a kid, a friend of bapak used to tell me "na.. jangan minum kopi. nanti hitam". oleh kerana itu, tidaklah saya minum kopi. sebab takut hitam. apa2 pun produk yg ada perasa kopi i tak sentuh. kalo termakan, i boleh terjeluak balik.

2) i tak minum air panas. serius i tak reti. oleh itu, kalo nak jemput datang rumah korang, tak payah susah2. buatkan je lah air sirap. air kosong pun tak pe. penah sekali pegi beraya umah kawan. sekali mak dia buatkan air teh panas. adehhhh.. org lain suma dah habis 2 cawan. i ni terkulat2 tengok je air tu. takut panas. hajat di hati nak tuang je atas piring, peh tu hirup selow-selow. tapi seganlah pulak kan...

3) i tak makan product food. maksudnya, i tak makan sesuatu yg dah jadik produk. contohlah... durian. durian as raw durian i makan. tapi kalau durian tu dah jadik wajik ke, dodol ke, lempuk ke, bubur ke, i tak reti makan. durian as tempoyak tu makan lagi. sebab bentuk dia still macam durian yg belum jadik produk.

4) i tak suka bunga. sebab itu laman umah i tak de bunga. jangan kata bunga, pokok pun takde. harap pokok makcik pah sebelah bagi je lah. itu pun dia la yg jaga. dia tanam, dia letak dalam pasu, dia jugaklah yg susunkan kat depan umah i ni. hahahhaha.. dulu la kan.. i ada lah secret admirer yg suka bagi bunga. berdozen2 la dia bagi. so one fine day, bila dia kol, i pun dengan senang hati bagitau dia, "apa kata awak jangan bagi saya bunga lagi. semak la. bagilah cokelat ke apa ke.." so seterusnya dia pun bagi cokelat. tapi sayang, usahanya tetap gagal. hehhehehe

5) i tak leh makan mengadap org. i'll tend to makan lambat. giler lambat sebab asik leka tengok org lalu lalang. peh tu tengok gelagat org. lama2 makanan dalam pinggan tu sumer dah sejuk. and typically, i cant eat alone. rasa len macam la makan sensorang.

6) i tak jalan laju. skang je dah pandai sikit jalan laju. kalo dulu mak siap cakap tak suka jalan ngan i sebab dia kata jalan ngan i macam jalan ngan indon. berangkai je kat belakang.. heheheh

6 aje kan kak nomi? hehehhe

i nak tag org jugaklah.. i nak tag: fizah, aiza, miera, julie, my daling, che nani, niezam phg & kak yam

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


for some people - taking shower
to some others - bathe or bath


to adam it's either mandi sungai or mandi roti canai

mandi sungai is mandi with the shower, and kolam pooh yg kecik tu as tempat tadah air. di samping itu terdapat additional barangan-khayal-ketika-mandi seperti tractors, cars, choochoo trains, helis or aeroplanes.

mandi roti canai pula adalah mandi with the shower bersama tuala kecik yg boleh digunakan seperti membuat roti canai

to mama & ayah: mensucikan diri =P

Monday, March 05, 2007


i was a student in sekolah menengah lembah keramat (smlk for short) from 1991 - 1995. not quite best/top student tho. tapi glamer tetap ada =P

memories in smlk:
1) i have 6 good friends (thanks for the friendship ladies..)

2) serong kelas BM sampai cikgu pun tak kenal sampailah habis SPM... muahahahaha

3) nak serong kelas amatlah senang. amik selai ketas + pen sebatang. jalan la satu sekolah. komfem tak kena tanya punya

4) kelas paling boring engineering. giler bodo rasa masuk kelas tuuuu.. time engineering la masa yg paling bagus untuk lepak dengan keyoi

5) from cikgu anita i learnt: org lelaki buat salah macam mana pun, esok lusa org akan lupa. tapi kalau org pempuan yg buat salah, 7 keturunan pun tak mungkin org akan lupa

6) cikgu anita was the person who approached & guide me in understanding add maths. my elective subjects were giler boring. engineering, add science, add maths. and my best score was SAP throughout form 4 - trial. thanks to cikgu anita. if not for her, i'd be seating for my spm the next year

7) makanan paling mahal ayam goreng. rm1.50 seketul

8) pengawas lain jaga pagar satu period je. i jaga pagar sampai 2 -3 period. depends subject apa pagi tu.

9) pn. vemala adalah cikgu sejarah yg best. sampai hujung penggal pun dia still kata "tak pe suhanna. i understand u masuk sekolah lambat. sebab tu u tak boleh catch up". giler best...

10) cikgu ghazali bengkel pun best. malas belajar, dia panggil masuk bengkel. main chess. hahahahah

- ada lagi yg lain nya.. lenkali lah

030307 marked a date. some of us gathered after 12 years. looking at the number of years rasa cam tua je. tapi bila dah jumpa masing2 perasan cam muda je.. hahaha

bertempat di restoran mak zaid - pucuk manis, wangsa maju - myself (+ made + adam) met taj, arif yazid, aris, lynn (+ family), shek and of course zaid. sebelum nak balik sempat jumpa khairiah. those named were not my classmates. except for arif & zaid - whom i dont actually realized that we were in the same class.

the objective of this meeting is discuss on organizing a grand gathering. to call all smlkerz (as what they agreed to call - i'm still in exception) batch 1991 -1995 for a grand reunion.

sungguh gembira rasa hati dapat jumpa kawan2 sepersekolahan. giler best. tapi aris kena marah ngan i. hahaha. sorry lah ha..

walaupun asik berpindah tempat kerana zaid sudah terlupa nak reserved kan tempat and the restaurant adalah amat crowded walaupun di petang hari, saya amat gembira. amat berbesar hati dapat bertemu kawan2 semua.

lepas ni kita jumpa lagi..

so those smlkerz (why la they chose this name.. well at least sounds better than kervoso-whatsoever) sila-silalah layari laman smlk untuk berita terkini pasal gathering.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


pesan ayah,
biar orang buat jahat kat kita
jangan kita buat buat jahat kat orang

pesan mak,
sesuatu kejadian mendewasakan kita, mematangkan kita
look forward for good thing, biarlah apa org nak kata

hukum karma,
what goes around comes around
sesekali di atas, kita pasti akan di bawah

and i always believe,
Allah menguji kita sebab Allah sayangkan kita
Allah timpakan ujian sebab nak kuatkan keimanan kita
nak dekatkan kita padaNya

dan kini saya pasrah..