Tuesday, October 30, 2007

a marriage proposal

i have a good friend. a good friend of my life. recently a guy of her dream asked her hand for marriage. she was so delighted. and so was i. of course i was..

however, this proposal has gone a bit out of the line. it has given me some hard times. not that i'm not happy with the good news, but.. i don’t know.. some bad feelings had me

ok ok.. maybe i'm exaggerating. but that's how i feel. ok? well.. for now

first, she told me about the good news. i was so glad. i was so happy indeed. at last a friend will be enjoying the life that she has long for. yippiee.. i’m the happiest person - as i was also the culprit. i’ve been asking her about it until she got fed up. and now when the time has come, why shouldn’t me be happy. isn’t it?

second the not so good news: she’ll be travelling a lot since the hubby is an expatriate and working in joint-venture projects. but one thing good, i’d be getting some nice fridge magnets. hurrah..

third and the most disturbing news: she has started to ignore me. how could she do this to me.. the first thing was, she did not considered me in her financial planning. well.. not that i wanna be part of her life 24/7, but i thought being a good friend, is being together and always here, there and everywhere and indeed, being part of someone’s life. now, i’ve been having this feeling: i’ll be a losing a friend. and i’m not needed anymore. somehow, i feel, i’ve been replaced.

where was i when she needed me before she had this guy of her dream?
i was next to her.

where was i when her father died last year?
right by her side.

who’s shoulder was it for her to cry on?
mine. absolutely mine.

why is she ignoring me?
well I don’t know. i don’t seem to find the reason. i can’t find what i’ve done that she had to place me as a non-executive person in her life.

i was, am and still crossed. totally crossed when one fine day, she came to see me, just to say “hi.. i’m getting my wedding card done. chio”. and i was there.. “you’re what? you’re not calling me in?” and she said, “oh.. i think i’ll just get over it myself. you could join me later”. and i was thinking, which later part that she wants me in? on the bed? oh no! not on the bed part definitely. i wouldn’t want to get a threesome. it’s so troublesome!

being part of someone’s life made me feel so important. being left out in some major transitions made me feel bad. really bad. don’t you, honey?

notakaki: disguise is good, at times. :)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

raya sakan korang ye

11 October 2007

7:01am - ready masuk keta ngan adam
7:02am - akut kol
7:07am - sampai umah bapak. hantar adam. hugs & kisses
7:11am - made our ways
7:17 am - arrived ISKL
7:24am - punch in

look at the time!!!!!!!! crazy!


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

ramadhan datang, ramadhan pergi

but my darling ramadhan stays - patiently with me.. hehehee

esok lusa tulat dah nak raya. sangat cepat! maybe i am/was so bz with my works. ye kawan2.. mek anne sangat bz. sangat ampun dan mahap ye.. kad raya satu pun tak balas, satu pun tak hantar. balas kad raya & sms kawan2 pun ala kadar je. this is not anne ok.. so so so not me. but my works are up to my neck. dia bagi ruang sikit je nak bernapas.

ramadhan, as in bulan puasa, had taught me a lot this time around. and i believe at the age of becoming 30, i've changed a bit. last time, if my boss scolded me, i'd turn in sour. so hard headed that i'd switch my radio volume from low to high. ye.. saya sangat keras kepala. ada batu dalam ini kepala. but now, i see me changed. i got another (according to sumber2 yg boleh dipercayai) big headed & high ego boss, but i seem to blend and give in a lot. not like last time, that i tried to actually start a battle. i'm now a good samaritan. hahahah

but in any aspects, i could never - read my lips - NEVER give ways to queue jumper and those who wanted to get in line without giving signals. i'm totally against these groups of people. and i tell u... my middle finger will just pointed straight up to them. sorry but i feel really irritated with these kind of people. mau cuba? marilah... :P

in the month of ramadhan, when i know everybody is fasting, still not everybody is really acknowledge kemuliaan of ramadhan. like me, being so "NO TO IDIOT WITH NO SIGNALS & QUEUE JUMPERS", i'm soooooooo not into menghayati ramadhan sepenuhnya. of course, my puasa is not penuh. and my terawikh was only done during the first part of ramadhan, before i got my menses. a really bad record. tunggulah lepas raya. sure nyesal tak sudahhhhh..

but i managed to keep my anger low. yipieeee.. good thing for me. my good point! dear malaikat on my right shoulder, please rite it down.. i managed lots of them ha.... :)

i've been cooking a lot during this ramadhan. macam2 lauk i cuba. yg tak penah org buat pun i buat. masak lemak putih letak bendi. boleh? sengal je tengok lauk tu... tapi habis ok.

all and all, i rasa bersyukur ke hadrat Ilahi kerana mengurniakan kesihatan yg baik untuk i di bulan ramadhan ini. alhamdulillah. i dapat jalani ibadah rukun islam ni dengan sebaik mungkin.

and for all my beloved friends, due to the probationary period that has ruled my hari raya celebration this year, i'm gladly inviting all of you to come over and celebrate this raya - anne's style. hahahaha.. anne style kejadahnya... makan kuih kering dengan air sirap da la.. hahahaha

yes.. honestly, i dont have any extra leaves. i'm still under probationary period and not allowed to take any personal leaves. thankfully the school is closed on friday & monday. bolehlah cuti lama sikit.. (deepavali cuti sampai seminggu tuuuu.. kejadahnya aku nak makan maruku hari2...). i'll be back to work on tuesday. so sapa2 yg menyudi2 tu, marilah datang ke rumah ku yg serba indah ini ye.. :)

oooppsss.. made me thought of makcik kas who is on leave for a month.. habislah i kena kemas umah sensorang friday niiiiii...... sengalnyeeeeeeee

till then all,

selamat hari raya aidilfitri
maaf zahir dan batin
0-0 ye
take care
have a safe journey to your hometown
(mine is only 5 minutes away - no tolls, no hiways :P)

model raya tahun ni. klassssss gitu

notakaki: lupa nak update - i dah boleh muat M gitu.. 5 kg kurang ok.... hahahaha