Monday, December 31, 2007

i did it my way!

and now, the end is near
and so i face, the final curtain
my friend, i'll say it clear
i'll state my case, of which i'm certain
i've lived, a life that's full
i've traveled each and every highway
and more, much more than this
i did my way

regrets, i've had a few
but then again, too few to mention
i did, what i had to do
and saw it through without exemption
i planned, each charted course
each careful step along the byway
and more, much more than this
i did i my way

yes! there were times
i'm sure you knew
when i bit off more than i could chew
but through it all when there was doubt
i ate it up and spit it out
i faced it all and i stood tall
and did it my way

i've loved, i've laughed and cried
i've had my fill, my share of losing
and now, as tears subside
i find it all so amusing
to think i did all that
and i may say not in a shy way
"oh no! oh no! not me, i did my way!

for what is a man
what has he got
if not himself, then he has naught
to say the thing he truly feels
andn ot the words of one who kneels
the record shows i took the blows


my dearie friends,

i'm truly sorry for some confuse posts i had for the past few days. at first i was in that stage myself, but then some best buddies had made it clear for me. thanks

julie, as far as i'm agreeable to what u've mention, i think it's all depends on one's character themselves. i have a friend, whom has been with me since i was 10, and we had wonderful years growing up together. and indeed, we quarreled, didn't get along in some matters, but she's still by my side when i need her the most. and her mom cooks nice soto :) yes ayu, u know who u are to me :D besides that, i have geena, dee, awa and some others. er... nazim should not fall into any categories ok? ngehngehngeh

we fight, we quarrel, we have crossed into each others' path for some reasons. that's human. that makes a friend, special. **i'm trying hard not to talk craps here, tho my mind has some bad points to note down*** i'm a bull horse. i'm a determined person and stubborn. i know myself. big headed with big dreams. but i'm a bull that dare to face the reality. that will mellow down when the time has come to forgive and forget. that doesn't count any pennies for what she has paid. and will stumble when she falls. i guess only my "friends" will know who i am, how i thought and definitely who am i to them. i'm blessed that in december, i met a friend from my primary school, a friend from my secondary school and also a dearie friend of my itm team. and i'm glad that the bounding are still intact!

i went for a hair cut today. mudahan buang suwei yg ada :P

i wish for a great year ahead
i wish for a better me
i wish for a toyota wish (eh.. boleh gitu che nani?) hahahaha


Sunday, December 30, 2007

ngok ngek pala kemek

i've expected (again)

couldn't be bother

ego + stupidity = arrogant

lantak sama kamu

tidak kuasa mahu melayan

doakan yg baik2 aja

"a great year ahead"

insya Allah

** thinking again, hati masih sayang. tapi dalam kepala masing2 ada batu, itu pasal la laga2 takde pecah. the best? buat bodo je la.. go with the flow **

*** kak nomi, confius lagi? hahahaha.. ini macam typical lawan surat cinta la. but this one is electronically. canggih siket ler. when two heads collide, satu jadik ngok, satu jadi ngek. dua2 pun pala kemek. hahahaha ***

Saturday, December 29, 2007


i have somehow knew this would happen. dejavu!

she probably knew or probably not. when she does thing, things comes back to me. i'll be asked for million things. "why you let her do that?", "why dont you tell me?". why? why? why? and me? proper judgment will do. never want to interfere. never want to create more mess

she probably knew or probably not. when she's on a hot sit. i'm hot too. as if whenever she does wrong. i'll be the one to be blamed. no fair, not that i want. but i care less. indeed a friend
i'd do more for her

she probably knew or probably not. when she does good thing i'd be proud. i'd bring donuts when she's feeling ain't alright. never i want to judge. nor i want to umpire

i dont come to u for ur big car
- got one myself
i dont come to u for ur fame
- never knew u until u told me
i dont come to u for opportunity
- first move was for a lunch buddy
i dont come to u to call u stupid
- u've always had that in ur mind, even before i came

stupidity for things u already knew. but yet u're doing it again and again. stupidity for whom u already knew. but yet u're telling them more and more. that's u. and i cant change that

but i think i should probably have known. a scorpio and a bull has tendency to fight. a dragon and a horse can get crossed. thats all written. in the fate of life

i wouldn't answer a question that never been asked. why should i counter when the question was not "kenapa sejak aku kawan dengan ko, apa aku buat semua salah?". if that was not the question, i wouldnt be answering "kalo ko rasa kawan dengan aku semua ko buat salah, then jangan kawan dengan aku". logic?

i'm a 4 months baby. i'm due for any mistakes. people look at me for any blunders. have u ever care about it? have u ever consider when u decided to do things. people make noise on you
and i have to take the blame? i stood poised for you. for what i believe, i've seen and i've heard. and that's what my lady is proud me

anyways, the not approved audible "hmmph" was for me to think what's good to say. the best i can do rather that i'd keep quite and u'd go sulking for a late response

misjudge? i dont think. opinion, indeed. when things dont get ur ways. u get crossed, isn't it? then u get upset. then u start to tell things. thats when all things got fired up. come on lah! same goes to me

deep inside me, i was ashamed. for someone like u. saying "aku lagi tau dari mak aku". arrogant to me. but, hey! that's just u. yes u maybe. but... the tone and sound impact completely

sacred as i may be. dedicated as i always be. but if u tend to have "scared" spelled, then nope, nope, sorry. why should i be?

just one thing i'd like u to know, i've enjoyed the ship between us. and the only thing that i only need to know "have u ever thought of me whenever u do things?"

hey my friend, i've tried to help and pull u off the hot sit. as i want u to off my lady's big binocular (that she'll off off my big fat ass too). but it seems that it's not ur call. and that's all urs.

thanking you! and wishing u a great year ahead!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

katamu, kataku

ilmumu melebihi orang itu

mana rukuk, sujud, pelengkap auratmu?

tahumu abadimu nanti

aku sendiri tidak pasti

sayangmu petah, lincah, hype!

pasti! tapi akankah dia akur?

mengapa seringkali jejambat ini meningkah lakuku?

jika jejambat ini yang merantaimu, leraikan saja. let it go

aku tidak bisa benar pintamu
aku tidak bisa penuhi anganmu
aku tidak bisa karib hanya di mimpimu
aku tidak bisa mengangguk bila tidak mengiya

kau tahu aku
aku tidak berbisa
bila aku tidak perlukan sengatnya

kau tahu ini untukmu
kau tidak perlukan spice-nya

aku? ya! aku rasa incomplete
tapi biarlah
jika freedom yang lebih kau perlukan

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

layan seh..

woohooo.. besok keje...

how did i spend my holidays?

day one - hari raya aidiladha. made some lodeh and sent it to mak's. then headed to aunt atheera's in puchong. spent one whole day kat sana macam takde umah sendiri :)

day two - went to tupperware to pick up some stuff. waited for made until he's done with his friday's prayer. then to kenny rogers's for lunch. that nite we brought bapak and mak for some nice dinner in cozy corner, ampang park.

day three - cant remember what we did. i think the whole day spent with downloaded games for myself and downloaded manga for made. and also some nice songs from for my pc in the office. boss takde bolehlah mak bergendang gendut kat opis..

then we got a call from along inviting us for dinner with his mom in law. we went and we stayed on to discuss on our "BURPING" project

day four - we went to pizza hut for lunch then to maxvalu - the new store in ampang, for some groceries. then to manjaku - behind carrefour wangsa maju to buy adam's diapers. it's so cheap over there. huggies costs rm42.90 in maxvalu and only rm33.90 in this store. spend wisely my friends :)

nite, we had our "BURPING" first meeting and brainstorming session. what's "BURPING?" check it out next year....

day five - time spent redecorating my lovely kitchen :) come la visit. sangat shantik tauuu..

day six - ho ho ho.. merry x'mas. buat office works yg dari day one ditangguhkan. muahahaha.. then kemas bilik adam.

and here i am still with the computer before me. updating bits and pieces of what i've done and what i wanna share with you.

anyways, have you checked out my new counting days widget and the music player? the music player is auto play. dont know how to make it played on request. pepandailah korang off kan sendirik ye. and the counting days widget is for you know what la kan? ehem.. ehem.. ehem...

andddddddd...... here's what i've been doing in a couple of hours:

and this

layan kan? hehehehe..

again, the 2 songs that i've grown up with. those times, these are my fav idols. tommy page, of course for his cute face. and nkotb for errr.. their cuteness oso. hehehehe.. my fav was jordan. look at how they dance and ehem.. sing. tommy's song has always been my favourite. the wordings are so right.. dont you think?

dengan itu saya melantik lagu tommy page untuk menjadik theme song untuk blog saya.

sekian terima kasih..

aik.. apesal asik cakap ala2 MD ni? apa yg dah berlaku ni? hmmm...... mesti "BURPING" punya penangan ni ...

Monday, December 24, 2007

rock kapak

yesterday we went to pizza hut wangsa maju for lunch. food sedap -for sure. one additional point for this pizza hut is that, they aired rock kapak songs that both me and made grew up with.

"misteri mimpi syakila", "umpama mimpi dalam mimpi", "rozana" are among others. sangat layan.. macam kembali ke zaman riang ria muda rumaja pulak perasaannya :)

they stopped the songs untuk memberi laluan kepada lagu happy birthday for this one little boy. sangat ceria budak itu. thus i have made an additional note for my next year's birthday wish...

me, myself and i would like to wish for a SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY


i have even gave made instructions of what to do and whom to contact. boleh gitu?

so my friends, whom knew and value the friendship with this cute little owner, writer, author, whateva of this blog, u know what to do, right? it's soon dear. u ought to do some preparation dearies.. month of May is just around the calendar. tell me, do you need made's number?

did i sound a little pathetic?

aaaahhh.. tidak ku pedulikkkkkkkkk


opocot.. birthday party pulak..
terkejut i


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

small water and big water

some call it wee-wee. some call it as pee-pee. and even shee-shee. i sometimes call it cecen, or she-sheng or at times, tenching. kurang segan silu sikit, adalah org yang panggil kencheng. commonly known as buang air kecik la. any others or not?

for the other type of "water", some call it yayak. i call it as simple as it is.. berak. hahhaha.. sometimes, when my manja2 mood comes, then it'll sound a little nicer la.. berak ucuk (uh.. what makes the different rite?)

back to what i want to ask you all.. when you do the small thing business, do you all do it as it is no body else's business or do you do it shy-shy one? yup-yup.. i know. what kind of question la this lady bringing out.. this lady got nothing else to ask or what.. let me assure you that this question is made only for the sake of asking ok... nothing personal and i hope i dont offend anyone.

the thing is.. i know some of you mite be shy a bit in the four-walls- little-cubicle where you tend not to let others hear you are shee-shee'ing. rite or not? and you go shee-stop-shee-stop-shee-stop... kan? kan? kan? and some of you can just let it go thinking that no body couldn't be bother about it.. and you go ttttttzzzzzzzzzzzz with a little "ah" when you're done.. betul tak?

hahaha.. sorrylah.. i had this thing on my mind since yesterday. i was in this hotel. and i was really in need for some personal time. when i'm in a very nice hotel or public toilet, i tend to be a little shy in the toilet. shee-shee also shy2. whereas at the same time i could hear my next door neighbour shee-shee like the ultraman firing the raksaksa.. bzzzzzzzzzz.. and the raksaksa dies.. hahaha.. walawei.. she could kill the germs lah, i tell u.. bulleyes punya!

and earlier that day, i was in a public toilet belongs to this govt office. there was a very nice looking lady went into the toilet before me. this lady, who chosen to be in the cubicle next to me went bzzz-silent-bzzz-silent-bzzz-silent-ahhh..

so i was just wondering about you guys la.. how you "perform" eh? hehehehhee

i remember the first time ever that i had to use a toilet without salur getah. it was in glenmarie. i pandang kiri, pandang kanan, thinking.. "macam mana nak basuh ni?" then i turned on this pipe, next to the basin. next thing i knew, habis basah my pants sebab the water shot out from inside the basin itself. at that time, i couldnt be bother pun.. i was only 12, i think.. hehehehe.. basah oso no harm to me :) if it's going to happen to me now, i think i'll sue the inventor. hahahaha

another thing is... what do you do when doing ur "big water" time? i know some will be enjoying reading magazines, comics, newspapers, etc. some will be sms'ing. some will be doing some business proposal. rite? ala.. dont lie la.. i know one.. hahahaha..

when i know i'll be having "hard" time with my "big water" i tend to bring along anything to read. most of the time will be my catalogues la. i dont like sitting there, having some hard time and i cant do much. it's hard being a multi-tasker, isn't it?

hey.. that's just me.. tell me about you la.. apa macam? berani ka?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

seorang yang bernama marie-france

she's a teacher with iskl. sangat easy going. sangat.... bengong.. hehehe.. at first i had a little goosy-moosy feeling to start a conversation with her. but i was then couldn't stop talking. one, she asks a lot, she talks a lot. second, she's fun. bottom line, she's totally adorable. main thing about ms. marie-france blais, she has this "all-out" attitude.

u knowlah.. iskl got this theme, that theme, pyjamas la, halloween la, stripe la, polka dot la. and this marie-france, when it comes to a themed day, she'll dress up accordingly and she has never failed to be an eye catcher..

enjoy some of her pics..

theme: rock & roll
"elvis presley"
yang baju hitam skirt hijau tu memang over sket :P

theme: halloween day
yang berkelip2 & penuh lampu tajaan tnb tu adalah kelas dia. best kan?

"hantu" iskl

"hantu" dah insaf

Saturday, December 01, 2007

saya anak malaysia

pada satu ketika, perarakan bagi saya adalah perarakan hari merdeka yang diadakan setiap tahun pada tarikh 31 ogos. kalau adapun perarakan lain, ia mencampur adukkan pelbagai bunga yang ada di alam flora.

perarakan yang saya tahu dulu, mengumpulkan semua rakyat MALAYSIA. baik dia beragama islam, hindu, kristian, buddha, tidak beragama dan sebagainya. di dalam perarakan itu juga terdapat bangsa yang terdiri daripada bangsa iban, melanau, kadazan, india, cina, melayu dan lain-lain lagi. di dalam perarakan itu juga pelbagai persatuan bersatu padu. baik umno, mic, mca, pas, semangat 46, perikatan, dan lain-lain.

tetapi setelah 29 tahun, saya diperkenalkan dengan perarakan yang bagi saya bak mengikut fesyen terkini dan peredaran zaman kononnya. mengikut negara barat yang seringkali mengadakan perarakan kerana terdapat ketidakpuashatian. perlukah adanya perarakan ini? perlu sangatkah kita up-to-date mengikuti budaya yang satu ini?

lepas ini apa? akan ada yang mengamuk membawa pistol, membunuh semua orang? akan ada yang mencantas kepala orang sesuka hati mak pak dia? akan ada yang meludah ke muka kawan-kawan kerana tidak berpuas hati?

tidak banggakah kita dengan nenek moyang kita? nama-nama nenek moyang ini terpahat dengan bangganya di bangunan-bangunan. di jalan-jalan raya. di buku-buku sejarah. tidak ada sekelumit rasa gah kah mereka ini melihat nama nenek moyang mereka ini? nenek moyang yang dikatakan (ini interpretation saya ye...) menyusahkan mereka sudahnya? pandangan pertama saya, tidak suka, tidak puas hati, pulanglah... jangan buat kacau. awak rasa awak ada negara awak sendiri, then pack your stuff and leave. tapi saya masih ada rasa perasaan muhibah di hati. saya masih ada perasaan kasih pada sahabat-sahabat saya yang berlainan bangsa dan agama ini. saya masih mahukan mereka di sini

duduklah di sini. di malaysia ini tidak seperti negara lain. tidak seperti negara yang masih mengamalkan kasta. tidak seperti negara yang tidak mampu berbahasa inggeris kecuali bahasa mereka sendiri. tidak seperti negara yang ketuanya hanya sibukkan negara orang lain dan tidak peduli apa yang berlaku di negaranya sendiri.

kita di sini aman. bahagia. rukun dan damai. apa lagi yang kurangnya? fahaman politik, tidak puas hati tentang bangsa, agama hanya perkara jijik. saya islam. saya diajar agar menghormati agama lain. saya diajar agar menghormati pegangan orang lain. saya tidak mengutuk agama itu. saya tidak mengutuk kaum itu. walaupun ya ada, sekali-sekala saya mengutuk juga.. siapalah saya kan.. hanya manusia jua. tapi itu bukan secara global. itu secara persendirian. kerana personaliti seseorang itu sendiri. kerana stupidity seseorang. dan seseorang itu, pada saya, tidak mampu mewakilkan seluruh bangsa, agama mahupun kaumnya.

saya berkata sebagai rakyat malaysia. rakyat malaysia yang adakalanya tidak setuju dengan dasar kerajaan. rakyat malaysia yang hanya bercakap sendirian dan berbincang bersama teman lain. dan sebagai rakyat malaysia yang ingin berterusan mengecapi keamanan dan kedamaian yang telah dirasai selama 29 tahun ini.

mana-mana kita pergi, akan adanya ketidakadilan. kemana pun kaki melangkah akan adanya rasa tidak suka dan "this is not fair". tapi hidupla kita seadanya. pegangan saya, "we cant change the surrounding or environment, but we still can adapt into it".

hujan emas di negara org, hujan batu di negara sendiri

tidak ada bangsa lain, saya hanya kenal ali, abu, dan minah. dengan ada bangsa lain, saya kenal ah seng, john, siva, lengau dan sebagainya. thesaurus saya bertambah. contact list saya berganda. saya rasa bangga. tidakkah anda?