Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Rezeki Allah

I started baking after I had Alesya.  Failures. Good reviews. Obstacles. Name it. I had it all.  Maybe not on a major effect, but yes.  I have had them all.  

Some had lowered my self esteem. Some made me lost my confidence.  But equally some had made me whom I am now. 

I learned more. I decide better. I judge better. 

There are friends who are taking advantages. 
There are who would stand by you no matter what. 
There are some who would ask discount in the name of supporting your business. 
There are some who just dont care how much they have to throw in.  

I have seen it all.  

That made the better me. 

I dont want to judge who they are. Thats not my role. I appraise Allah for giving me the opportunity to see who they are to me.  I thank Allah for giving the chance to improve myself. Syukur. Alhamdulillah. 

I am just a little khalifah.  

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